Writing your first letter to an online date

Writing your first letter to an online date

 Your first letter to an online date is an opportunity when ruined could mean the end of your dreamed match come true. First impression would affect your future communication in no small measure. This calls for caution.

Create an air of attraction
Start by making the introductory part of your letter full of attraction. It should be magnetic. You may start with something like: “If I was an author, do you know what I would do? Your picture would certainly make my cover page. You are a beauty bright”
This first line appreciates her person. An unvarnished truth is that almost all people have the need that there presence is being recognized in a sincere way. Appreciation is the primary needs of every human especially those looking for love. Say something stunning about your match, her hair, eyes etc.   A good introduction shows how well articulated you could be. It shows your confidence and portrays a person who would not have trouble starting a thing. It shows balance among other things.

Be mysterious a little
Mystery naturally evokes interest and anticipation. An air of mystery heightens your presence. It makes your reader want to go a little step further to know you. Don’t let everything out about you. Make your match want to reply you by saying that you would say more interesting things about yourself that she would love to know when she replies you. A little of mystery would put you in control of her action.

Be short
Be short and precise as much as much as you can. Let every word count. A lengthy letter may turn out to be boring. As you should know, she would be reading a lot of letter. Making it short and interesting would mean being nice to her in a way and being business like.

Keep your problems to yourself
Avoid using your first letter as an avenue to sharing your problems with others. She is not a psychologist. What she needs is love and not your difficult experiences. It would only come when she is intimate with you. Only love can share your difficult experiences.

Nothing generic
Your letter should reflect your match profile. Anything that would make your match think it is not specifically intended for him or she should be avoided like germs. Any feeling of your letter being generic could ruin your intension. Say something that pertains to her profile, her hobby, interest or something.

Avoid revealing questions
Do not ask questions that are personal revealing such as real name, home address, phone numbers, things about sex and the likes. Those are only meant for when the relationship has been taken to another level away from mere acquaintance.

Be yourself
Start by introducing yourself; your age, education and career. Statistics show that these three are most important to learn about for 80% ladies. Do not say things you are not. She may eventually know the truth. Once she knows the truth, her trust for you automatically dwindles. A relationship built on lies hardly stands the test of time.

Be polite and friendly
Do not write anything offensive. Imagine she is a potential business partner and try to keep your discussion formal. Avoid the use of words or phrases like: “hey chick” “my hot girl” and the likes. It doesn’t show a mature and well balanced mind.

Ask questions so she can respond
Let the style of your writing be more of dialogue. It is important you do this; it makes her feel you are a good listener. Encourage your match to talk about themselves. This in a little way gives out a clue to how interested you could be in people. Dale Carnegie, in his book, “How to win friends and influence people”, suggest that one of the principle of how to make people like you is to talk in terms of their interest. Ask your match questions you feel would interest them. This you could do by carefully studying their personal profile. Look for things like their hobbies, what they like doing at leisure and please never forget to make remark on it. If you do not know anything about their interest research a little on it.  Try to show some profound knowledge of their interest. This may show you share some interest in common.

Ask him or her how she had written such an interesting profile. Make it known to her how you had read through dozens of profiles and found hers more distinct and striking than any other one you had read. Impress on her mind that she is a good writer and say things nice like: “I wish I could write like you”. If she’s got passion for writing, she would certainly want to talk to you about that in her reply. Specifically point out few striking lines in her profile to buttress your claims. This  makes your claims sincere and genuine.


Vitamin D deficiency symptoms in adults

Vitamin D deficiency symptoms in adults

Vitamin d is the General name given to a group of liposoluble compounds
that are essential to maintain balance mineral in the body. It is also known as
calciferol and vitamin Dentiraquitica. The main forms are known as vitamin D2
(ergocalciferol: vegetable) and vitamin D3 (cholecalciferol: animal).

Since the cholecalciferol is synthesized in the skin through the action
of ultraviolet light in 7-dehidrocolesterol, a derivative of cholesterol that
is distributed widely in animal fat, vitamin D is not according to the
classical definition of vitamin.

In any event, given the number of factors influencing the synthesis,
such as latitude, season, air pollution, the area of exposed skin,
pigmentation, age, etc., vitamin d is recognized as an essential nutrient diet.

Main sources in nature

The richest natural sources of vitamin d are fish-liver oils and
saltwater fish such as sardines, herring, salmon and mackerel. Eggs, meat, milk
and butter also contain small quantities. The plants are weak sources and fruit
and dried fruit have no vitamin d. The amount of vitamin d in human milk is
insufficient to cover the needs for children.


Vitamin d is relatively stable in food; storage, processing and cooking
have little effect on their activities, although in fortified milk, might be
missed until about 40% of vitamin D added, as a result of exposure to light.

Main antagonists

The cholestyramine (a resin used to stop the reabsorption of bile salts)
and mineral oil based laxatives inhibit the absorption of vitamin D from the
gut. The corticosteroid hormones, medicines anticonvulsivos and alcohol can
affect the absorption of calcium, reducing the response to vitamin d. animal
studies also suggest that medicines anticonvulsivos stimulate liver enzymes,
resulting in increased vitamin decomposition and excretion.

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Main synergists

Patients in treatment with thiazide diuretics or based antacids
containing magnesium should avoid taking high doses of vitamin d, due to
increased risk of hypercalcemia or hipermagnesemia respectively. Also found
that women taking oral contraceptives have blood levels of calcitriol slightly


Vitamin d is essential for homeostasis. Classically, it is necessary for
the absorption of calcium and phosphorus in the intestine, to its mobilization
from the bones and for the reabsorption kidneys. Through these three functions,
vitamin D plays an important role in ensuring the proper functioning of
muscles, nerves, blood clotting, cell growth and energy use. It is thought that
the depositing of minerals in the skeleton is the result of high concentrations
of calcium and phosphorus in the blood, thus only indirectly due only to the
action of vitamin d.

To run their biological functions, the calcitriol, like other hormones,
connects to target specific receptors in cells. Such receivers have been found
in a wide variety of fabrics. Has been proposed that vitamin d is also
important for the secretion of insulin and prolactin levels, and antibody
response to stress, synthesis of melanin and differentiation of skin cells and

Disability marginal

Among the first symptoms of vitamin d deficiency are reduced serum
levels of calcium and phosphorus and increased alkaline phosphatase activity.
This may be accompanied by muscle weakness and tetany, as well as by increased
risks of infection. Children can show non-specific symptoms such as
restlessness, irritability, excessive sweating excessive and decreased appetite.
The marginal hipovitaminose D can contribute to brittle bones in the elderly.

Disability franca

The most widely recognized manifestations of vitamin d deficiency
rickets are (in children) and osteomalacia (in adults). Both are characterized
by mineral loss from bones, resulting in skeletal deformities, such as arched
legs in children. The ends of long bones in her arms as both legs are involved
and growth can be slowed. Rickets also results in inadequate mineralization of
enamel and dentin.

Have been identified some rare forms of rickets as occurring despite an
adequate intake of vitamin d. These are inherited forms in which the training
or use of calcitriol is committed. Osteoporosis, a disease of old age in which
bone loss occurs and not just demineralization, has also been associated with a
disturbance of the metabolism of vitamin d, but the results are controversial.

Groups at risk of disability

The risk of vitamin d deficiency is higher among children and the
elderly, especially those with low exposure to sunlight. In preterm infants and
infants with low birth weight, liver and kidney functions may be inappropriate
for an optimal vitamin d metabolism and the human milk is a poor source of
vitamin d. elderly food restrictions are an additional risk factor.

People with diseases that affect the liver, kidneys and thyroid gland or
absorption of fats, vegetarians, alcoholics and hypnotic therapy long-term
anticonvulsionantes, as well as people who are stuck at home, have a higher
risk of disability.

A specific risk group, which attracted attention in recent years, is the
population of India Western United Kingdom.

The recommended daily allowance (RDA)

It is difficult to establish a DDR for vitamin D, given the influence of
sun exposure. healthy people, with regular exposure to the Sun and under
appropriate conditions do not have needs for vitamin d in the diet. Given that
this is rarely the case in temperate zones, it is necessary a food supplement.

The Committee on food and nutrition research American National Council,
recommend a daily intake of 5 mg (200 IU) for adults, 7.5 mg (300 IU) for
infants under 6 months and 10 mg (400 IU) for children over 6 months pregnant
and breast-feeding mothers. A daily supplement of 5-7.5 mg (200-300 IU) is
recommended for infants fed with breast milk that does not have exposure to the

Elsewhere, the recommendation for adults ranges from 2.5 mg (100 IU)
11.5 mg (450 IU). The highest recommendation exists in France (20-30 mg per day
for children of black).


Monopreparacoes vitamin d and related compounds are available in
tablets, capsules, oily solutions and injections. Vitamin d also incorporates
in combinations with vitamin d, calcium and multivitamins.

Therapeutic use

In the treatment of rickets, a daily dose of 25 mg (1,000 UI)
cholecalciferol or ergocalciferol has with normal plasma concentrations result
of calcium and phosphorus within 10 days. Alternatively, doses of 75-100 mg
(3,000-4,000 IU) can produce faster results. However, the dosage should be
adjusted individually and calcium levels in plasma monitored regularly.

