The Best Airsoft Tactical Gear

The Best Airsoft Tactical Gear
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“Airsoft is a multifaceted sport.”

Airsoft players can engage in matches almost identical to live military combat. Players use weapons that are designed to emulate legitimate military guns. They stage skirmishes in areas that provide real combat conditions and games are played with high-realism.

Airsoft is a multifaceted sport. Players can gain physical strength and endurance, learn military-style tactical maneuvers, release aggression and perhaps above all else, have fun without causing major physical harm to other players.

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In order to avoid physical harm it is essential that players have the best gear. Airsoft tactical gear is used to enhance game-play, allow more aggressive tactics and increases participant safety. Before getting ramped-up about the weapons and the aggressive side of the sport, players should always consider safety a top priority.

Airsoft pellets are not metallic, but they can deliver some serious welts, especially to those without adequate protection.
At close range, these pellets can travel up to 400 feet per second.

The first and foremost area of protection should be the eyes. Any old eye-wear will not suffice. Since the risk of permanent eye damage is very real, it is critical that players have specialized impact-related goggles, such as ANZI goggles.

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Face Protection

If airsoft players did not wear adequate protection, they would certainly sustain broken teeth, fractured noses and facial lacerations. For this reason, a complete facial mask is necessary to participate in airsoft matches.

Players should invest in the highest quality masks. Low quality masks can obscure vision and effectively disrupt aim.

Without proper comfort and support, they player is inhibited to freely move and accurately shoot. Cheap masks can also form condensation which can increase humidity and hamper breathing conditions as well as obscure vision.

There is an abundance of high quality airsoft tactical gear for sale on the web and at retail outlets. Full face masks are made with either mesh or non-mesh structures. This comes down to a matter or preference.

Regardless of which style a player uses, a superior mask that protects all facial features is vital for safe game-play.

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Body Protection

Body protection is crucial as well. Full body armor can prevent players from sustaining major injuries. There are many factors to consider when shopping for body armor.

First, a player must decide whether they need a load bearing or non-load bearing vest. This depends on how much gear they are going to be carrying in matches
Next, the player should choose between armor that is best suited for close-quarters combat or long range skirmishes. Mid-threat armor is possibly best suited for close range attacks.
Speed is important too. There are lightweight high-speed vests and armor-suits available for players willing to sustain more risk. Heavier suits such as the swat-style or Kevlar armor suits provide superior protection but cost the player a great deal of speed.

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Safety always comes first, but what really hypes up the airsoft fans is the array of firepower and military-style weapon systems.

Although most airsoft guns in the United States have orange nozzles to identify them, some are sold without orange tips and virtually all are modeled after real combat weapons.

There are two types of airsoft guns:

Gas powered

There are some companies that go as far as making total emulations of real grenade launchers. These gas-powered weapons fire a cluster-spray of pellets.

Everything from simulated pistols to assault weapons can be found in the airsoft gear market. There are gas-powered handguns with magazines that can hold up to 50 rounds.

There is an exciting selection of weapons for airsoft. There are rifles modeled almost exactly after the AK-47, the JP 905A sniper rifle and the special-ops SM6.

Almost all of the most popular military weapons can be found in the airsoft gear market. Beyond weapons, there is a wealth of other gear that can enhance game-play.

Compasses, canteens, gear-packs and other accessories all elevate the capacity of the player.
Tactical headsets can keep players in communication during live combat operations.
Slings, rifle bags, binoculars and the entire gamut of military combat gear can be purchased and used in airsoft matches.

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