How To Promote Your Blog With A Giveaway?

How To Promote Your Blog With A Giveaway?

Promoting your blog with a giveaway.

The number of blogs grow everyday at a record pace and so does the competitors. So people keep thinking of better ways to promote their blog and this article is for them. One of the easiest way to promote your blog is to host give-aways in your blog. Being able to offer free gifts makes your viewers to revisit your blog again and again.

If you are a newbie blogger and have not yet started making money, then you will have to think about spending the money on a give-away. But it will be good investment for your future business. Some people host give-aways in their blog simply to drive traffic to their blog while some use it to promote their service. It is also very important that you choose the appropriate products for give-aways as they can drive many visitors to your blog . Arranging such offers encourages your visitors to revisit to your page again. There are also many sites that promote give-away blogs, so you can increase the number of new readers by simply registering to these sites.

But you’ll need to decide on how you are going to find the winner for your offer; or are you going to manage a contest for the give-aways? Once you decide about all these factors you can run the give-aways or competition. Another important thing is to promote your blog content in all possible ways as you can. This can again increase the number of readers to your blog. There are probably many prizes you can offer as give-aways but it is always better to offer something that is related to your domain names or your service. Or if you are a crafty person you can also offer a personalized gift as the give-aways. This can attract more of your loyal readers. Most people love to win cash prizes to spend at their favourite stores. This will always attract good amount of visitors to your blog.

Writing a press release about your blog contest can also promote your give-aways. Remember, simply hosting a blog contest need not work alone, instead you need to promote it effectively. For a successful contest publicize your contest all over the internet. If no one has read about your giveaways there is no point in hosting one. At the start of a new blog it is very difficult to get traffic. Any business need an initial investment so does your contest but it can really pay you with more number of visitors. Yes, blog give-aways can be a big traffic generator if done properly.

This article is wriiten by Aisha Sherina a freelance writer and blogger. For more queries on blogging check her blog