Ugly Meter hurtful for childrens

Ugly Meter hurtful for childrens

There are
many critics about the Ugly meter application of the iPhone as it is very easy
to use and handle. But now it is seen that they are affecting bad on the
childrens. As this application scans the face and rated the face according to
it. Rate poinbts will be given from the 1 to 10. As 1 says that “not ugly ” and
10 says that “you are so ugly , when you walk by the bathroom, toilet flushes”.

application had tested on few male and female members but the results shows
that it often varied based on the angle fo the photo or how well your face is
going to be matched with the face recognition software. During the testing the
one of the male staff scored the highest point and the other score some lower
point and according to it iphone is displaying the messages.

As many persons feel that this is very interesting and the silly
application but consider with teenagers or young peple they feel very bad if they
score very low in it. So they feel very bad about their look and appearance;
due to this other friends wiil tease them; and this is very much hurting if all
friends are teasing in school or college.

I think this application is giving the bad effect on the childrens
mind so just remove this application from the iphone or just give access to
only adults by giving the password or anything else.

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