For the dependent rickets and vitamin d for hipocalcemia related
hipoparatiroidismo, may be required doses 1.25 mg (50,000 IU) or more. In
patients with osteoarthritis renal, may be preferable to use the calcitriol or
his analago alfacalcidol. With calcitriol, initial dosage is 0.25-2.0 mg (10-80
IU) per day.


The hypervitaminosis d is a potentially serious problem given that can
cause permanent damage kidneys, growth retardation, soft tissue calcification
and death. Lightweight poisoning symptoms are nausea, weakness, constipation
and irritability. In General a toxic dose for an adult is about 2.5 mg (100,000
IU) daily for 1-2 months; for children the toxic dose is between 0.5 mg (20,000
IU) and 1.0 mg (40,000 IU). However, certain individuals have a high
sensitivity to vitamin D and experience symptoms of toxicity only after 50 mg
(2,000 IU). The hypervitaminosis is not associated with a burning and the Sun.

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Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion- Dark Brotherhood (Black hand) Quests and Ranking Guide

Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion- Dark Brotherhood (Black hand) Quests and Ranking Guide

Cheydinhal Abandoned House

Dark Brotherhood Hideout, a safe haven for the guild. The closest to a Guild hall it has.
Source: UESP Wiki

Hail Sithis!

Who is Sithis, you ask? Sithis is the ‘leader’ of this guild. The Dark Brotherhood. He tells us who to kill and we should abide by his rules. Much of this guild is assassinations, in fact there are few quests that don’t involve a murder. Do not be deterred from this guild if you think it will just be about killing people without being seen, as many of the contracts are designed to test your skills in the art of silence and sneaking. It is (in my own personal view) the thieves guild, but with murder instead of theft. You have a complex path to get to your intended target and you can’t let anyone see you (except the target can as long as they don’t alert people). But wait! There’s more, in fact there is also a bonus attached once you do the first few quests that give you magical weapons and gifts that will help you in the future quests or just in general.

So now that you know the guild isn’t just slicing people up because you’re being paid to, continue reading on for my guide through the ranks, basic murder techniques, tips and hints for things you should do before you start going after each person, how to even get in without incurring a bounty, and much more! Get your ninja pants on, this is going to be a silent, thrilling, bloody, adventure. (If you don’t own ninja pants, it’s okay, I did fine with normal pants on and even shorts.)

The Basics for Murder, an Assassin’s Guide

There are many ways to go about murdering someone, without being seen. While the armor and hood the Dark Brotherhood awards you with after your first quest is helpful, it isn’t available till you complete the first quest. I’m going to list some basics and then go into detail on some others as I think of them.

Poisons- great way to level up alchemy skill if you make them yourself, but it may not do the job without a sneak increase. (Assuming your potion making skill is in the lower quality, better poisons will almost certainly do the trick, especially with sneak boost.) If this gets you an assault charge, just charm a guard real quick to try and yield to him, he may even pay the fine for you.
Magic- Cast a frenzy spell if your target is near people, anyone they attack will help join in on the fight, just make sure they attack you first or let everyone else do it for you.
Poisoned Apples- Right out of a fairy tale, you can buy poisoned apples from M’raaj-Dar once you are in the Dark Brotherhood or take some from the barrel in Fort Farragut. They cost 300 a piece but allow you to kill without getting your hands dirty, just reverse pickpocket them when nobody sees you and they will eat it (though it may take a few days).
Enchanted Items- If you have access to the enchanting table and some soul gems, make an item that has 0 weight (a Mage’s Hood for example) that does damage to self. Name the item with some A’s at the beginning or take any hood items they have in their inventory when you reverse pickpocket them and they should put it on when they wake up. If you talk to them after you put the hood in their inventory they should put it on and then go back to sleep, or you can wait for them to wake up and do it themselves.
Use Others- I mentioned the frenzy spell to get people to attack you, but you can also use companions to do the murder for you and you don’t get the bounty for murder. (You may get an assault charge depending on how you go about it though.)

Murderer Rank
Source: UESP Wiki

Murder Rank- How to Join the Dark Brotherhood

Before you go off in search of contracts and start your career as a hired killer, you have to kill someone. Whoa, put that weapon away! Not just anyone will do (technically this is true but I’m going to tell you a few people that don’t get you a bounty). You see, the Dark Brotherhood has to know you will do well murdering people for a living, so you can’t just walk in and ask to join like the Fighters or Mages Guilds (and kinda thieves). As long as they are non-essential you could kill any of them, including quest NPCs, but there are some specifics you can keep an eye out for, or find yourself.

Glenroy- Near the end of the tutorial he becomes non-essential and you don’t get a bounty. He’s the male guard that isn’t left alive at the end a.k.a. Baurus (if you have already played you know who he is).
Agronak gro-Malog- The Grand Champion of the Arena, if you do the Origin of the Gray Prince quest his death counts as a murder and you don’t get a bounty. I have a hub on the Arena rounds, so if you want this route I can advise you a little. Good for beginners as the gold rewards for the Arena aren’t level-dependent.
Alga- She lives in Bruma, and can be found in Olav’s Tap and Tack or Honmund’s House. She also respawns so you don’t have to worry about making any NPC disappear forever, although the previous two die anyway.
Alval Unvani- This guy likes to travel so he can be found along roads, making it so there aren’t any witnesses. He is also part of a later Dark Brotherhood Quest so killing him is like killing two people with one blade swipe. He lives in Leyawiin (Sundas only), but can be found in Bravil on Morndas/Tirdas, Skingrad on Middas/Turdas, and Bruma on Fredas/Loredas. (He may take a bit to get there, always in an Inn so keep an eye out.)
The Skooma Den in Bravil has 4 residents inside with low responsibility so killing them will most likely go unreported and thus, no bounty.
Arena Foes- Just use a fear or demoralize spell that won’t incur a bounty either.
Arnora Auria- After Jorundr tells you to kill her, don’t talk to her and just kill her quickly. You finish the quest, no bounty, and the dark brotherhood will come to you.
Caminalda- When you are doing the Anvil Recommendation quest if you kill her before she attacks you it will count as murder without getting a bounty.
Camonna Tong Thug- Kill one of the two before they attack you, so use a bow from a distance or sneak. They also respawn after a few days. (They are at Walker camp)
Mephala Daedric Quest- It requires you to murder two people and frame them for each other’s death. Mephala is related to the Dark Brotherhood, so this is probably why it initiates the Dark Brotherhood invitation.
Umbra- Normally killed during Clavicus Vile’s quest, you can kill her at any time to complete the main quest and get an invitation to the guild. *Warning that you may not get xbox achievements if you complete the main quest this way*
Glarthir- Kill him behind the church to end his stupid quest and get the bounty free murder. (You might wait till he has you do the murders at the end if you want the gold, he also has some good stuff in his house if you feel like trespassing.)
Respawning Followers- You can get in this way but keep in mind you will most likely be suspended from whatever guild you are using them with.
Non-Hosile Adventurers- They have a low chance of appearing in dungeons, one is Dzonot Cave, on the City Isle, but not always appearing there. Probably not the best option this is, unless you happen to find one when reading this or something.

So you just have to kill someone but keep in mind that some NPCs can’t be killed and some deaths will bug/kill/prevent quests from finishing. Any quest NPC that you know will attack you, but you kill before they become hostile will probably work, although I can’t test every option out there. When it says someone has witnessed your murder, then you will get your invitation the next time you sleep.

Slayer Rank
Source: UESP Wiki

Slayer Rank

In order to become a slayer you have to complete three quests, A Knife in the Dark, A Watery Grave, and Accidents happen. They are all fairly simple, and you even get to use that brain of yours to find the best course of death.

A Knife in the Dark is the first Dark Brotherhood quest and my favorite for reasons you may not guess. Basically you have to go inside of the “Inn of Ill Omen” (reason 1: That name is awesome) take a left and go downstairs to find the target. His name is Rufio, and he is sleeping (at least he is for me, apparently not always although I’ve yet to see him awake). If you talk to him and learn of his past you can infer that he was part of an attempted rape that ended up killing the victim (reason 2: that guy deserves to die). WAIT! Reason 3 occurs before you kill him. If he is asleep, you can use this room to level up your sneak (and by level it up, I mean by A LOT). I went from 48 or so all the way up to maybe 59 or 61 without any added skill from armor or items or whatever. It takes awhile to do so, but if you walk reaaaalllly slowly across the room you should get a couple increases per crossing (if you go the long way and go as slow as possible while moving). I usually do this until I get bored or I have to pee, but do it or not its up to you. Swipe at his sleeping body (while in sneak for extra oomph) with your new blade of woe, or another weapon/spell of choice and find a bed to sleep in to have Lucien welcome you to the Family. (You can sleep right there in Rufio’s bed if you want, push him off if you feel weird and he didn’t fall off himself.) Lucien also tells you about the Abandoned house in Cheydinhal and the password for the door, once inside talk to Ocheeva to get your reward.

