Tips on Removing Acne Scars

Tips on Removing Acne Scars

At some point in your life, it is likely that you suffered – or will suffer – from acne. Picking or squeezing are among the worst things that you can do. These leave acne scars; a constant and ugly reminder of the pimples. It is possible to remove acne scars with these simple techniques.

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Lotions and Creams for Acne Scar Removal

There are many lotions and creams available over the counter to help remove the scars. One option that I use for all my scars, especially stretch marks, is cocoa butter to add moisture back into my skin. I’ve used bio oil in the past, which is also extremely useful. Bio oil leaves no residue on the skin and doesn’t leave or make it oily. However, one thing that I did find was that it dried the skin out with overuse.

Not all lotions and creams work for everyone. It takes trial and error to find something within your budget and works for your skin type. These options are cheaper than many others out there for removing acne scars and offer fewer risks.

Removing Scars Naturally

To save your money, it is possible to create natural lotions and creams to help. Most of the products you need will already be in your home. Here are just some ideas to try.

Tomato juice: This has acidic properties that will change the scar tissue’s colour to help the scar tissue blend with the skin.

Cucumbers: Place cucumbers over the scars. They are full of water, which soaks into the skin and adds moisture. This helps the skin become more elastic and can help with removing the scars.

Egg whites: The protein and amino acids found in egg whites help with the repair and rejuvenation of skin cells. The ingredient will also help with lightening the scars’ pigmentation to help them blend in.

Lemon juice: This works similarly to tomato juice. Another trick is to turn half a lemon into a natural exfoliate with some sugar. It will rejuvenate the skin cells and remove the dead ones to make your skin look better.

It is worth noting that like creams or lotions that you buy over the counter, natural methods are not guaranteed to work. It is also worth noting that some of these options may cause reactions, especially if you have sensitive skin, due to the acidic properties.

Acne Scar Removal with Invasive Options

The most permanent form of scar removal is through invasive treatment. There are two options that will help but these have more risks associated with the natural and lotion methods.

Laser treatment uses lasers to increase the amount of collagen created in the body. Extra collagen will change the way the skin looks and helps to remove the scars. However, there is the risk of burning; many people find it is like sunburn. The process can also be painful. Those with fair skin are most at risk of the side effects.

Plastic surgery is the second option to take skin from other places to cover the scars. While this is permanent, the recovery time is much longer and it is the most expensive option. There are more risks of complications and infections and you need to find a qualified and experienced plastic surgeon.

Using the natural methods or the creams and lotions is your best option for removing acne scars at first. It is worth trying them as they are more affordable and have fewer risks. If they don’t work, then start looking into the permanent options but you will have to save up for them.