Troubleshooting Your Desktop Computers Power Supply

Troubleshooting Your Desktop Computers Power Supply

This article will talk about desktop computer power supply problems and symptoms, & how you can diagnose the issue.

I will first talk about the symptoms of a failing desktop computer power supply, if you are experiencing any of the symptoms I am about to list below then you may have a failing desktop computer power supply.

One symptom you may experience for me failing computer power supply is at the computer will stop or hang for no reason sometimes it may even reboot itself multiple times while performing basic user tasks such as writing word documents.
During booting the desktop computer might hang or try to boot its self several tries before starting successfully.
During booting, beep and post error codes may occur, they may come and go occasionally.
Another failing symptom of a desktop computer power supply is that data may be written to the hard drive incorrectly.
Your desktop computers keyboard may malfunction and keys may stop working at a random times.
When a fan on a desktop computer power supply is not working or if a computer power supply feels hot, then this maybe another symptom of a failing power supply.

Tip: Measure the voltage output of the power supply to see if the voltage looks out of balance. If you swap your failing computer power supply for a power supply that you know works good, see if the symptoms you’re experiencing disappear.

I would also recommend that you install an electrical conditioner to monitor and condition the voltage that is going to your desktop computer.


Make Sure Its Your Power Supply And Not The MOTHERBOARD or anything else!

The best way to find out if your power supply is broken is to use a power supply tester. Usually there are different testers for different motherboards, but you should use this multi power supply tester from amazon for only $13.00. It will save you hundreds of dollars by avoiding IT cost, buying a new power supply, or wasting time. Here is the link

When a fan on your computer power supply stops working there is a high number of symptoms that you will experience.

Usually before a fan on a desktop computers power supply stops working it gives off a humming or a whining sound, if you have experienced this on your power supply then your power supply maybe at risk of failing.

If you replace the power supply for the computer’s power supply fan and you still experience the symptoms, then the problem may not be your power supply but it might have something to do with the motherboard of your computer.

Here is a technique you can use to find out if it is the peripheral devices or internal device is that is causing the problem to make your computer stand not work.

Caution: Always remember that before doing any type of troubleshooting with your computer do not operate the pc without a cooling system. Computers without cooling fans can overheat and damage chips and circuits on the motherboard.Also, always remember to ground yourself with an anti static bracelet to prevent static shock from destroying computer components.

Try This: Firstly you should turn off the power and remove all power cords and connections outside of your desktop computer. This includes your power supply, your keyboard, mouse and all other peripheral devices. Next you will want to disconnect all of the plugs that connect to your computers motherboard including the power supplies maine p1 connector, and all of your computer cords that connect to any hard drives for optical drives.

Next you will want to connect the p1 connector the plugs into your motherboard from the power supply, and also plug in the cord that leads from your wall into your desktop computers power supply. Turn your computer on and if the fan works, If it works then the problem has something to do with one of the peripheral devices or internal device is that you unplugged.

Keep removing the devices and plug them back into your PC until you have narrowed it down to the one that is causing all the problems.

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