Pokemon Mystery Dungeon Help: The Pokemon Square (Gulpin Link Shop, Storage, and More!)

Pokemon Mystery Dungeon Help: The Pokemon Square (Gulpin Link Shop, Storage, and More!)
Tiny Woods Walkthrough
Pokemon Mystery Dungeon Blue Version is a pretty fun game and takes a new approach to the pokemon series. This specific guide is for Tiny Woods Dungeon but I will write one on the other dungeons as I do them, and side ideas about the game.

Kecleon Shop and Wares

This is where you do all the item buying and selling, including TMs. Useful for when you have items you don’t really want or you need to buy something but don’t want to look in Dungeons, or it isn’t found in dungeons. They are brothers and eventually you can find their shops in Dungeons as well so look for them but be careful not to steal.

Left (Green): The guy on the left is Kecleon Shop, selling regular dungeon items. Healing items, food items, things you throw, and items you give to a partner to hold are all located here. Up to 8 items at any time so if you see something you like, either take a chance of it being there later or buy it right then.

Right (Purple): Look to your right and you will see a much cooler Kecleon, this one is Kecleon Wares. This stand sells orbs and TMs, the more rare items you may not be able to find in Dungeons as commonly as the other shop’s items. He has only up to 4 items in stock at a time so if you see something you like and an afford it BUY IT!

Felicity Bank

If you understand the word bank, you should know what to do at this store. If not, it is for saving money so you don’t lose it during Dungeon loses. I like to put all my money in here every single day unless I am highly confident I will make it through the mission I have that day.

Eventually a friend store opens up next door so you should save your money and buy those to add pokemon to your rescue team. If you just want to save your money for other things that’s cool too, but please save it. You don’t want 100,000 money to just disappear after you get defeated in a Dungeon and lose it all.

Gulpin Link Shop

The Gulpin Link Shop has a little Gulpin who will, well, link moves for you or your team members. Linking moves is when you use more than one move in a sort of chain. Like say tackle and growl are linked together, just by selecting tackle you will use both tackle and growl. Pretty useful as you learn more moves and want to deal heavy damage against foes.

Although you can link moves with link boxes, they don’t come around very often so if you need a link or delink now try this shop. It only costs 150 to link or delink moves and you should start getting more than that per Dungeon after you get through the first few.

Other than Linking moves Gulpin can also teach moves you have forgotten when you learned a new move. Only moves learned by leveling up are able to be remembered, so don’t think you can forget a TM move and just learn it again later cause you can’t.

Kangaskhan Storage

Kangaskhan Storage is a storage facility for items you pick up in Dungeons, or receive as rewards for completing jobs. If you want to keep an item and don’t want to use one of your 20 precious tool box slots, put it in here. Nobody will try to get past a mother Kangaskhan to steal your items so they are sure to be safe.

You can also take items as you need them so if you need an extra apple or oran berry for a dungeon you can get it from Kangaskhan Storage before you go for another try, or the first. Pretty simple idea with pretty simple rules. Store as you need to, take back as you need to, nothing will get stolen.