Next you get your contracts from Vicente (A vampire, ooh). First off you have to kill pirates (awesome!) or at least just the captain, but most ways to go about this quest involve other deaths as well. It’s called A Watery Grave and as I just hinted at, there are many options to go about this quest and you learn of one if you speak to your sisters and brothers. You can hide inside the crate at the end of the dock area thing and make your way to the captain’s cabin, killing a few pirates along the way, OR you can just kill all the pirates you see and probably make the guards attack you and cause a huge scene, OR you can wait until night has arrived and jump onto the balcony and pick the lock to get inside the captain’s cabin directly. You probably can’t kill him with one blow, but make sure he doesn’t alert his fellow pirates, make sure you loot his body and chest and grab the nirnroot in his room. Leave through the back door of the cabin either way and run away or fast travel. Two pirates will come in after you kill him (though you have a warning knock) so if he is asleep you should loot his stuff before killing him to gain some time or you can hide in the shadows near the door where the pirates enter if you don’t want to escape or don’t have time to.

Lastly you have Accidents Happen, which you might guess has to do with making something (a murder) look like an accident. This is the beginning of a glorious set of quests that give you an optional bonus (recommended as they usually help you out later on and they are at least useful to get some money if nothing else). This quest is again given many options, although not so much with how the result is as how you go about doing it. If you choose to do the bonus, making the head fall on the target’s head and leaving his manservant Gromm alive, then you should wait for 8-11 pm although the mid range is best to give you time to get there. Sneak in through the back door in the basement to avoid Gromm seeing you, and use the shadows to sneak upstairs (to the first floor and then the second). Once you go up the stairs to the second floor the room directly to your right is the entrance to the head’s fastenings. Make sure Gromm doesn’t see you (although he saw me for a split second the last time I did it), then open the crawlspace door and loosen the fastenings (you can also wait in there till the time frame if you want to, just close the door first). You should hear Baelin die and Gromm will then be defensive so make double sure he doesn’t see you sneak out the way you came. If you get the bonus you receive Sufferthorn, an Elven Dagger that damages Health and Drains Strength.

Eliminator Rank
Source: UESP Wiki

Eliminator Rank

To obtain the rank of Eliminator you must complete two or three quests, Scheduled for Execution, The Assassinated Man, and possibly The Lonely Wanderer if you failed the Assassinated Man. The failure of The Lonely Wanderer doesn’t remove you from the guild, but it does make Vicente quite upset with you. The Assassinated Man is the last quest you get from Vicente Valtieri, and you get the well key, so best complete it without failing.

Scheduled for Execution is a quest I was hoping I would get to do from the very beginning. You see, nobody told me there would be a jerk in the cell across from me that would say snide comments and try to hurt me. After quite a few characters to find a race that I like, he got a tad bit under my skin and I wanted to kill him (please keep in mind I wouldn’t think this in real life, just in video games, I’m not a murderer lady). When I then joined the Dark Brotherhood I was distracted by the other murders that I got to commit and help people with. Then I got this quest, and my eyes watered to the point I thought I would cry tears of joy. You have to sneak into the Sewers and kill the same person that was a jerk in the very beginning moments of the game, Valen Dreth. Getting through the Sewers themselves isn’t all that difficult, there’s a few rats, crabs, and goblins but no people until you reach the area you saw the Emperor get killed. Here, you have to sneak past the guards and stick to the shadows. If you need a visual, this is the video I used my first time. Since the bonus is to go through the entire Sewer system without killing any guards you may want to watch it if you’re having issues. I’ll try to tell you in text here though as a reference. The first room you want to wait for the men to stop talking, a detect life spell or (better) enchanted item (you can buy the eye of sithis from M’raaj-Dar before you leave) will help you out immensely. Once you get past that first mini hallway you are in the room where the last set of Mythic Dawn attacked and killed the Blades except Baurus, go to the far end of the room, avoiding the guard that keeps post in the center line of the room. make sure they are facing away from you (towards where you want to go) and sneak onto the center path, if they are facing you hide behind the pillar until they turn around. Go up and open the door, keep an eye on the guards though and trust your instincts, don’t follow me if you don’t think you can do it. Also a good idea to save once you get past each door or a difficult area so you don’t have to do it again. Again, stick to the shadows, and quickly go along the right side and past the area of light into the shadow corner. If the guard with the torch is already making his way towards you STAY, don’t go into the light. Wait for him to go away from you again and when it’s safe to do so, follow him. If you stuck in the shadowed corner he will see you when he comes back towards you so sneak behind him and go through the path while he’s still walking away from you and hasn’t turned to go back down the hallway (he must be walking towards where you entered in other words). Make your way through the area until you reach a wooden door with another door a little further ahead. If you are worried about the guard finding you, shut the door behind you. After the second door you are now in the room the Emperor and his guards first left you in, the one that the rats attacked you in. No guards so just make your way up and you should know the way back to your old cell from here unless you forgot. Just go through the door and stop just before you enter your cell. You should hear a conversation between a guard and Dreth, wait for it to be over and the guard SHOULD go up the stairs and leave the room, leaving the two of you alone. If he doesn’t just try moving forward a bit, without being seen (this is where some life detect could be useful, watch for his blob to move away and disappear). Once he does leave though, grab the keys from the table at the end of the room if you want to open Dreth’s cell and kill him, warning though he will go running through the sewers and you could end up killing a guard. I would use destruction magic or a bow to kill him without opening the door unless you think you can kill him in one hit, talk to him if you want him to be afraid of the night mother and such. I would, cause he’s a jerk. Once he’s killed you can take the key off the table to leave through the front door and, since its public, you don’t get any bounty or attack from the guards. Or you can return though the sewer and risk killing a guard again. Either way, return to Valtieri for your reward(s). The bonus item is Scales of Pitiless Justice, scales that increase strength, agility, and intelligence but reduce personality (all by 2 points). It only does so when its in your inventory so I usually have mine on display in my house (if I own one by then).

The Assassinated Man involves the staging of an assassination and doesn’t even have a murder to commit, sad. You do get to pretend to kill someone though and you get to kill some zombies of people, if those count. This guy, Francois Motierre, has a debt and are sending someone to kill him so you have to use a special blade to stage the killing of Motierre when the enforcer arrives. So talk to him and then knock, knock, in comes Hides-His-Heat, swipe at Motierre with the special blade to “kill” him and flee Chorrol. Now you have to wait for an entire day to get his body from the Chapel under-croft so wait or do some other quests if you have any nearby. Once the 24 hours are up, go to the under-croft and activate his body to wake him. He then warns you that his family is buried there and they may take his revival as a sign of disrespect. Make sure he stays alive, since this is the only quest in this line you can fail, and slay the three zombies. One way to avoid them is to quickly get to the door after you wake him up, before he talks to you, then you can just leave after the zombies come to live and they shouldn’t follow you. Next you have to go to the Grey Mare Inn so he can buy passage out of Cyrodiil, and return to Vicente. If you completed the quest successfully you recieve Cruelty’s Heart that adds to willpower and strength, advancement, and the well key. If you failed, by killing Hides-His-Heart, Motierre, or you don’t save Mortierre, you don’t get anything except an angry vampire. Down to -71 instead of +80, so bring some charm with you…After this quest he offers the gift of vampirism, and you now go to Ocheeva for contracts.

The Lonely Wanderer you may do when you are already an Eliminator, but you may not so I’m including it here. You basically have to kill a high elf in the Imperial City and there’s a short cut if you already know where and when to go. Bonus is to kill him securely, with no witnesses. The elf’s name is Faelian, and Vicente will tell you that the elves are a tight knit group and one will know where Faelian is. The elf you talk to and get information from will tell you he lives in the Tiber Septim Hotel in the Talos Plaza District. Speak with Augusta Calidia to leave he lost all his money when he got addicted to skooma and his girlfriend Atraena lives in the hotel as well. If you find Faelian inside the hotel he will tell you to meet him later, thinking you’re an addict too. Now you have two methods, if Atraena has a high disposition towards you she will tell you he visits Lorkmir’s house during the day (from 11am to 5pm). It’s abandoned, with the owner’s body downstairs so he probably killed Lorkmir). The other way is to talk to Faelian outside of the hotel, if you have skooma you can give him some or get some from the supplier he tells you about. You can also pickpocket skooma off of him and give it to him (assuming he doesn’t notice you). He then gives you the key for Lorkmir’s house so no picking required. Shortcut: Go to Lormir’s House in the Elven Gardens District between 11am and 5pm, pick the lock, and kill him inside. Return to Ocheeva for your gold and infamy point, and the well key and a promotion if you didn’t get it last time. If you killed him in the secure location, you get the Shadowhunt bow that damages health and magicka.

Assassin Rank
Source: UESP Wiki

Assassin Rank

Ah, finally, the chance to be a rank that fits your job in the way I’ve been describing it. To become an official Assassin you have yet another three quests to complete, Bad Medicine, Whodunit?, and Permanent Retirement. Just a heads up, I found all three of these quests a lot easier with an invisibility spell (that I think I got in the sanctuary) and Permanent Retirement was helpful with a chameleon spell to go with it (so I could use the bow without losing my invisibility and such).

