The simple changes needed to cure Cancer.

The simple changes needed to cure Cancer.

There is a way to become cancer free.

There is a reason why there is so much cancer now days. Cancer does not occur without a cause. It isn’t an invader from outer space or the result of some mysterious process that science can’t fathom. It is the consequence of human behaviour or the way we live. If you’ve got cancer it’s not because of bad luck, it’s because of bad management and ignorance. Cancer is a man made disease.

There is a way to cure cancer because the human body is continuing trying to heal itself and all you have to do is provide the right conditions. The correct conditions are living as Mother Nature has intended us to live by eating the food that’s been designed for human beings and that is freshly grown food that no one has processed or interfered with. Also maintain exercise everyday and be wary of the toxic chemicals we use as these are known contributors to cancer.

A healthy body can overcome cancer, just as it can ward off cancer. Anybody who disagrees with this statement doesn’t fully understand what a healthy body is. Others will argue that healthy people get cancer but someone who makes that statement also doesn’t fully understand.

Faulty nutrition is singularly the most important causative factor in the development of cancer so doesn’t it make plain common sense the first change you make is to correct the food you eat? There are many foods that fight cancer and there are also many foods that cause cancer. Identifying them is the key to solving the problem. Our cancer fighting foods are all the freshly grown fruit and vegetables where as the ones that cause cancer are the foods that have been processed or foods that contain a high proportion of either fat, salt or refined sugar. A strict diet of the food that we humans have been designed to eat have an amazing ability to heal many diseases including cancer.

A healthy diet of our natural food is designed to improve nutrition rather than treat diseases. With improved nutrition the body will then remove the disease and with no side effects. A true cure for cancer will only be achieved when a patient stimulates their own bodies defence system which is the immune system.

Alan Wighton is an independent health researcher, having spent many years specialising in cancer. For information on the changes needed to cure cancer which is a common sense approach, something that very few people are applying; please visit

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