What Its Like Being In Love. . . For Those Who Really Dont Know

What It's Like Being In Love. . . For Those Who Really Don't Know

Working Through the Pain

To me, the only way to filter out pain from my heart is to write down what I feel. Sometimes, that means writing an entry in my journal or writing it down in the form of a poem. The poem below is something I wrote back when I felt that my world was ending due to a love that went wrong. To me love was something that only brought me grief and sorrow.

What It’s Like Being In Love. . . For Those Who Really Don’t Know

It’s puffy red eyes,

It’s cracked lips and neglected hair,

It’s a lemon drop on an open wound,

It’s deep loneliness. . .

It’s a damaged heart,

It’s feeling like there’s no air,

It’s being able to sleep but lacking rest,

It’s a cold summer and crappy holidays. . .

It’s having to look at you and think of her,

It’s forgiving you, but not forgetting what you did,

It’s being ignored and not cared for,

It’s being used and misled,

It’s being kissed with open eyes. . .

It’s not noticing the change of season,

It’s barely being able to sustain life,

It’s trying to filter out anger through tears and having dry eyes,

It’s still feeling the butterflies in my stomach from our first kiss and not being able to release them,

It’s being fragile and about to break. . .

It’s talking to you and feeling like I never finished saying what I wanted to say to you,

It’s knowing that you don’t even care,

It’s not being able to concentrate,

It’s constant pain and no cure,

It’s being disappointed with life.

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