How to Tweak and Disable Autorun in Windows

How to Tweak and Disable Autorun in Windows

Autorun is a feature which launches every time you insert a CD Drive, Removable Drives to select the option on accessing the drive. This feature is sometime useful but sometime it can be a very worst feature

Many of the modern viruses such as New folders.exe and other spreading virus spread mostly through Autorun.

The below methods works almost on all Windows, Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8.

How to Disable Autorun

Step 1. First of all Press ALT + R and type “regedit” without quotes and Hit OK

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Step 2. Navigate to the following key:


Step 3. In the right side, create a new DWORD value named NoDriveTypeAutorun if it doesn’t exist and set its value to the following

FF – To disable AutoRun on all drives
20 – To disable AutoRun on CD-ROM drives
4 – To disable AutoRun on removable drives
8 – To disable AutoRun on fixed drives
10 – To disable AutoRun on network drives
40 – To disable AutoRun on RAM disks
1 – To disable AutoRun on unknown drives

If you want to disable Autorun in one or more drive types then you need to add the values. For example if you want to disable Autorun on fixed drives and removable drives then you need to enter 8+4=12.

If you want enable the autorun back then just delete the above key. You can also use HKEY_Local_Machine to disable autorun in the whole system. The above one works only for your User account.

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The above trick is very useful if you don’t want to get your computer to be infected with worms because mostly USB drives are big way for viruses to spread from computer to computer using Autorun feature.

I hope the above method has worked for you. If you still cannot disable Autorun then let me know and I will try to fix your problem.

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