Pokemon Mystery Dungeon Blue Version Thunderwave Cave Walkthrough

Pokemon Mystery Dungeon Blue Version Thunderwave Cave Walkthrough
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Pokemon Mystery Dungeon Blue Version is a pretty fun game and takes a new approach to the pokemon series. This specific guide is for Tiny Woods Dungeon but I will write one on the other dungeons as I do them, and side ideas about the game.

Thunderwave Cave Basics

The Second Dungeon to journey through is the Thunderwave Cave and this time you are saving a Magnemite couple who were joined together when an electromagnetic wave passed through. You and your partner decide to go there and save the Magnemite so off you travel.

There are 5 floors in this Dungeon so it is slightly longer than Tiny Woods, but still won’t take you hours to pass through unless you do it on purpose. Like Tiny Woods, and the other dungeons you will enter there are dangers to watch out for but you should level at least once or twice.

Requirements for Thunderwave Cave

Again with the probably not useful Capsule but there are at least requirements for this one.

There are no requirements for Thunderwave Cave besides saving Caterpie, which is a pretty impossible dungeon to fail unless you get some bad luck.

Which Pokemon Are In Thunderwave Cave?

In the 5 floors of Thunderwave Cave there are many pokemon to watch out for. No Electric types on the first few floors but don’t worry, they will soon try to defeat you and probably will as they defeated me. There are pokemon exclusive to only Blue version and only Red Version so don’t be surprised if you don’t see them.

Rattata: Found on floor 1-3.

Nidoran (F): Found again on floors 1-3.

Poochyena: Found on floors 1-3 and the last of the non electric pokemon.

Voltorb: Found on floors 3-5 and the first taste of electric pokemon (unless you don’t see any).

Elekid: Found on floors 4 and 5, and the pokemon who defeated me so watch it.

Plusle: Floors 4 and 5 but only on Red Version.

Minun: Only found on Blue version and on floors 4 and 5.

Dangers in Thunderwave Cave

You have read this far, so you have probably read my little cautions on who to look out for. There are more specific dangers to look out for though, ones that even took me down.

Elekid: Elekid knows and uses Leer quite often, lowering your defense and making you a target for the other pokemon unless you find a wonder tile fast. Elekid was who defeated me, almost fainting me and my partner twice before another one got us.

Poochyena: The Danger with Poochyena is other pokemon coming up from behind while you try defeating him/her. The more pokemon attacking you, the higher likelyhood you will be defeated.

Plusle: Not a problem for Blue version, but Plusle knows Thunderwave, paralyzing you and making you unable to attack until it wears off. You have low HP so it won’t take long for Plusle to at least get you in the low HP before you are unparalyzed if not defeated. (Might be Minun too, but I am not certain.)