Better Sleep With a Latex Foam Mattress

Better Sleep With a Latex Foam Mattress
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Latex provides many great qualities for a mattress. Coming
from the sap of a rubber tree makes it an organic material. A latex foam
mattress is anti bacterial, provides the most sleeping comfort, and is breathable,
making it the ideal mattress for better sleep.

Allergies: A natural latex foam mattress is an effective choice for
those that have allergy problems. Because of its organic qualities, a latex mattress
is anti-bacterial in nature. This means that mold, bacteria, and mildew cannot
thrive within the material, unlike other forms of mattresses.

Comfort: A latex foam mattress provides the most comfort and natural
sleeping position than other forms of mattresses such as a box spring or a memory
foam mattress. A latex foam mattress has a fine balance of being dense and at
the same time elastic. This allows it to mold to the shape of your body. With a
spring box mattress, the standard kind in most households, when a person turns
over they toss and turn. This disrupts sleep. With a latex foam mattress a
person smoothly ‘rolls’ side to side, resulting in less disruption of sleep. A memory
foam mattress is meant to mold to the shape of your body, preventing pressure
points, but it forms a deeper impression of the body. Because the memory foam
mattress holds you in, it makes turning side to side less natural, thus
disrupting sleep.

Long term: Traditional spring mattresses use a
combination of springs, padding, and foam. Over time depressions will form that
can cause extreme lower back pain because the mattress is no longer properly
supporting the spine. It’s virtually impossible to “sleep around”
these mattress depressions. That is why you are recommended to flip the mattress
over, which you would not have to do with a natural latex foam mattress.

Heat trap: Due to its organic properties, a latex foam mattress is
usually cooler to sleep in. Whereas memory foam retains heat, which means if you
are a warm sleeper you’ll overheat while sleeping. Memory foam also takes some
getting used to.

If you want to get better sleep, a latex foam mattress is
the best way to go. It is an investment, costing more than a tradition box spring
mattress, but the short and long term benefits of having a good quality
mattress will outweigh the initial cost. Whether sleep is eluding you because
of allergies, comfort, or heat reasons, a latex mattress provides the best
solution in solving the problems.

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