BETRAYED: an adult love story – by Ellie Jones

BETRAYED: an adult love story - by Ellie Jones

A love story with mystery and suspense

BETRAYED by Ellie Jones – sizzling with steam and suspense, dark with secrets.

BETRAYED is the power struggle between fashion doyennes trying to make it to the top at the expense of the other. Rebuttal and sexual tension become the norm. Can there be room in the relationship for love?

BETRAYED by Ellie Jones – available from Kindle

Hot, hot, love
Source: Ellie Jones – Adult romance

Betrayed – An Adult Love Story

Katrina has a shameful secret , an urgent need for sex that she simply cannot explain, and can only barely control, and it is ruining her life.

BETRAYED opens in Middle England, but develops amongst the sierras of the Costa Blanca.
Katrina’s father owns a dress factory, and Rafael is involved in an agressive takeover bid for it. Katrina is set against it, but her father is in financial straits The incompatibility of uncompromising wills and irrational emotions, amongst the peaceful Sierras, reinforces the mood of BETRAYED.

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Betrayed – mysterious and dark

Katrina finds herself fighting with Rafael on a number of levels; her growing fascination with him, his shameless reputation, his insistence on learning everything about her, her conviction that he may be implicated with fraud, and his unwarranted aversion towards her best friend, Francine.
Rafael tries to dig into her mysterious past, but there are dark secrets that she declines to recognize or explain. The enigma corkscrews as the hesitant relationship with Rafael progresses.

BETRAYED, is a love story filled with erotic sensuality, tension, and dark secrets. The storyline is strong, dialogue impeccable, and characterization, flawless.

All in all, if you enjoy a strong and emotional story with your erotic moments, you’ll find it a book worth reading.



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