The Best IPhone Cases

The Best IPhone Cases

Where To Find Iphone Cases Under $10

Iphone cases for under $10? Is that possible? Yes. If you have ever had to replace your phone because it got damaged, you know how expensive it is. My phone was run over by a car, so I know. Not to say one of these cases could protect my phone from that, but if you have a tendency to drop you phone like my brother than a protective cell phone case may be a good idea for you. A rubber case may even be better.

There are a ton of cases out there and just as many designs. Even better, there are a great number of them that are affordable. I mean, under ten dollars affordable.

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Colorful Strip Snap on Case for iPhone 4/4s
Amazon Price: $9.99

Here is a Hello Kitty inspired rubber case cover protects your phone from dust, scratches and bumps you know your phone can get. This case also allows your phone to function fully because it has openings for all buttons, ports, jacks, and speakers. You can be fashionable and your phone can be functional and safe.

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This colorful strip inspired iPhone designed cover is perfect for someone who is fun at heart. The pink, yellow and green color scheme keeps things fresh and fun. The case also allows your phone to function fully with openings for the things you use on your phone. Plus the cover is rubber so the protection is awesome.


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Hand Made Lace and Pearl Green Hard Case Cover for iPhone 4 4G 4S
Amazon Price: $0.01
List Price: $19.99

I recommend checking out Targets list of Iphone cases for some great deals and some great designs. But really, whatever design you choose, the most important thing you do is choose. Getting protective case for your cell phone should be non negotiable. Even if they are closer to $20 like the bonus Iphone case option above.

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