What are the Most Popular Programming Languages in the World?

What are the Most Popular Programming Languages in the World?
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What is really the most popular programming language in the World?

It is hard to determine what really is the overall most popular programming language in the world, as there are many factors that need to consider. For example popular to who? To students? To programmers? To web developers? To software engineers? If we would measure the popularity of a programming language by number of people using it, is it fair? Is it accurate? Students are large in number compare to professionals. So, if we would base our answer according to Google SE alone, then the answer to what is the most popular programming language in the world is just easy to come up with, but the answer might not satisfy us. So, instead of answering it in a singular form, why not make it plural instead?


Each language has its own strength, often than not, the first programming language learned by a person is just a stepping stone for him to learn another programming languages that he sees more profitable in the working world. If that is the case, the trend would be up and down. So, how can we determine the most popular programming languages in the world? Is it by the number of projects made out of it? Is it by the number of people learning it? Is it by the number of people searching for it? Or is it by the number of people who are requesting for it? Instead of pointing it out in one direction, let us look around and divide the matter into Niches. Let us take a look on the most popular programming languages search in Google SE, and the most popular programming languages for Software Engineers, as well as the most popular programming languages to web developers.

Top 12 Most Popular Languages in Google SE

The biggest percentage of people searching online when it comes to programming languages are students. Those programming languages they are searching are probably being taught in schools or universities and they used the web to increase their knowledge and clear the uncertainties. Within in regard to Adword keyword tool, here are the top 12 programming languages that gets exceptional hits per month in Google.

Top Performing Programming Languages in Google

Programming Languages
Global Google hits/month
1. C/C++
2. PHP
3. Java
4. C#
5. VB / Visual Basic
6. Python
7. Ruby
8. Perl
9. Objective C
10. Fortran
11. Cobol
12. Action Script
Based on Google Adwords Keyword Tool

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Top 8 Most Popular Programming Languages to Software Engineers

As an IT student, I am also curious on what programming languages are in demand in Software Companies. I have research on Job postings online and Job opportunities websites like odesk, elance, freelancers, jobstreet and jobstractor. My concern is to answer this; what are the most needed programming languages by the software companies? What programming skills are they often looking for in their incoming employees? Searching for the answers, I have found out that it varies from continent to continent. But usually the following programming languages are always on the list.

1. VB

2. Java

3. C#

4. C

5. C++

6. Objective C

7. PHP

6. Actionscript

7. Python

8. Ruby

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Top 5 Most Popular Backend Programming Languages to Web Developers

In the very not-so-near future, all will be conducted online. That is for sure. So, it is also significant for us to learn on what programming languages are most used by the web developers, or the most popular programming languages they most integrate to web pages and used for backend systems. Indeed, a web Developer’s team is very important to every software company or even for every other company, as having such a team may double or triple their income. I have visited some of the famous outsourcing company websites and job query sites, and I have found out some of the most needed programming skills for web developers and backend programmers. If you are dreaming to be a web master in the future, you must start now to learn the following programming languages:

Note: Big and Popular websites used one or more programming languages for their Backend System.

Popular Languages for Web Developers

Programming Languages
Popular Websites PL Users
1. Java
Google.com, Twitter.com, Facebook.com, LinkedIn.com, Ebay.com, Amazon.com
2. PHP
Wordpress.com, Joomla.com, Yahoo.com, Facebook.com, Google.com, Wikipedia.com
3. Python
Google.com, Facebook.com, Youtube.com, Blogger.com
4. C++
Google.com, Facebook.com, Twitter.com, Amazon.com
5. C
Google.com, Facebook.com, Amazon.com

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Top 7 Popular Programming Languages Used in Today’s Application

There are also popular programming languages that are associated with popular applications supported by many. These languages are both in demand in the market and has a good return value to its software developers.

1. Java – Android Apps, JavaFx Mobile Apps, Desktop Apps, Web Apps

2. Objective C – Apple Apps

3. C++ – windows apps

4. Delphi – Windows Apps

5. Visual Basic – Windows Apps

6. C# – Windows Apps

7. PHP – WordPress and Joomla Application Plug ins, Web Apps

8. Ruby – Web Apps

9. Python – Web Apps

That’s it! Based on the lists, it seems that Java really worth learning! Pick your programming languages and learn it to your heart content. Please let me know about your favorite languages, which are on the list. Happy Programming!

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