Bad Medicine involves taking the medicine of a sick warlord and replacing it with a poison so nobody suspects the Dark Brotherhood. If you talk to your fellow guildmates they will tell you of an entrance nearby that is easier to get through since it isn’t guarded. I went this way so I can’t really tell you how to do the other way from my experience, but I made enough mistakes in the side entrance to advise this. The bonus is to not be detected, so avoid the guards or do one hit kills (they must be one hit without being detected). Sneak mode recommended, though I can’t tell you what to do. There is one guard that will sit at the end of the water tunnels so grab the stuff from the chests and make your way quickly to the little hallway thing on your first left outside of the water. Life detect is helpful here as you may not see the guards, but they will see you. After you wait for that guard to pass into the path you just went into you should see a very dark curve and hear a conversation as you approach the two guards. Once they are done one will go towards you, just push yourself into the wall so they can pass and don’t move. Since it’s so dark they shouldn’t see you, make your way through the shadows to the next hallway and you enter a large room. Again, follow the shadows and avoid the fire, go into the hallway and wait for the guard to pass to the cabinet area, hug the walls along the shadows until you are right near him and the cabinet. When he isn’t facing the cabinet sneak up to it and switch the poison for the medicine and sneak back into the shadows. Make your way back to the hallway that enters into the room with the fire and take a left, sticking to the shadows. Don’t go across the bridge thing, there’s a guard on the other side, instead go to the end of the room where you will see a gate. Follow that wall without going through the gate and there’s a couple doors, one being locked. Unlock it and you should be outside where you can escape back to Chedinhal and Ocheeva. If you got the bonus it is helpful in the next quest, The Deceiver’s Finery is the item. It fortifies your speechcraft and personality (also useful for getting more money selling to the merchants).

Whodunit? is a quest that is one of my favorite party ideas, but in a more twisted way. Instead of one guest being murdered, or fake murdered if its a party and not a real case, you must murder all of the party go-ers without them knowing it was you. That’s actually the bonus, none of them knowing who it was. This is where the invisibility spell is helpful, just go invisible and kill. If you talk to your fellow brother and sisters, they will tell you that the bonus reward from the last quest would be helpful, if they trust you the guests are least likely to suspect you and thus, they won’t attack you. If you make everyone hate you, you still get the bonus as long as you are undetected (the eye is invisible, not glowing) when you kill them. You can also kill them with a bow from a hidden area across the room, or give them poisoned apples, but Nels can’t be killed this way. You can also Frenzy them and they will kill each other, but I just invisibility spelled and killed them that way. Remember any bribes can be recovered from their bodies, and there are many silver objects around that you can sell if you want (they aren’t stolen). Here’s some guests specifics if you can’t get someone alone for some reason or you want a game plan before you start.

Dovesi Dran- Talk to Primo about her and he will say he likes her, then if you go to her with a high enough disposition she will say she likes him to and will then go to his room (and be alone) so you can kill her. If you have already killed someone you can “say nothing” to her (the actual option, not avoiding talking to her) and she will go to the basement, sits on a stool facing the wall, and is an easy target. You can also get to her turn against some people near the end of it.
Matilde Petit- If you talk to her about being an assassin she thinks it is a joke and later will offer to join you to look for the treasure together, goes off to the basement alone, and can be killed there. If only Dovesi is the only other person alive besides her she will attempt to kill Dovesi.
Nels the Naughty- He likes to drink and usually sticks to the same area. If he is the only one left with Dovesi he will try to kill him if there is a weapon nearby (apparently nobody likes Dovesi, sad). Also if Matilde is the only one alive besides him he will try to attack her, but if hes the last alive he goes down to the basement.
Neville- If he’s the last one alive he puts on armor, but he only has one hit point so don’t worry about not being able to kill him. If you do leave him last and you talk to him with a high disposition he will try to axe down the door (he is most weak here) but if his disposition is low he will suspect you and try to kill you. This won’t effect your bonus as long as you are undetected.
Primo Antonius- He sticks to the ground floor most of the time, but if he is the last one left along with Dovesi, Neville, Nels, or Matilde, he will attempt to kill the remaining guest if you have a high enough disposition with him.

Once all the guests are killed return to Ocheeva and get your gold. If you followed the limitations, the bonus is Night Mother’s Blessing, a permanent increase of two to your Marksman, Security, Sneak, Acrobatics, and Blade skills.

Lastly, you have Permanent Retirement, a quest involving a retired guard that needs to be removed from existence. You have a bonus option of retrieving his finger and placing it into the desk of his successor in the Imperial CIty. All of the keys you will need for the bonus is on his body, along with his finger obviously, so go ahead and do this if you want. You also get an arrow that will kill him with one hit, but can’t be used when he is wearing his armor. The location is Leyawiin and there is an area of water in the city that he goes swimming in (no armor of course). He does this every day between 3 and 8 pm, so make sure you are sneak and undetected (this is where i used chameleon as well as invisibility). Kill him with the arrow, one hit or you get a bounty even if undetected. Return now if you don’t want the bonus, 500 gold, or keep reading. Take his finger and all the keys from his body and go to the Prison District of the Imperial City. At around 2:50 am there shouldn’t be any guards in the office (late at night basically), but save just outside the door just in case. Right by the entrance is a desk, pick the lock and put the finger inside manually. The chest on the left of the desk has good treasures inside if you have the time or courage to get them, head outside undetected and return to the sanctuary for your 500 gold bonus and up to 600 leveled gold reward. The bodyguard who was watching Adamus will commit suicide, inside the City Barracks of Leyawiin you will find his body and a suicide note if you want some extra chuckles at your power.

Executioner Rank
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Executioner Rank

Although this is an official rank in the game’s system, you cannot actually achieve it and you skip right to Silencer. Too bad, yet less work? I have no idea, just read the next section.

Silencer Rank
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Silencer Rank

I hope you didn’t get too attached to your fellow sanctuary members (I kinda did, so oops on me) as this next quest will have you kill them all. Yes, that’s right, kill them. Your brothers and sisters, something you aren’t supposed to do in this guild, yet here you are. Anyway, it’s called The Purification and comes from Lucien but good news, you don’t have to kill that cute little rat Schemer. Since you have to kill M’raaj-Dar, I would advise buying items from him before you do this quest, the spells are available later but the items are unavailable. You also can’t become a vampire after you do this quest (at least from Vicente, so don’t fret, you can still get it).

A more specific guide follows this sentence. You get a letter from Lucien as your next contract from Ocheeva (you get a letter from Ocheeva but Lucien wrote it, just to avoid confusion over my odd wordings). Read it and learn that the Black Hand itself has a task for you and you cannot speak to anyone about it in the Sanctuary and head to Fort Farragut near Cheydinhal (this is where you get the poisoned apples for free). The letter warns you of residents in the fort but you can avoid them and enter through the hollowed out tree NW of the fort’s tower, outside of the fort itself. When you find Lucien he tells you that the assassin among assassin you may have heard about is is definitely in the Cheydinhal Sanctuary so you must perform a Purification (a.k.a. killing all the members inside). You aren’t a suspect since you are a new member, and he gives you a list of names to kill (not a literal list, he names them). He gives you some items to help you and you don’t have to kill them all at once. You might want to use some techniques from the Whodunit? quest if you just picked them off one by one, if you are seen attacking a member of the sanctuary you will be attacked by everyone who saw it. Remember that Vicente is a vampire and so he is weak to garlic, put some in his pocket while he is sleeping (there are some in Antoinetta Marie’s chest). Telaendril isn’t in the sanctuary on Loredas and Sundas so you can either follow your marker, get the note from Ocheeva’s corpse, or wait until Middas when she returns. Once everyone is dead though, return to Lucien, who tells you that you will be getting your contracts from letters now called Dead drops. Complete each contract to get the location of the dead drop and there is your reward and next contract. He also gives you his horse, Shadowmere (who is essential so you can’t kill her, yay!).

Speaker Rank
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Speaker Rank

The rank of Speaker requires many a quest, allow me to list them for you. They are: Affairs of a Wizard, Next of Kin, Broken Vows, Final Justice, A Matter of Honor, The Coldest Sleep, A Kiss Before Dying, and Following A Lead for a total of 8 quests. Do not worry as they are all fairly quick quests and won’t even take all that long for me to explain, let alone do yourself.

Affairs of a Wizard is delivered at Hero Hill. You learn about your target, Celedaen. They are a necromancer in Leafrot Cave, inside there will be some leveled undead. Make sure you get the skill book, The Art of War Magic, as it raises destruction skills, then look for Celedaen’s Journal. It tells of his quest to become a Worm Eremite and then tells that you can kill them if you remove their soul container when they are performing their transformation. Luckily, he is in the middle of his transformation so either pickpocket his Soul Container, Sands of Resolve, to kill him instantly, or battle him. The Soul Container looks like an hourglass. Once finished, you should go to Chorrol to complete the quest and get your next one.

