What is a Static Method in Java?

What is a Static Method in Java?
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Static Method in Java

Making your method static means that you do not need to instantiate an object in order to access that method of a certain class. It can be directly accessible to the main program by simply calling the class name and the class method.

How to have static method in Java?

To make a static method, just add a ‘static’ word before the data type of the method name. For example:

public static int methodname();

How to call the Static Method in the main Program?

You can call the static method in the main program like this:


It also works if you declare an object for the class to access the method but that is discourage, because in the first place static is considered as a short cut on accessing the method of the class even without the object declaration (though in my other examples here with a static method, I still declared an object for the methods, it’s your turn to make the practice correct, I shall mind this practice in my future codes).

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How to Run Java Code Online

Like always, you can see how to use it, and how it behaves by providing a complete running program for it. For the sample java program on Static method, see the source code and the program algorithm below.

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Program Algorithm:

The program is just simple, we will just show how this static method works. So, we will just output a string inside a method. If you have a program in mind, try using static method and access it directly in your main program.

Java Source Code for Static Method

//main class
package static_method_in_java;
public class Main {
public static void main(String[] args) {
//java class
package static_method_in_java;
public class Static_Method {
public static void sample_static_method()
System.out.println(“This is how Static Method works. Simple isn’t it? :)”);
System.out.println(“Aisha91 at your Service. Bow! LoL, just kidding.”);

Sample Output:

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