Long Horns

Long Horns

Long Horns: A fable

Chapter 1

Once upon a time there lived a wild goat in a jungle. She used to advice the wild animals and beasts about the prey. She was considered very wise and hence respected by all the beasts and beasts of burden. Moreover she was very agile and strong. She was distinctive due to her long pair of horns which she was bestowed by the nature. She gave birth to two kids. She named them Rosa and Indica after the well known flower of the jungle. The offspring were the pride of the jungle. Every animal that passes by the woods wished to see them.

They were of different colors with very innocent looks. The goat has quarreled with the jackal once over the issue of the status of the goat. The jackal was of the view that he was the only sane person who knows the way of the jungle. The goat could not agree to his judgment about him. She challenged him over the issue. The jackal wanted to show his superiority. The jackal was in the search of a chance. He was constantly pondering over it. One day he heard about the birth of two kids Rosa and Indica of the goat. He spied over the goat and came to know that she goes out for grazing in the morning. He came and lifted the kids.

He concealed them in a cave in order to eat them after the dust has settled. When the goat reached home she could not find her kids and was on the thorns. She searched everywhere in the nearby places but could not find them. She sensed conspiracy as she saw the foot prints of the jackal. She went up the mountains and announced in the loud voice. O, the residents of the jungle! My kids have been abducted and I want them back alive, if somebody has heard about them or has seen them anywhere in the jungle, he is requested to inform me please. She announced many times and in the end warned that if she finds the culprit she would not spare him.

Nobody told him about the jackal even those animal who has seen the jackal were silent. The jackal was a great black mailer. He has collected the weak points of all the animals and often snatches their prey and foods from them due to their weaknesses. If some animal resisted he used to instigate the lion to kill him for joy and delicious flesh.

The poor agonized goat went from place to place in search of the kids but was disappointed. He was doubtful of the intentions of the jackal but did not know his hide outs as jackal has never built his house.