Next of Kin involves killing an entire family. You only know the location of the first member, Perennia Draconis, the mother. She lives on a farm called Applewatch, near Bruma. If you talk to her and tell her you are looking for her children she will give you a list of their locations, or if you just kill her you can take it off of her corpse. She is tougher than she looks though, so be weary, and she has a dog to defend her. If you approach when shes sleeping she will go back to sleep after talking to you, making for an easy sneak attack. If she’s sitting in her chair, make sure the dog isn’t looking and sneak attack her, if you killed her in one hit and the dog didn’t see you, he will walk over and howl over her body. From 6am-2pm she is outside, where she can be easily killed without alerting the dog (he stays inside). Matthias Draconis lives in the Imperial City, the Talos Plaza District. You have many options to kill him according to his schedule, in the evening he is in the Bloated Float so you can snipe him from a hidden area if your sneak is high enough. If you go to the basement of Umbacano Manor, he is a guard during the day so you can kill him with one blow sneaking or let him see you and wait for him to attack you, avoiding the bounty. Lastly, you can wait for him to be near a guard and cast a frenzy spell on him and he will attack the guards. Caelia Draconis is the next target, a captain of the guard in Leyawiin. Starting at 7:30 am she is alone in the Three Sisters Inn guarding some rooms, or you can find her patrolling the town and cast a frenzy near other guards. If you tell her you are going to kill her she will alert the guards and you will get a 1000 gold bounty (unless you run to the mages or fighters guild and they kill her). If you have a high enough Alchemy skill to make a couple good damage health poisons, you can wait for no guards to be nearby and tell her “Unfortunately, I need you dead.” Then reduce her health enough that the poison will finish her off, you then get no bounty. To frenzy her, you should wait for her to be sleeping in the barracks as she will attack the guards Andreas Draconis is located in the Drunken Dragon Inn, Northeast of Leyawiin. If you tell him his mother bled like a pig or you want him dead he will attack you and you then can kill him without incurring a bounty. Otherwise you can cast a frenzy spell and he will attack the Imperial Guard, since you aren’t the direct murderer you won’t get a bounty. And finally, Sibylla Draconic is the last member to kill. She lives in Muck Valley Cavern, Southwest of Cheydinhal, that is filled with leveled natural predators. She will most likely be aggressive towards you unless you have a high fame, infamy, and personality. She doesn’t have anything to say except normal rumor speak, so there’s no point in trying to make her like you. If the battle is too tough, leave the cave, her animals won’t follow her so it will be you and Shadowmere against her. She doesn’t eat so poisoned apples won’t work, she can’t sleep either so she won’t wear any enchanted items that drain health. Once all the family members are killed proceed to Skingrad Castle Courtyard for the next target and your reward.

Broken Vows tells you to kill J’Ghasta, a skilled boxer in Bruma. It tells you that he is expecting you and he has bribed the guards to ignore the fight if it goes into the street. He can be found in the secret training room in his basement, there’s a hatch hidden near some rolls of cloth. If you have trouble finding it, switch to your local map in your menu. When you find him he will tell you to leave, any of the three responses he gives you will make him aggressive so be ready for a fight. Remember that I mentioned he is a boxer, so his unarmed attacks will deal some damage to your health and fatigue. You may want to wait for him to sleep between midnight and 5am, as that would be the only time you could sneak attack him. Before you leave, pick up the Black hand robe and hood from a locked keg on the lower floor and the two hand to hand skill books on a desk in the basement. They are called, Ahzirr Traajijazeri and Immortal Blood, and are located on the bottom shelf of the bookshelf on the upper floor. After you do those you should head to the Old Bridge, South of the Imperial City, where you will find your next drop below it and your payment.

Final Justice is possibly going to be difficult for you as the target is carrying a powerful enchanted sword. Her name is Shaleez, and she is a psychopathic killer so she is used to killing people and will attack on sight. She is in the Flooded Mine North of Bravil, although it is flooded you won’t need a water breathing ability as there are plenty of air pockets but get it if you feel the need. She has one non-enchanted shortsword, an enchanted shortsword, and an enchanted longsword (unless you do the quest at level 1 or 2 then she doesn’t have the enchanted weapons). It is also underwater fighting, which is more difficult than normal fighting. Once you kill her you should head to Fort Redman, North of Leyawiin, and get your contract from the coffin just outside the ruins.

A Matter of Honor involves killing a Dunmer merchant, by the name of Alval Uvani. You may recognize this name from my list of targets to join the guild, but most likely you haven’t killed him yet so let me explain what to do. He is in Bravil, at the Lonely Suitor Lodge on Morndas to Tirdas, Skingrad at the West Weald Inn from Middas to Turdas, Bruma at Olav’s Tap and Tack on Fredas to Loredas, and his house in Leyawiin on Sundas. You can also find him on the roads between the towns between the days listed. If you want to kill him in one of the Inns or his house, put some mead in front of him, he’s allergic to honey. Replace all the vendor’s food with mead or his own food with it for the same effect. He is also in the wilderness a lot and so he may have been killed by a wild animal or something, the quest will automatically update and you will be told to go to the next spot. The next dead drop is in the Market District, in a hollowed-out tree stump behind Stonewall Shields.

The Coldest Sleep involves traveling to Knoll Mountain, near Bruma. There you must kill Havilstein Hoar-Blood, and his wolf companion. If you go from the East Gate of Brumae you take the left path when you get to the crossroads, then the first right when you get to Dragonclaw Rock, there is a bandit camp, and the Mountain is just past the camp across a bridge. He is well equipped with leveled light armor, a leveled battleaxe that is usually enchanted, and his wolf companion to help him. He doesn’t eat so you can’t use poisoned apples, but he sleeps so you can sneak attack him. If you’re still having trouble try to use the steep mountains to your advantage and have him fall to his death. Once he’s dead you should head to Nornal, ruins filled with rats, crab,s and marauders. Head down the stairs and take a right dive under the water and swim towards the door. You can pick the lock, water walk across the iron bars, or jump out of the water and over the gate if you don’t have the key. (Located in Chest in Nornal Ageasel, Chest in Leyawiin Mages Guild 2nd Floor West.)

A Kiss Before Dying if your ready for the second to last drop quest then read on. You have to kill a Wood Elf named Ungolim in Bravil. You may have seen him looking at the statue of the Lucky Lady every night between 5pm and 1am. He bribed the guards so they won’t help either of you if the fight is outside. He is in his house during the day but you can only go in with a key that you would have to pickpocket off of him before you start this quest. Otherwise, if you go outside in Bravil during the night he will attack you on sight with his bow. Although the guards won’t attack, if you sidestep behind one of them when he shoots an arrow they will attack him if it hits. If you are worried about a bounty, since he attacks you first then you shouldn’t get one. Don’t do it on a rooftop though or anywhere else where you can’t easily walk to you as Lucien will come to talk to you after you kill Ungolim.

Following A Lead starts off with a furious Lucien saying you betrayed the guild and you must die for it. If you noticed, the last few letters have been in a different handwriting and this is what he’s talking about. He tells you that you have been killing other members of t he black hand as a part of the plot of the real traitor. He tells you to go to Anvil, at the sight of the next dead drop to find out who they are. Wait in sneak mode behind the barrel until Enilroth puts the Dead Drop orders in the barrel and you get a journal entry. Confront him and he swears he isn’t the traitor and he was just paid to put the drops there. He tells you that the traitor is staying in the lighthouse under mysterious circumstances. He has the 500 gold reward on him so kill or steal it from him. Get the key from the lighthouse keeper from whatever means you feel necessary and then head to the cellar door. Once down in the cellar you find various dead animals and people strewn about, even a severed head called “mother’s head”.Find the locked door, on the other side is a Crazed Dog that you can kill or sneak around to find the Traitor’s Diary. They are a member of the Brotherhood since childhood waiting for the moment to strike against the group after Lucien killed his mother. The diary also mentioned killing the crew of the Serpent’s Wake, a side quest in Anvil involves killing the spirits on that ship. Now you have to go back to Applewatch Farm to meet with Lucien but you find that they murdered him, believing he was the traitor. Arquen will approach you and tell you that the traitor has been dealth with, that you are now the speaker in Lucien’s place, and that you should speak with him again between midnight and 3am to leave for the sanctuary (ask about the night mother).

Listener Rank
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Listener Rank

This rank, called Listener in case you missed it, only requires one quest to do. Unlike the last rank which may have had you a little frustrated if you had no idea when it would end, and it is called Honor Thy Mother (the Night Mother, perhaps?). I will also explain the quest you receive after this as I don’t think it should require its own section, its name is Whispers of Death.

Honor Thy Mother starts as soon as you talk to Arquen and he transports you to Bravil. Bring as little as you can physically hold while still fight effectively before you enter the sanctuary probably before you even start this quest. You enter the hidden sanctuary of the Night Mother that is entered through the Lucky Old Lady statue. Once they summon the Night Mother, the traitor reveals himself and kill Belisarius and Banus, then try to attack the Night Mother herself. You are then free to help Arquen kill Mathiew Bellamont, the traitor. The Night Mother then tells you that she knew all about what happened and that he was the traitor, and you become to the new listener for the guild. You now must take orders from the Night Mother and relay them to the speakers. (I say have to but you don’t really have to, there is no consequence for not doing it.) She then powers up your Blade of Woe to finally become an enchanted weapon, and allows you to retrieve anything in her tomb. Take all that you want as you won’t be able to come back again after you leave. You can also drop everything in front of the night mother, pick it all up and then talk to her, she will transport you to the sanctuary and you can drop it there. IF you save before you enter the trapdoor you can try for better loot. There also is a rare alchemy ingredient, lichor, in front of the large sarcophagus. You are now finished with the Dark Brotherhood quests, but there is one you can do every week for 200 gold.

Whispers of Death is a pretty simple quest, just go to the Lucky Old Lady statue as if you were getting her blessing and the Night Mother will tell you information to tell your speaker. You will get one of the people and a location but none are in Cyrodiil so you can’t do it yourself, so instead go to Arquen in the Cheydinhal Sanctuary and it will be taken care of and you get your earnings for the previous week. This quest is never completed so don’t expect it to ever get an update.

