Kids Digital Cameras – A Scavenger Hunt Activity

Kids Digital Cameras - A Scavenger Hunt Activity

Scavenger Hunt with Kids Digital Cameras

Here’s a great project to keep your kids busy, having fun, and taking pictures with their kids digital cameras. You might remember having scavenger hunts growing up. This project is a high tech variation on the theme where kids can take pictures of things either around the house, backyard, or at the park.

First, you’ll want to pick a location for the scavenger hunt. This will vary depending on the number of kids involved. You can do this with your kids, invite neighbors or friends kids to join you for a play-date, or organize a larger community event at the park. You’ll want to consider how much time and energy you want to devote to the project. The more kids the more fun, but expect to set aside a good part of the day and have enough adult supervision particularly with younger kids.

Depending on the number of kids digital cameras available, you can break up into teams or groups that can go around together looking for things. You can have each child pick a number to make sure everyone gets a chance to take a picture and participate.

Now the fun part, figure out what the kids should take pictures of and make a list. This is where you can have some flexibility based on the children’s ages. You’ll want to make the objects simple for younger kids but for older kids you can get a little more creative and use this as an opportunity to get them to think a little.

Here are some examples of items you might find on the list:

Something green
A garden hose
A park bench

And for older kids:

Something shiny
Someone younger than you taking a picture
An insect

Set a time limit and boundaries. Here you’ll want to make sure you give your kids enough time to get their tasks done while making sure they don’t wander too far. This will vary on the difficulty of the list you made above as well as the age of the kids. You’ll want to make sure everyone has enough time to get most of their shots in.

At the end of the scavenger hunt, you can gather everyone together and review the pictures taken as a group. Sharing pictures can be a lot of fun as you’re bound to get quite a variety in the types of shots taken. You can use your own criteria or group consensus to judge the winner and maybe reward them with a printout of their pictures so they can put together a small photo album. This is one of the many fun projects you can put together using kids digital cameras.

Kids digital cameras are great for a scavenger hunt!

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Girl learning about photography with her digital camera for kids.
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Boy learning to use kids digital cameras in a scavenger hunt.
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Kids digital cameras can be alot of fun even indoors.
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Great outdoors scavenger hunts with kids digital cameras.
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