What is the Best Programming Language to Learn?

What is the Best Programming Language to Learn?
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List of Best in-demand programming languages to learn especially in Web Developing and Networking, Machine Programming and Desktop Programming

What are the in-demand programming languages nowadays and what will be the in-demand programming languages in the future are questions that always popping on the mind of both the computer-related Students and computer-related professionals. Especially now that Technology is always changing, the trends keep changing too. For those who will embark in the real world of Computer Science and Information Technology and also to those who already are in the busy world of Professionals, protecting the job and security for the future is a must. It must be a pressure for everybody to always keep up on the changing trends unless you love what you are doing or you have a chronic obsession of not letting others left you behind. Nonetheless, choosing this career is our own doing so we like it or not we must keep rolling with the world and dance in the light of technology by keeping ourselves ready and always informed.

What is your field of Interest and specialty?

It is impossible to learn all the best programming languages there is, unless you are a genius with a super high IQ and hardworking too. Anyway, if you think you can, go for it. When we limit what we can do, that is the time we waste our time and wash away our confidence. Knowing our interest and specialties would help us so much on learning these programming languages. Below are the lists of best programming languages to learn especially for computer Students.

Guide to Linux Assembly Language Programming!

Guide to Assembly Language Programming in Linux
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Best Low Level Programming Language for Machine Code Conversion especially for Beginners

What is a machine language? Machine language is the one which is understood by the machines like computer. The programming languages used in machines are the assembly languages or the low level programming languages that is converted to machine codes, or to 0’s and 1’s codes. The first best low level language to learn that is fit for beginners because of its less confusing syntax is the C Language. Aside from that, there are many guides that are available in the web. Even out of school people could learn this because of its vast resources in the web.

Guide for Windows Programming!

Programming Microsoft Windows with C# by Charles Petzold (2002, Paperback)
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Best Programming Languages for Desktop Programming

Desktop programming are the programming languages especially used for desktop applications. Since, there are only 2 most used operating systems in the globe, namely, Windows and Mac OS it is just logical to know the programming languages that are compatible in those operating systems. For Windows Operating System, the best programming language in making a desktop application are the following.

1. C#

2. Delphi

3. C/C++

4. Visual Basic

5. Java

For Mac Operating System, the best programming languages to learn are:

1. Objective – C

2. Java


So, if you want to make an application that is supported by the both OS, then Java, C and C++ would be the best choice to learn for desktop programming.

Learn Objective C for Mac OS Programming!

Learn Objective-C on the Mac : For OS X and iOS by Waqar Malik, Mark…
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Best Programming and Scripting Languages for Networking and Web Developing

Below are the notable best programming and scripting languages for web developing.

1. JavaScript

2. PHP

3. Python

4. Ruby

JavaScript and its packages and libraries might be the best for web developing and designing a website. PHP is a significant programming and scripting language too used by many big websites in web developing especially WordPress and Joomla. Same with Python and Ruby, those two cannot be ignored too in their abilities on making an interactive web pages.

Which Programming Languages you think is the best?

Visual Basic
Objective C
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