What would my choice of treatments be if I was diagnosed with Cancer.

What would my choice of treatments be if I was diagnosed with Cancer.

Healthy Food

Cancer fighting food.

When somebody is diagnosed with cancer they have to rely on our health care system for any information to help with their problem. While doctors and health care workers are hard working and caring people they represent a system that keeps us ignorant and illiterate on anything to do with health and especially cancer. Today we spend billions of dollars in treating cancer yet we spend little promoting the consumption of fresh fruit and vegetables, food that medicine well knows are helpful in preventing and reversing cancer.


Naturally if I was diagnosed with cancer today I wouldn’t accept any of our current treatments of surgery, radiation or chemotherapy and that’s because of knowledge. The information I’ve gain has taught me there are other ways to treat cancer that are non toxic, gentle and much more effective. These other ways attack the reasons why the cancer first grew as it’s much more important to address these reasons than simply removing growths. Removing the growths is only a temporary treatment as that doesn’t stop any cancer returning again in the future or spreading to another location.



Our western medicine doesn’t have all the answers to cancer. While they are very good at diagnosing and monitoring the disease their treatments which are money orientated are toxic and damage the all important immune system. There was a time when we didn’t get cancer; it’s a modern day problem. Cancer is a man made disease, it happens for a reason and there are answers to the problem. Cancer is not caused by bad luck; it’s caused by bad management and ignorance.


We all know there are many alternative cancer treatments and they certainly won’t be recommended by your doctors as they are not allowed to. With alternatives there is no magic bullet to cure cancer but there is a lifestyle change which is cheap, it is simple, it’s safe and effective and it revolves around strengthening the immune system. Our bodies have a natural inherent capacity to heal themselves through our immune system but it does need a little help from you.


The difference between orthodox treatments and alternative treatments are; surgery can cause cancer to spread because of the bleeding, where as alternatives assist the body using its natural ability to suppress it spreading. Radiation kills cells indiscriminately where as alternatives only target cancer cells and chemotherapy temporally destroys the immune system and alternatives enhance it.


Our western medicine pays the merest lip service to cancer prevention while diving whole heartily into their 3 treatments of surgery, radiation and chemotherapy. When they do talk about prevention they mainly speak about early detection which is medical interference with mammograms and other x-rays and that is not prevention.


Remember the most efficient healer for the human body is a correctly functioning natural immune system and the more you choose to get involved, the greater a difference you can make to the outcome of your disease.



Alan Wighton has studied all aspects of human health for many years and has specialised in cancer since the early 90s. For further information on a more effective treatment to overcome cancer using the powerful natural healing ability of the human body; please visit www.cancerhealed.com



Visiting Fishermans Wharf, San Francisco

Visiting Fisherman's Wharf, San Francisco

Fisherman’s Wharf

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San Francisco Fisherman’s Wharf; Pacifica, CA. CC BY-SA 2.0
Source: Flickr: footloosiety

Visiting Fisherman’s Wharf

Fisherman’s Wharf is a popular tourist destination in San Francisco,
CA.  It’s on the eastern side of the city bordering the San Francisco
Bay and is littered with hotels, parking structures, restaurants, and
tourist shops and services.  This is one of the first few places that I
take out-of-towners – most recent being my in-laws for my wedding this
past March 2010.
So, why is this section of San
Francisco called Fisherman’s Wharf?  Historically, the Gold Rush had
brought in a mass of people to San Francisco – and it just so happened
that this section of San Francisco was where all the dungeness crab were
easily being caught.  Because of this, many fishermen stayed at this
popular wharf to catch seafood to sell to locals or to provide for their
In the 1970’s, Fisherman’s Wharf was transformed into
the tourist destination that it is today.  But, if you ever have the
chance to visit, you can still spot fleets of fisherman catching local
fish and crab for many Bay Area restaurants. 

Seafood & Sourdough Bread Bowls

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CC BY-SA 2.0
Source: Flickr: kckoenig


Fisherman’s Wharf offers a variety of good food, most notably the Dungeness crab which are caught fresh from the San Francisco Bay. 
Another popular San Francisco treat that I recommend are the clam
chowder bowls which you can order at virtually any restaurant at the
wharf; large hollow sourdough bread filled with locally made clam
chowder… it keeps you nice and warm during cold and foggy San
Francisco days!  Seafood is the prime seller here, but that doesn’t mean
restaurants don’t offer other choices for those who want red meat,
chicken, and even non-meat varieties.
Discover the rich chocolate
of the city by venturing to Ghirardelli Square on the northeastern side
of Fisherman’s Wharf.  Once the home of the original Ghirardelli
chocolate factory, the brick square now offers a variety of chocolate
squares and ice cream for visitors to enjoy in the seating area or
outside of the square.  Just a word of advice from a local (myself!): no
matter what time you go, there’s going to be a long waiting line – but
trust me, it’s worth it.


I will admit it: Parking is expensive down here.  Because of that, find
the participating restaurants or attractions of various parking
structures to get your parking validated – that way, you either get free
parking or a deeply discounted parking rate for patronizing local
partners.  There will be a list of surrounding locations where parking
is validated with larger structures printing lists on additional
discounts on the back of your parking ticket.
While walking along
Fisherman’s Wharf, you’ll notice many tourist shops where visitors can
buy souvenirs, stands offering fresh crab, sea lions along Pier 39,
street performers (the World Famous Bushman who hides in bushes scaring
unsuspecting pedestrians, dancers and musicians, magicians, caricature
artists, and human statues that scare unwitting pedestrians). 

The World Famous Bushman – YouTube: ayumash

Popular Events at Fisherman’s Wharf include:
1. 4th of July: Many locals and tourists squeeze together at the Wharf to celebrate independence and catch a breathtaking fireworks display over the San Francisco Bay.
2. Fleet Week: The Blue Angels air show is highly popular in San Francisco and draws over one million people around the shores of the city to catch a glimpse of the show. Fisherman’s Wharf is home to one of the best views of the Blue Angels air show and the wharf fills quickly during the day. Attendees can check out the jets and the ships that ground in the bay. (Click for more info.)

America’s Cup 2012-2013 was also hosted in the Bay from Fisherman’s Wharf to the Golden Gate Bridge in October 2012 during Fleet Week, attracting millions of people to Fisherman’s Wharf, the Marina Green, Fort Mason, and Crissy Field.

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Fisherman’s Wharf – Pier 39. CC BY-SA 2.0
Source: Flickr: The-O

Popular Places to go:
1. Pier 39
2. The Ferry Building
3. Embarcadero Center
4. San Francisco Maritime National Historic Park
5. Ripley’s Believe it or Not
6. The Wax Museum at Fisherman’s Wharf
7. Ghirardelli Square
8. Aquarium by the Bay
Many tour services are also found here and are offered by several companies to choose from. Popular tours include: San Francisco landmarks, Alcatraz, Napa Valley Wine Tours, Yosemite, Muir Woods/Sausalito, and more.
* For a list of current events at Fisherman’s Wharf to guide your next visit, check out: http://www.fishermanswharf.org/events.aspx

* OR you can purchase a GO card, which discount admission tickets to popular destinations at: http://www.gosanfranciscocard.com

Top 3 Best Bark Collars for Small Dogs

Top 3 Best Bark Collars for Small Dogs
Best Dog Collars for Small Dogs

Barking is a very hard habit for a diligent dog to break.  Small dogs seem to be the biggest barkers since that’s pretty much the best thing they go going for them.  Thankfully there are tools for us as humans to deter our small dogs from barking.  Here are the top 3 best bark collars for small dogs.

Spraysense Bark Collar for Small Dogs

Gentle Spray Value Pack
Amazon Price: $140.00

The Spraysense bark collar is perfect for small dogs.  It sprays a small amount of citronella at the dog whenever they bark.  This collar is good for all dogs over 6 months and over 6lbs so it is very small dog friendly.  It is a very humane, just unpleasant for the dog.

PetSafe Bark Collar for Small Dogs

PetSafe No-Bark Collar, PBC-102
Amazon Price: $34.90
List Price: $59.99

If your small dog doesn’t respond to the citronella as you hoped you may want to try the PetSafe no-bark collar for small dogs. Your dog must be a little heavier for this bark collar and weigh at least 15 pounds. The collar is not meant to punish the dog, only train them with little harmless shocks to prevent barking. It is not meant for the dog to wear all the time just in small doses. It is waterproof so rainy and snowy days wont short it out or hurt your dog.

Petsafe Remote Bark Collar for Small Dogs

PetSafe Deluxe Little-Dog Remote Trainer for Pets Under 40 Pounds, PDLDT-305
Amazon Price: $109.95
List Price: $129.99

Another effective type of bark collar for small dogs is a remote controlled shock collar.  With a remote you can curb your dogs barking as well as using it to train other behaviors such as jumping or scratching.  It is a very similar collar to the above PetSafe collar just with the added functionality of a remote control.  This collar works best for small dogs between 15-40 pounds.

