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Earn An Income Online With Fanbox

Earn An Income Online With Fanbox
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Fanbox is a social network that you can earn from, but also a place where you go to promote knowledge..

When you “promote knowledge”, you are telling other people about something that they may or may not of known about..Every person is good at certain things, but lack in others…So you fill that space..

You earn by teaching, learning and helping other member’s..

There is no other site online like FanBox, and if everyone knew about it, then everyone would be on it..

The top earner’s make $5,000 and up each month..The highest ranking member Arlene earns about $9,000 a month..And average member’s like myself earn the same as a person working a full time job about $2,500..

It sounds too good to be true right? Wrong, Fanbox is a real site you make money from..I work 2 hours a day, and thanks to boosting, I didnt miss out on earnings while I was sick..

Just check it out

One of them is blogging. Just create good posts that people will enjoy reading.Another is launching ads. Create ads for your blogs or other peoples’ blogs and share in the profit.You can also earn by boosting. When you boost you are helping fund ads that currently don’t have an ad budget.You can earn from selling. Just list a product, service or premium blog to sell.You can earn from being a teacher. Just invite your friends to FanBox and when they sign up and earn, you earn.Also you can earn IPL Credits by categorizing and rating blogs. The IPL credits you accumulate can help increase your IPL limit, so you can earn more from ads or boosting.By completing these knowledge roles, you can become a success coach and earn by teaching others how to succeed on FanBoxThese are the different ways to earn on FanBox.


You no longer have to purchase products from Fanbox member’s within 7 days of when your IPL fee’s are due. You will become a power user as soon as purchase a product from another member. So yay for not having time limits.

Join Today,and see earnings by tomorrow night

Fanbox pays you to blog

Fanbox provides you with Premium Blog’s to create your posts in. And all posts that are published have potential to earn you a good sum of money without even promoting on the outside of Fanbox..

But if you are or decide to become a frequent blogger or writer,Fanbox is the perfect place..You earn when your posts are viewed, you earn when you link your posts to other member’s post’s etc…

Fanbox is all about promoting knowledge, so try to keep your posts informative and creative..

Another great thing is that you can copy content like from here on hubpages, and post it to fanbox..And also you can import other blogs like from wordpress,blogger and typepad..

If you want to earn from blogging, fanbox is where you need to start to make that dream a reality…


“Boosting” is funding other member’s ad’s, it also means that when there ad’s get clicks, you get paid.

Being Boosted is when you get your ad’s funded.



-You boost $100, you boost the 3 top earner’s and 6 most popular tags… You will most likely end up with $9 in boosting earnings.

But if you boost the top 5 earners and 12 most popular tags, you will most likely end up with $18 boost earnings for the day.

It is best for you to boost the top 10 highest earners and top 10 popular tags. The more members and tags you boost, the more money you are bound to earn. Because its based on ad’s getting clicks.

Catagorizing And Rating Posts

When you categorize and rate posts on Fanbox, you are helping to make sure the tags and keywords take posts to the right place.

Basically, you are given a post to Cat/Rate. You read through it,then at the bottom there is a list of tag’s that are used for that post. With each tag you rate it 1-10 on how you would refer it to someone else with THAT tag. And you can also put the search term in the box, it will give you alot more points then using tags already on there.

Rating a tag as a 1 means you wouldn’t refer it to someone as that tag. 10 is a very specific tag,like if the tag was the post title.

When Cat/rating posts, you should try to think of every search term that is related to that post.Try to think of how other’s would “word” something. Not every person thinks alike, you need to help push that term into view to help EVERYONE on Fanbox.


When you refer people to fanbox, they become your students, and you can send them messages from time to time checking up on them.Success coaches are the one’s that need to be in their life on a regular basis.

Anyways, teaching/referring offer’s some good benefits.

*You will receive 10% of what your student makes the first 6 months.

*6% from the 7 month to the one year mark.

* And 1.5% from then on.

You would promote it like any other money making site online. You just need to tell people what its about,how they will benefit them in the long run and how to start making money..

Creating Ad’s

When you create ad’s on fanbox, you can either create them for YOUR blog posts, or OTHER MEMBER’S blog posts. Either way you will be making money. I like to create ad’s for post’s that are top quality and are written by some of the highest earners on fanbox.

