love and like

love and like
the truth about emotions is that its not written on the face!

love and like

Like a foetus to a baby, it grows with time

But like a sea flows into an ocean, a boundary undefined

Both a natural mystery never solved, you will always find

Call them brothers and be right, they are LOVE and LIKE


The passage of time is the factor of difference

The absence of distance could be an influence

A conscious mind, of course would be a means there

And the evolution will only be a mere inference


A hug to a hundred a sign you know

And a kiss to just one, a symbol with no codes

A good shown to all, a reason caused by LIKE

The best given to one, the only one that is LOVED


As general as it seems though, it could be shallow

The man called LIKE will get to where you can

Then the other man called LOVE will get where you want

LOVE transcends your input cause in it lies life itself


However, as sweet as it sounds and looks to all

It only begins with a root from LIKE at first

Then subject to time, distance and all that hurt

It grows into an unraveled entity called LOVE.