Arousing Bethany by Ellie Jones

Arousing Bethany by Ellie Jones
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Arousing Bethany

book review

Author – Ellie Jones

Title – Arousing Bethany

Stars – 5

Arousing Bethany:

Disenchanted with her meddling mother, and nursing a shattered heart, Bethany Wright is determined to do something about it, and maybe teach her mother a lesson at the same time.

Too late, she realizes the eye-catching guy at her front door was not sent by Mom.

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Arousing Bethany is a short story but an excellent read. This blistering romance from Ellie Jones is undoubtedly a contender to put you in the mood for your very own romantic interlude.

The plot has appealing dialogue, a smattering of humour, excellent descriptions, and of course, the obligatory, stunning hunk. The accounts are breath-taking, and about as steamy as you get.

Arousing Bethany is an interesting story involving the frustrations between a daughter, an interfering mother, and a disasterous marriage. The plot extends beyond physical attraction, and influences the realms of the heart. As with all Ellie Jones books, emotion plays a big part in the story, while humorous quips inject balance, and act as an important foil for all the heavy stuff. All in all, a well-written book, well worth a look.