The New iPhone – Is the iPhone 5 finally on its way?

The New iPhone - Is the iPhone 5 finally on its way?
What the new iPhone is rumoured to look like.

The rumours once again abound about the iPhone5, or perhaps the i5 as some rumour mongers would have us believe. We know that it is coming, people have stopped buying the iPhone 4S in hot anticipation of the new iPhone. The biggest piece of news to come out so far is that it will have a different connector making your Apple speakers, alarm clocks and bicycles all fitted with an Apple docking station will become obsolete. Whether that is actually true or a way in which to churn the rumour mill will not be known until the launch of the next generation of iPhones.

This means that the iPhone 5, which well will call it in this article does need to pull something very special out of the bag with the iPhone 5 for people to upgrade from the iPhone 4S, the former pulling Siri out of the bag. It is also hoped that those who did not find Siri enough to upgrade will find something in the design and specification of the iPhone 5 to make the next Apple leap rather than the HTC or Samsung leap.

It is my humble opinion that the iPhone will be launched in November 2012, may be late October 2012, with a shortage of stock leading to a magically appearing abundance of stock just in time for Christmas. Though many other pundits have gone for October 2012 so if you are awaiting the arrival of the iPhone 5, best to get ready now. The next instalment of the operating system for the iPhone iOS6 was launched in June 2012 and does have some pretty big improvements on iOS5, including improved maps which now not only talk to you but you can talk to them – and they understand. This only works with Siri and Siri only works with the iPhone 4S so for those who want to move forward, the iPhone 5 is the only way.

One thing the iPhone 5 needs to deliver to keep its market is something which is much better than the Samsung Galaxy S3 given the legal wrangling about the design and functionality of this really very good smart phone.

It does look like the iPhone 5 will have a complete overhaul of design and casing, unlike the iPhone 4S and there are rumours that it is going to be not only better but bigger. The casing of the iPhone 5 is going to lose the aluminosilicate glass. This glass is apparently what high speed trains are made from and is apparently really hard to break, except I have managed to break mine twice. In place of the breakable, unbreakable glass will be a brushed aluminium case, reminiscent of the case on the first incarnation of the iPhone. The speakers are also destined to be bigger and as a result may not become the fluff and lint collectors which they seem to be on previous versions of the iPhone.

Whilst the iPhone was once one of the fastest smart phones on the market, it is now lagging behind many of its competitors, even when we take in to consideration the upgrades brought with the iPhone 4S. The next iPhone is muted to contain a quad-core processor for the first time which should make it as fast as its rivals.

Finally, what would phone improvement be without 4G (or its equivalent once the kerfuffle about bandwidths in the UK has died down)?

The iPhone 5, or iP5 or simply the new ‘iPhone’ is destined to be bigger and faster, but is it destined to be better. It may be better than its predecessors but that does not make it any better than its rivals who are picking up their fair share of the market thick and fast.