Where is that Osama Bin Laden guy?

Where is that Osama Bin Laden guy?

Singing, “Don’t know much about algebra, don’t know what a slide rule is for, don’t know how to get out of my house, don’t know why I ate that mouse. Don’t know what a car key is for, don’t know how to open my back door. Don’t know what a snow shovel is for, don’t know why they wouldn’t let me in the lion’s cage at the zoo, but I do know that something, something, what a wonderful place this would be. I don’t claim to be a D student, but, ah, oh I lost my train of thought.

That is how president Bush sings that song. I may or may not have taught him, I’m not going to say.

What the heck is this blog about. You say it’s not a blog but a hub? And you also say that you don’t know what it’s about. That is a problem my friend, but I guess I can just look up there at the title. Why I wear women’s underwear? That’s not the title, that’s just a fact. No wait, I wasn’t supposed to say that. Now I’m simply going to adjust my panties. No wait.

Oh where, oh where has Osama gone? Oh where oh where can he be! He causes all that trouble and then he disappears. We just want to talk to him, and maybe run over him a couple of times. That’s it. A little talk and a little running over.

Hey, we could tell him that if he turns himself in we’ll give him the 25 million. He might not believe it but I would. And if I would then he would, yes that’s the solution.

I have recently received information that Osama is repeatedly moving from the Pakistan border to the Afghanistan border inside a camel’s butt. How utterly stinky; I really don’t know how that camel can stand the stench. I guess he’s only a camel and doesn’t know how to hold his nose.

Anyway, I also heard that Osama is working as part of the security force in an airport somewhere inside the USA. He did the security check on himself I believe.It is simply a fact that I can’t prove. There’s lots of facts that you can’t prove. Is the wind real? Yes. Can you prove it? No. I put some wind in a BAG AND TOOK IT IN THE HOUSE, but when I let it out did it blow around? No. I don’t know why. Are black holes genuine? I do not know, but if I do see one I’m going to put it in a bag.

Well, if he’s in an airport, then what about the camel thing? I simply don’t recall any camel incident.

I ramble a lot you say? I am all over the place you say? Sometimes I am incoherent you say. I don’t make sense. Well, you-know-who didn’t make any sense and he was president.Well, since I don’t know what incoherent means I don’t know to respond to all your alligators. That should be allegations you say? Now see here, who’s writing this. I’m serious, I want to know who’s writing it. Won’t tell me? I’ll find out.

He certainly could be working on president Bush’s staff on his ranch in Texas.

Well, supposedly he’s been killed, but until we see him walking around dead we won’t know for sure. Or would that make him a zombie?