Tribute to Las Vegas Cheap Shows – A Good Fake is GREAT to Find!

Tribute to Las Vegas Cheap Shows – A Good Fake is GREAT to Find!

Tributes: Great Las Vegas Cheap Shows!

Las Vegas Cheap Shows and Tributes Rock!
Source: Photo by Soren Gammelmark, Wikimedia Commons

7 Great Vegas Tribute Shows

Tired of missing out on concerts
because of the cost of tickets? Las Vegas cheap shows, particularly
tribute shows – just might be the answer for some. Even if you’ve
missed out on The Beatles or the Rat Pack because you’re too young –
we can still help you. Cause we’ve got the run-down on some really
great fakes – entertainers who can really pull off the voice and
the vibe of some of our most famous vocalists – with just a little
help from the right costumers and makeup artists.

So, want to know where the best
tributes are playing? We’ve got 7 must-see current shows in Las Vegas
right here:

American Super Stars

Michael Jackson never did make it to
Vegas and Britney Spears seems to have gotten lost along the way. But
this show offers the next best thing: Highly professional and
somewhat talented look-a-likes. Not surprisingly there’s an Elvis
impersonator along with look and sound-alike country stars Tim McGraw
and Carrie Underwood. Live music and gyrating dancers add to the
illusion and make it Oh-SOOOO-Vegas! What’s even better? This show
has now gone Gaga! You won’t walk away with the taste of Bad
Romance here, just good American fun.

Location: Stratosphere

B – BeatleShow Tribute!

Are they British? Is that their real
hair? When did Paul become right handed? Who cares! These four guys
sound remarkably like the mop top Fab Four. All the hits–and then
some when we’re talking about best current shows in Las Vegas.

Location: Miracle Mile Shops

Barbra & Frank – The
Concert That Never Was

Anything is possible in Sin City, so
why not take a dead icon like Sinatra and pair him with living legend
Streisand and put them in a show staged at a well traveled casino for
one of the best Las Vegas cheap shows ever? This production
(featuring Sharon Owens and Sebastian Anzaldo) is probably the
closest anyone will ever come to seeing this duo take the stage in

Location: The Riviera

Hitzville The Show

What’s that you say? You ain’t too
proud to beg for your Las Vegas
cheap shows tickets? You often wonder where did our love
go? You’ve traveled on a mid-night train to Georgia (or at
least wanted to)? Motown is a crucial element of American pop music.
A trio of women and a quartet of men help re-create some of the most
memorable hits from Tina Turner, The Temptations, Gladys Knight, The
Supremes, The Four Tops and more.

Location: Miracle Mile Shops

Legends in Concert

Missed out on The Blues Brothers?
Couldn’t afford to see Elton John or Madonna in her cone bra? Then
Legends in Concert is the show for you! Now in its 25th year, LIC’s
(as the insiders call it) line-up is always changing but current
shows in Las Vegas have included Elvis Presley, Janet Jackson, Jay
Leno, Marilyn Monroe, Shania Twain, Garth Brooks, Cher, Elton John,
Michael Jackson, Madonna, Dusty Springfield, Dolly Parton and the
Blues Brothers.

Location: Harrah’s

Purple Reign

There can only be one “King” and
there can only be one “Prince” too. But when it comes to the
royal blood of musicality, Let’s Go Crazy here and do a Prince
tribute show in Vegas. Why not? Maybe you’ll even get to meet a girl
named Nikki and have a funky time!

Location: Hooters Casino
Hackett ’s Rat Pack Show

Is there anything that screams “Las
Vegaaaaas!!!” louder than the frolicking four-some of Frank
Sinatra, Sammy Davis Jr., Dean Martin and Joey Bishop? Sandy Hackett
(Buddy’s son), presents this tribute show to the heyday of those
ultra cool years. But as for The Pack, the show opens with some
nostalgic photos of the old Ratters first, and then…the real
entertainment begins!

Location: Riviera
Tribute shows
not your thing? Well, you can still have a great time seeing Las
Vegas cheap shows at discounted prices…just find a Tix4Tonight
store on or near the strip and you’ll be able to find an evening’s
worth of entertainment at up to 50 percent off box office prices.

And you won’t be limited to music
tributes – you’ll find all genres of current
shows in Las Vegas, from magic acts to comedy headliners, real
A-list singers and more.

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K9keystrokes 2 years ago from Northern, California Level 3 Commenter

What wonderful information, and very fun cost saving tips! Thanks for sharing.


yenajeon 2 years ago from California

Great info! Thanks for the list! Rated up!

2 years ago

I love finding out more about what there is to do in Vegas. There are so many cool shows to see.

Caterina Christakos 2 years ago

Yes, some of these impersonators are absolutely phenomenal.

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