Money for Nothing Online – True or False

Money for Nothing Online - True or False

Can you Make Money for Nothing Online?

That’s the promise that EVERYBODY is selling in the make money online niche isn’t it? (Notice that it isn’t called the EARN money online niche?)  You can make money in your sleep you will live a life of leisure sitting on some private island
sipping drinks in the afternoon. You’ll summon the help to bring you
your laptop, check your earnings and see that for this afternoons
leisure you’ve made a nice $3758 you lucky devil.
Well, sorry to
burst your bubble, but you don’t get money for nothing. Even adsense.
Yes, even adsense. What? You say the ad tells you that you can make
thousands a month just “posting links on google”. Bull! Now, I’ll admit
it beats digging ditches, but earning money online
is something that takes a lot of hard work. No, not the lift that bag,
tote that pail kind of work, but still long hours and thought.

The Truth – Do something for your Business EVERY Day

Yes you can make a bit of money clicking ads and taking surveys. It’s
not long term sustainable though. Really, adsense comes the closest to
the money for nothing idea but it’s far from NOTHING that it takes to
get good adsense earnings. First off, you have to write some actual
content for your sites so that you’ll have something to post ads on.
Okay, some people outsource that and that’s fine, but you still have to
research and figure out what kinds of things are going to drive traffic
to your site and figure out how to get those targeted people to your
site so they can see your content and click your ads. Frankly, I don’t
care as much that they see the content, it’s just important that the
search engines see the content so they can figure out which targeted
people to send to me. You act essentially as a middleman bringing
together sellers (ad buyers) and buyers (search visitors). You make
both parties happy and anywhere from a few cents to a few dollars in
the process. The key is scaling it up.
So many people flit from
one model of making money online to another like a fly with ADD. They
keep looking for THE plan to make money online easy (not the way to earn money online.) They are looking for THE latest
greatest secret. That’s why there are so many people shoveling out the MMO
products, because I would guess 75% of the crowd shops from one idea to
the next. Do THEY make money online?
Probably not, they’re too busy buying (and occasionally reading) what
the MMO salespeople are giving them. For the most part they’re looking
for a way to have lightning strike without doing any work.
they need to be doing is learn ONE way to make money online (instead of
20), study the ins and outs of that method from start to finish, apply
it, learn from their mistakes, refine it and succeed (even if it’s on a
small scale.) Why? SCALE. Online it’s possible to scale most anything
up. If you can make a $10 profit a month you can make a $10,000 profit
a month, it’s just a matter of scaling up your prospects.
this doesn’t necessarily mean making your one site bigger, nor does it
mean making 100s of sites (necessarily), but it can. You have to figure
out HOW to scale what you do. Figure out what works best for you and
keep doing it over and over and over. Learn from the mistakes, regroup
and motivate yourself to keep pushing ahead.
Do you know why we
have electric lights today? Because Thomas Edison took the idea of the
light and worked for hours and days and weeks trying to find a material
that would work better. After dozens and dozens of tests he knew lot’s
of materials that wouldn’t work for a light filament and KEPT GOING.
a look at your money making plans. Figure out what is required to see
if they will work or not, implement them, fulfill the requirements
listed, see if you’ve made money, plan your revisions to the idea or
scale it depending on the outcome. It’s that simple. So, if you’re plan
is to make money with advertising supported sites: What do I need to
make this work… I see that keywords x, y and z get a total of 1000
search views a day and are low competition so…. I need to get my site
to the top for those three phrases to see if this will make money.
Build, test, put it on the top search page and see what happens. Then
either try again with another site or move on to a different approach.
the most important thing though is to KEEP moving with your plans.
Don’t stagnate. Develop a good routine and work your routine until you
can evaluate whether or not it’s going to work. If it works, but has a
small return that’s fine, look for ways to scale it. But most
importantly, keep working at it.

Why earn money online?

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I think it would be easy.
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I want extra spending money
I want to start an online business
I want to quit my day job
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