Switching to linux : important points to consider

Switching to linux : important points to consider

window to linux

important points before switching to linux

One of the reason windows is considered as a synonym of the Desktops among non-geeks is its simplicity, everything can be learnt in a jiffy .For most of them nothing even exist except windows but one big problem that frustrate people is its virus catching ability,which causes a great deal of headache to its users in form of system format and squandering money in buying antiviruses(since licencing of windows and closed source are not even a point about which non-geeks ever bothered), and this is how people start looking for other options rather than windows and sometimes boys in engineering try out linux just out of curiousity(I am not sure about girls 😀 ).so here are the points which must be taken in to consideration before switching to linux or you will endup abusing linux and taking step back to windows.

First if you are a gamer Kind of person then never ever fully switch to linux because gaming in linux sucks(for real believe me.).windowsis heaven for you guys.Games are there in linux as well but not as good as in windows.
Try UBUNTU or LINUX MINT first rather than any other flavor of linux because UBUNTU and MINT are simplest and most advanced linux available right now. Ubuntu can even be installed in windows as an application and then try it. it is simplest method to try linux or using the live option while booting from linux dvd.Don’t ever try to start with Arch linux or Redhat etc (if you are not learning linux from some sources or institutions). otherwise you will end up hating linux.
Check out your wireless card (network interface card if it supports linux or not) because without it linux would become a bigtime mistake.to know about wireless card, run this command on linux terminal(boot using live cd or wubi).just press “ALT+F2” and type in “gnome-terminal” or “konsole” and press ENTER “lspci | grep -i wireless”.if you are lucky as me to have broadcom wireless then here is the guide if not then google regarding your nic card.there are hosts of websites which will surely let you know whether your card supports linux or not.if it doesn’t supports don’t panic buy netgear wg111 v3 which is cheaply available and supports linux. there are other options as well but this was the cheapest one for me.
if you use android phone then you are lucky buddy,no problem no drivers needed to connect android to linux and using tethering internet connection can be established in easy way but if you use some kind of usb modem(e.g. micromax ) then be careful because drivers are not so eaisly available for all of them.(for this point you have to be little bit technical to apply) check out the links below. you will get the help. micromax 3g usb, micromax 353 g wireless modem, BSNL Micromax mmx 300G USB MODEM .
if you do some work with printer then before switching to linux watch out if your printer is supported by linux.visit these 2 pages carefully-: check support for your printer, how to setup a printer in ubuntu.
last but not the least, atleast have some patience to read one or two books about linux,here is the list of books which are fairly simple to read,not reading them won’t harm you in anyway, but reading them can make your interaction with linux more joyful and pleasant.one can read any of them.

The Official Ubuntu Book (6th Edition)

Ubuntu for Non-Geeks: A Pain-Free, Get-Things-Done Guide

officials ubuntu documentations or refer to this blog.

if all the above described things are in your favour then you are ready to switch to linux and beware linux community never believes in spoon feeding so one must always be willing to learn.all your desktop needs will be satisfied by the desktop version of linux and plus you get a solid ,stable, non virus catching, free of cost, operating system.but do consider donating some money to these organizations as they are working for mankind and ofcourse it helps save your lots of money in form of no licencing ,no antivirus,free softwares,no untimely formatting, protection of data so why not donate a little part of it to linux communities.do let me know what you think about this article in comments.