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Saute of Veal with Duchess Potatoes Recipe

Saute of Veal with Duchess Potatoes Recipe

This is another one of my favorite recipes. I like to make this for company because it is simple yet very elegant. I especially love the flavor that the herbs lend to the dish and the Duchess Potatoes really dress up the dinner simply by the fact that they are made into little shapes. This is a French version of a simple country stew but again, with the addition of Duchess Potatoes, it comes off quite lovely in presentation.  I’ve had this recipe in my notebook 30+ years from my old Betty Crocker International Cookbook although I did a few things differently to fit my own cooking style.

You can use a pastry bag to do the potatoes or you can use a regular zip-lock plastic bag with the end snipped off. It makes for a great stand-in pastry bag.

Anolon 5-Quart 11-Inch Sauteuse with Glass Lid
Amazon Price: $55.99
List Price: $100.00
The Country Cooking of France
Amazon Price: $29.95
List Price: $50.00
Williams-Sonoma Collection: French
Amazon Price: $9.47
List Price: $16.95
Barefoot in Paris: Easy French Food You Can Make at Home
Amazon Price: $19.00
List Price: $35.00

Recipe for Saute of Veal and Duchess Potatoes

8 servings


2 pound veal round steak, 1/2 inch thickness
1/2 cup flour
2 teaspoons salt (or to taste)
1 teaspoon paprika
1/4 teaspoon pepper
1/4 cup olive oil
1 cup dry white wine
1/2 cup water
8 ounces tiny pearl onions, peeled (1-1/2 cups)
8-10 tiny carrots or 4 medium carrots cut into strips
1/2 teaspoon dried rosemary or thyme
1/2 teaspoon salt (or to taste)
Duchess potatoes
Snipped fresh parsley


Cut the veal into serving pieces. Mix together flour, 2 teaspoons of salt, paprika and pepper.
Coat the veal with the flour mixture and pound until 1/4 inch thick.
Cook the veal in hot oil in 12-inch skillet or saute pan until brown on both sides. Drain.
Add wine, water, onions, carrots and rosemary/thyme. Sprinkle with 1/2 teaspoon of salt if desired.
Heat to boiling and reduce the heat. Cover and simmer until veal and vegetables are tender – about 45 minutes. (Add more water if necessary)
Prepare duchess potatoes.
Place veal and vegetables on a platter. Pour pan juices on top.
Arrange duchess potatoes around edge.
Sprinkle with parsley.

Simple French Cooking: The very best of a classic cuisine made easy, with 200 delicious and authentic dishes shown step by step in more than 800 photographs
Amazon Price: $99.27
List Price: $19.99
Le Cordon Bleu’s Complete Cooking Techniques
Amazon Price: $19.98
List Price: $45.00
Mastering the Art of French Cooking, 50th Anniversary Edition
Amazon Price: $20.82
List Price: $40.00
Mastering the Art of French Cooking (2 Volume Set)
Amazon Price: $43.99
List Price: $89.95
Norpro 8 Piece Cake Decorating Set
Amazon Price: $5.64
List Price: $7.47
La Bonne Cuisine de Madame E. Saint-Ange: The Original Companion for French Home Cooking
Amazon Price: $29.99
List Price: $40.00

Duchess Potatoes


6 medium potatoes (Yukon gold or red work well but may need more potatoes)
1/4 cup milk
1/4 cup margarine or butter, softened
1/2 teaspoon salt
Dash of pepper
1 egg beaten or 1/4 cup egg substitute
2 tablespoons margarine or butter, melted


Peel potatoes. Cut into large pieces.
Heat 1 inch of salted water (1/2 teaspoon salt to 1 cup of water) to boiling.
Add potatoes. Heat to boiling and then reduce heat.
Cover and cook until tender 20-25 minutes. Drain.
Heat oven to 425 degrees.
Shake pan gently over low heat to dry the potatoes. Mash the potatoes until no lumps remain (or beat with mixer).
Beat in milk in small amounts. Add 1/4 cup margarine, salt and pepper. Beat until potatoes are light and fluffy.
Add egg or substitute, beat until blended. (Add more milk if necessary as potatoes should be smooth and fluffy)
Form rosettes with a pastry bag (or use a zip-lock bag as above for a stand-in pastry bag) or drop by small spoonfuls onto ungreased cookie sheet.
Brush lightly with melted margarine or butter.
Heat in 425 degree oven until light brown – about 15 minutes.

NOTE: You can prepare the potatoes several hours ahead and refrigerate – cook as above and add to platter with veal saute.

Summing it Up

This recipe can be a great meal for just a simple supper or for a special event. You can also substitute chicken or beef and pound out the same way, maybe change up the herbs a little more, for instance using marjoram or tarragon for beef or sage and thyme for chicken. It is relatively simple to prepare and again, has a nice presentation.

For how to on the Duchess Potatoes from another perspective, the videos above are great. They are made with a Danish strip steak – sounds mouth watering as well!

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Wine Pairing for Veal
This dish offers a couple of options for choosing a wine. Veal being a white meat, it still can be paired with wines from both the red and white varieties. And cacciatore usually pack in a lot of…



Author’s note: This review is for version 2.6.3. Version 2.7 is currently testing, and will be released soon. I will update the review as soon as 2.7 is released.

Microsoft Word is the most used word processor in use today. But many people don’t want to drop $120 (or more) on a piece of software, especially if they won’t use it often. Or what if you’re a Linux user… there is no version of Word for your operating system. What you need is a free, open sourced word processor. A popular option is to turn to LibreOffice or OpenOffice Writer. I recently heard about a word processor for Linux called Calligra Words, so I decided to give it a try.

Calligra Words is part of the Calligra Office Suite, which grew as a fork of the K-Office (as in kde desktop) suite. Currently, this suite is only offered in a Linux version, although Windows/Mac versions are in the works. The Calligra suite is very extensive, including:

Words Word Processor
Sheets Spreadsheets
Stage Presentation application (similar to MS PowerPoint)
Plan Project management application
Krita A sketching and painting program
Kexi A database program (similar to MS Access)
Karbon A vector drawing program (similar to Inkscape or Adobe Illustrator)
Flow A diagramming and flowchart program
Braindump A notepad for drawings, ideas, and images

There is also an up and coming addition, Calligra Author, which is to be an ebook creation program. As a writer, I am extremely excited about this project and can’t wait to get my hands on Author to give it a spin.

The opening screen

See all 3 photos

From the launch of Calligra Words, I knew I was in for a different experience. The initial start screen consists of a three column file manager view. The left has a vertical row of buttons for recent documents, open a document, custom document, and blank document. On selecting one of these options, the center column will give a vertical row of options based on the first selection. For example, if you selected to open a document, the center column will give a list of documents that can be opened. In the far right column is a screenshot of the selection of the middle column. So, if we were selecting to open a document, after we selected a document to open from the center column, we would see a screenshot of that document before we decided to open it. This is a feature I really like.

document settings

See all 3 photos

The custom document feature is another great feature. By selecting this option, you can specify things like page size, margins, orientation, and number of columns. While other word processors allow you to make the same setting, what is unique about Calligra is that on the right hand side you have a diagram of what the document will look like. For someone who is setting up a multi column layout, this is extremely helpful in visualizing what the final document will look like.

The vertical menu bar

See all 3 photos

On opening or creating a document, you will find that the user interface is completely unlike any other word processor you have used. There is a vertical tabbed bar on the right that contains most of the more common functions a writer may need. The layout reminded me of the tabbed layout of the 2007 and up Microsoft products, but vertical instead of horizontal. While at first it took a while to find needed functions, I soon found that I was able to use the interface nearly as fast as MS Office and Abiword. The interface is far better than that of OpenOffice and LibreOffice, which I find to be very cluttered and disorganized.

I was able to open .doc, .docx, and .odt formats without any problem. Even the .docx document, which had embedded formatting and images added, was opened correctly. However, I was not happy when I saved documents. The formats available are open document, HTML, and .mobi. What? I was expecting no .docx, but not even .doc? In my opinion, this is a major omission, and is something that needs to be addressed if the creators of Calligra want to compete with LibreOffice or MS Word.

I don’t mean to get off on a tangent, but this is something I feel needs to be said. I know the promoters of the open document format want it to be the “universal” format because it is open source and anyone can code for it. I understand that. However, since most businesses use MS Word, the .doc and more recently the .docx formats have become “the standard”. 99% of businesses in the United States require resumes in .doc format. Evey publication I have wrote for wants .doc or .docx. Every editor I have worked with uses .doc or .docx. In fact, I don’t know of any business that uses anything other than .doc and .docx. So please, add support to Calligra for saving in these formats!

Like most modern word processors, there is a styles function. The number of styles included is extensive, almost to the extent of of becoming overwhelming. However, it is very easy to both create and import custom styles. Using the style import function, I copied some of the most common style sheets I use from MS Word, and was soon using them without a hitch.

There is a spell checker included, but I found it to be a pain. Spell checking, by default, is done automatically; misspelled words are underlined with a squiggly red line. The spell check database must be fairly small, as there were many words I commonly use that were not recognized. The checker is also easily confused by double spaces. Clearly this is an area that needs more development.

There is a full screen mode, but I found it to be less effective than in Abiword. After activating this mode, I ran into another problem; I couldn’t remember how to return to the standard view. It seems that Shift+Control+F is the shortcut needed to return to the normal view. Why you would make a shortcut so difficult is beyond me. In Abiword, you can switch the view with a simple click of F11, which is easy to remember.

