Sharpshooter Reports Reviews – The Vital Tool For Windows 8 Developers

Sharpshooter Reports Reviews - The Vital Tool For Windows 8 Developers

When it comes to advancements in information technology, imaginations are simply becoming the reality. There are a lot of modern tools that are specifically designed to help the developers as well. In the past, the job of developers used to be too complicated and time consuming, but now their life has become a lot easier.
If you are planning to develop Windows 8 apps, then there is a software product that is quite important for you. Generally, when you use software to develop the applications, you will need to have the latest versions. It involves big investments because the new software versions are quite expensive. To ease your process and help you with minimal investment, Perpetuum Software LLC offers you with a subscription service.
When you go for one year subscription you will get the following package:

Four .NET components namely, SharpShooter OLAP SharpShooter Charts, SharpShooter gauges, and SharpShooter Reports
Regular updates on the product
Periodic upgrades of the product
Bug reporting and fixing
You will get minor and major versions of new products
Newly launched products
You will get complete package of technical support in two different plans, namely the free and Premium

When you buy the SharpShooter collection, you are not only going to get the package of products. All the components are linked with each other, which gives you interconnected development framework. You will get the same kind of design-time and run-time customization facilities. The components come with common data management as well as user interface customization features. The best part of this software is that all the components you are going to get are compatible with each other.
Now let us understand in detail the different .NET components that you are going to get.
SharpShooter gauges – This component is essential for the creation of digital dashboards, KPI’s and other BI applications, which are used for monitoring the real time critical data. With this component you will get 80+ ready to use gauges, and other visual controls. This fully featured designer component allows you to edit as well as to create the controls from the scratch.
SharpShooter Charts – It comes with pure WYSIWYG framework is the charting framework. With the help of this sophisticated data wrapping component, you will be able to design charts without writing any sort of codes. The component is packed with complete range of 2D charts.
SharpShooter OLAP – best part of this component is that you will be able to represent all the data in OLAP formats. Apart from this, you can even develop and evaluate the data.
SharpShooter Reports – This component has native support of .NET, and it enables you to build completely featured reports. You can integrate the generated formats into Windows format or even web formats. The component is capable of creating bound and unbound reports with infinite master-detail connections.
All the components have been written in C# and contain only the managed codes. All the individual components are compatible with each of the other components.

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