What would my choice of treatments be if I was diagnosed with Cancer.

What would my choice of treatments be if I was diagnosed with Cancer.

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When somebody is diagnosed with cancer they have to rely on our health care system for any information to help with their problem. While doctors and health care workers are hard working and caring people they represent a system that keeps us ignorant and illiterate on anything to do with health and especially cancer. Today we spend billions of dollars in treating cancer yet we spend little promoting the consumption of fresh fruit and vegetables, food that medicine well knows are helpful in preventing and reversing cancer.


Naturally if I was diagnosed with cancer today I wouldn’t accept any of our current treatments of surgery, radiation or chemotherapy and that’s because of knowledge. The information I’ve gain has taught me there are other ways to treat cancer that are non toxic, gentle and much more effective. These other ways attack the reasons why the cancer first grew as it’s much more important to address these reasons than simply removing growths. Removing the growths is only a temporary treatment as that doesn’t stop any cancer returning again in the future or spreading to another location.



Our western medicine doesn’t have all the answers to cancer. While they are very good at diagnosing and monitoring the disease their treatments which are money orientated are toxic and damage the all important immune system. There was a time when we didn’t get cancer; it’s a modern day problem. Cancer is a man made disease, it happens for a reason and there are answers to the problem. Cancer is not caused by bad luck; it’s caused by bad management and ignorance.


We all know there are many alternative cancer treatments and they certainly won’t be recommended by your doctors as they are not allowed to. With alternatives there is no magic bullet to cure cancer but there is a lifestyle change which is cheap, it is simple, it’s safe and effective and it revolves around strengthening the immune system. Our bodies have a natural inherent capacity to heal themselves through our immune system but it does need a little help from you.


The difference between orthodox treatments and alternative treatments are; surgery can cause cancer to spread because of the bleeding, where as alternatives assist the body using its natural ability to suppress it spreading. Radiation kills cells indiscriminately where as alternatives only target cancer cells and chemotherapy temporally destroys the immune system and alternatives enhance it.


Our western medicine pays the merest lip service to cancer prevention while diving whole heartily into their 3 treatments of surgery, radiation and chemotherapy. When they do talk about prevention they mainly speak about early detection which is medical interference with mammograms and other x-rays and that is not prevention.


Remember the most efficient healer for the human body is a correctly functioning natural immune system and the more you choose to get involved, the greater a difference you can make to the outcome of your disease.



Alan Wighton has studied all aspects of human health for many years and has specialised in cancer since the early 90s. For further information on a more effective treatment to overcome cancer using the powerful natural healing ability of the human body; please visit www.cancerhealed.com