There are some great referencing tools available with Calligra Words. Footnotes and endnotes are both supported. There are also options to insert citations and then automatically generate a reference or bibliography page. There is also a Table of Contents generator, and I must say I like it much better than the one included with MS Word.

You can also insert a wide variety of objects into your documents. Images, tables, charts can all be added. Headers and footers are available as well. Unfortunately, I could find no way to add hyperlinks. This was a real deal breaker for me, as I consider this to be a basic function.

There are a few other things missing that turned me off to this word processor. There is no way to annotate documents for collaboration. You also can’t record changes made to the document. Essentially, there is no provision for any type of collaboration. This make Calligra Words pretty useless for my work, as I have to collaborate with others frequently.

It’s hard to draw a conclusion about Calligra Words. On one hand, there are some really neat features. The user interface is the best I have seen, and is far beyond the drop down menus of OpenOffice. There are great options for style enhancements. But this program lack several core components that would make it suitable for any professional. No collaboration, no hyperlinks, lack of saving in .doc/.docx formats, and a buggy spell check all make this word processor lacking. I do, however, think Calligra Words shows great promise, and with some work could be developed into an excellent word processor.

I hope you have enjoyed this hub. Please feel free to leave comments below.

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Healthy & Delicious: Open-faced Quesadillas with Chevre & Pepitas

Healthy & Delicious: Open-faced Quesadillas with Chevre & Pepitas

Yum! Serve with a side salad or a bowl of bean or vegetable soup, and you have a complete meal! Or serve on its own for a quick, delicious snack. Either way, this quesadilla packs a ton of protein, fiber, and healthy fats, and it’s sure to be a pleaser with any crowd.



4 corn tortillas

8 ounces of chevre goat cheese

1 cup of pepitas (pumpkin seeds)

cayenne (to taste)

paprika (to taste)

black pepper (to taste)

*8 ounces of fresh salsa

*1/2 cup of shredded red cabbage



In a pan, heat tortillas for several minutes on medium heat, or until they begin to warm.

Smooth 2 ounces of goat cheese on each tortilla. Heat for 2 minutes on medium heat.

Sprinkle 1/4 cup of pepitas on each open-faced quesadilla.

Continue to heat until goat cheese is bubbly and tortilla feels cripsy.

Remove quesadillas from heat, sprinkle cayenne, black pepper, and paprika to taste.

Optional: add fresh salsa and sliced red cabbage on top.

Serves 4.

Sunbeam Electric Mattress Pad – Top 10!

Sunbeam Electric Mattress Pad - Top 10!

Sunbeam Electric Mattress Pad

Sunbeam Electric Mattress Pad, there is one negative issue about this heated pad. Plus see TOP 10 MATTRESS PADS + REVIEW + AUDIO & VIDEO! Should be well informed before making that buying decision. Winter would become very nice resting time during the year if you have comfortable mattress pad. It heats you from below as the heater is under you.

Buying a Sunbeam Electric Mattress Pad, for own use or a gift,is easy because this item is sold at deep discount in many online stores. And, very lucky there is no need to walk miles for it because online stores are everywhere!

Be it you are from US, UK, Canada or Australia buying online is very convenient. Major negative issue about mattress pad by Sunbeam is it may cause family fight. If you have only one Sunbeam Electric Mattress Pad in your house people in the family would fight for it because it is very nice to sleep with. Do not end in this situation.

Top 10!

Sunbeam Heated Electric Mattress Pad Sz. Queen
No. 1
Amazon Price: $129.99
Sunbeam Royal Warmth King Heated Mattress Pad
Amazon Price: $79.99
Sunbeam California King Quilted Cotton Top Heated Electric Warming Mattress Pad, 250 Thread Count
No. 3
Amazon Price: $109.95
List Price: $179.99
Sunbeam heated mattress pad, CALIFORNIA KING size.
Amazon Price: $179.99
Sunbeam Twin XL Heated Mattress Pad
No. 5
Amazon Price: $66.08
List Price: $72.06
Sunbeam heated mattress pad, TWIN size.
Amazon Price: $39.99
Sunbeam Therapeutic King Heated Mattress Pad
No. 7
Amazon Price: $249.95
List Price: $228.62
Sunbeam (FULL/DOUBLE SIZE) Imperial 140-Thread-Count Polyester Cotton Blend Comfort Heated Mattress Pad
Amazon Price: $119.99
List Price: $149.99
Sunbeam Therapeutic Queen Heated Mattress Pad, 200-Thread-Count Cotton, White
No. 9
Amazon Price: $324.99
Sunbeam Twin Premium Heated Electric Blanket Heating Mattress Pad, 140 Thread
Amazon Price: $79.99


Heated mattress pad seems to be a necessity rather than a one’s wild wish. You should have a Sunbeam electric mattress pad because:

1. It is cheap on electricity. Imagine just spend several cents a night and you can have a very pleasant night. To ensure a mattress pad cheap to run what you have to do is to cover your bed with thick blanket (maybe a duvet), turn on the electric mattress at high level for around 20 minutes, turn it off and crawl under the blanket.

Depending on outside temperature, you would enjoy several hours of warm bed without cost. Also, given that it uses less electricity it cause less the burning of fossil fuel and thus good for the environment.

2. Sunbeam electric mattress pad is a very nice item to have one. Happy users say it very comfortable. I have read that family members are fighting for turn to use Sunbeam electric blanket.

3. The final reason to have one of this great item is because it sold at very deep discount in Amazon. For your information Amazon sell it at up to 70% discount (click one item to see the discount)!

No. 1: Sunbeam Heated Electric Mattress Pad Sz. Queen

At the top of the list is the Sunbeam Heated Electric Mattress Pad Sz. Queen. Queen size it is, but if you check you would see there are full, king and twin sizes mattress pads as well.

Features of this no. 1 heated pads include: the size – 60″ x 80″, dual control, 10 heat settings, made of soft and breathable material and comes with 5 year limited warranty:

Pamper yourself with the best heated mattress pad, no less!


Sunbeam Therapeutic Queen Heated Mattress Pad, 200-Thread-Count Cotton, White
Amazon Price: $324.99

Sunbeam wireless electric mattress pad

Item no. 5 and 7 in the Top 10 list are Sunbeam wireless electric mattress pads. It means you will get remote control with each pad (one or two depending on the model). So, it is cordless i.e. you can set the heating level like you set the tv channel using remote control bar!

These remote controlled heated mattress pads mostly are therapeutic pads. This kind of pads allow you to set different heat level for three points: neck and shoulders, back and legs , a wise choice for people who has problem of minor muscle ache and pain (click item to read full product description and more items):

Electric mattress pad king:

Sunbeam Quilted Heated Electric Mattress Pad Stripe Pattern Cal King Size
Amazon Price: $99.95
List Price: $149.99
Sunbeam Quilted Heated Mattress Pad – King
Amazon Price: $94.99
List Price: $129.99
Sunbeam Premium Quilted Heated Electric Mattress Pad Box Pattern King Size
Amazon Price: $129.95
List Price: $209.99

Electric mattress pad

Electric mattress pad by Sunbeam comes in four main sizes – King, Queen, twin and full. One special kind is Sunbeam therapeutic mattress pad.

The materials are also different. There are basic and up to very luxury. All are rated very high by happy customer.

Amazon has the complete collection and they offer up to 50% discount on selected items almost everyday.

Depending on your bed and your preference, they are here and click one to read full product description:

Twin and Full:

Sunbeam MSU2CXL-V000-11A00 Mattress Pad, Twin, X-Large
Amazon Price: $61.12
List Price: $77.82

Queen electric mattress pad:

Sunbeam Premium Quilted Heated Electric Mattress Pad Box Pattern Queen Size
Amazon Price: $109.95
List Price: $199.99
Sunbeam MSU1GQS-N000-11A00 Heated Mattress Pad, Queen
Amazon Price: $89.99
List Price: $87.50
Sunbeam Therapeutic Queen Heated Mattress Pad
Amazon Price: $199.95
List Price: $198.92

Sunbeam electric mattress pad



Sunbeam Cordless Electric Blanket
Sunbeam Microplush Electric Blanket
Sunbeam Electric Blanket Throw
Sunbeam King Electric Blanket
Sunbeam Heated Blanket

Contact information

Boca Raton, Florida 33431 –
Boca Raton, FL 33431, USA
[get directions]

Sunbeam Products, Inc.
Boca Raton, Florida 33431
(800) 892-7684

{“lat”:26.381407,”lng”:-80.10273,”zoom”:11,”mapType”:”ROADMAP”,”markers”:[{“id”:”13673″,”lat”:26.36174,”lng”:-80.09137,”name”:”Boca Raton, Florida 33431″,”address”:”Boca Raton, FL 33431, USA”,”description”:”Sunbeam Products, Inc.nBoca Raton, Florida 33431n(800) 892-7684″}]}

Electric Heated Mattress Pad

The winter is long, you need a warm bed and the electricity bill increases everyday.

Your budget become deficit and getting worse.

A conventional heater is not a good choice because it heats the room rather than heating you.

A heated mattress pad is very nice because it heats you from below, an opposite of electric blanket.

Have to act now.

The one pick by thousands of people daily is the Sunbeam electric mattress pad.