Best tips for creating ad’s:

Make sure title,picture,tags and description for the ad, match up to the blog post you are making it for.Otherwise it will get rejected.

Create ad’s from the highest earning fanbox member’s.

Before submitting your ad, ask yourself if it is something that you would click. Is it clickworthy? if not, try again.

If you get a notification that someone has just “boosted” you, then you should try to create an ad ASAP.Since they are funding you and other member’s ad’s, you gotta catch it before it’s gone.Everyone loves free!

You can create ad’s for your site’s outside of fanbox,its a great way to maximize your overall earnings between all that your doing to earn online

Sell Products and Services

You can sell products and services on fanbox to make even more money. Alot of the products/services that are usually posted on there are geared towards internet and network marketing.

So something like:

Social bookmarking services
article writing
photo editing
Training manuals

A Good Game Plan

Categorize and rate posts-try to shoot for 1000pts a day,it should only take you 30 minutes or so.
Create ad’s- in my experience, ive had better results searching through the best blog posts, and creating ad’s from those.Shoot for an ad a day.
Blogging- take an hour out of your day to write a blog post or two for fanbox.If possible, link a popular blog post to your’s to increase the money you will earn from the post.
Boost- you can boost every few days, even once a week, it depends on the amount available to boost. But you will earn more with boosting then the other’s.
Selling Products/Services- if you have a good ebook that you can sell, fanbox is a great place to sell it.Try shooting for 1-2 times a month is possible.
Teach- you become a teacher after you have referred someone to fanbox, so its pretty much a full time gig, you just need to try and keep them motivated..

IPL (I’ll Pay Later)

The IPL idea is an amazing concept. With IPL, Fanbox gives you $250 to start with. The best thing to do is boost that amount. If you don’t boost, you’ll have to pay the IPL fee’s plus pay the amount back.

You can become a power user if you purchase a product through the marketplace from another member.

Power user’s get their earnings increased.

*Sorry, I tried to explain it the best without confusing you*

Multiply Your Earnings

You can multiply your earnings on fanbox by:

Cross-posting your blog post on other sites like sidetick or buckisa.
Sharing your referral link with other social networking sites
Submitting ad’s to safelists about fanbox
Shoot for 10 students at first, and get them motivated to earn some money
If you like someones product they have for sale,Like as in clicking “like this product” you will earn a commission amount for your efforts

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Google Disavow Tool: Is it Truly the Solution for Penalties Removal?

Google Disavow Tool: Is it Truly the Solution for Penalties Removal?

Start of Google Panda Update

In 2011, Google search engine results page (SERP) was shaken by the first Panda update. It was called “the farmer” because it scraped out websites affiliated with content farming and low quality contents. Series of Panda updates required webmasters to overhaul website contents and focus on creating user-based information that can be useful to every reader.

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Source: Search Engine Land
See all 16 photos
Source: Search Engine Land

Next, The Penguin Update

In the following year, 2012, another algorithm, the Penguin, strike hard and spread rumors that SEO might be dead because of “the Scraper’s” impact on organic searches. Proven them wrong, SEO stands still while Google generated organic results that are more user-friendly and valuable. While Panda get to low quality contents, Penguin handcuffed websites with low quality and unnatural links.

Here comes the Manual Penalty

Google realized the massive generation of unnatural links. These links are designed to manipulate the ranking system, because the algorithm is deceived giving more votes to websites that have links. These unnatural links do not hold value for a user, and Google works hard to eliminate it in the World Wide Web. To do so, Penguin algorithm is rolled out. Penguin algorithmically penalized websites with unnatural links by kicking them out of SERP. However, Google supported this campaign by employing human penalty he quoted as “manual action”.

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Source: Sample Unnatural Link Warning Message From Google

Negative SEO, is an unethical technique maybe employed by your competitors, to create harm to your website. Logically, you won’t be having access to log in information of these links, thus you can’t manually remove it.

Manual action will give same results if you were given algorithmic penalties. The difference is that you will receive a notice from Google. It will allow you to perform corrective measures such as no-following or removing the links that are considered unnatural. Then, you will be given a chance to apply for a reconsideration request to lift the penalty.If you have track all your links, it’s a little bit easier to remove it however, as Negative SEO, came to exist, it becomes pretty hard to distinguish which links can be removed or not.

Google On Negative SEO

In line with this, if you got thousands of links on your backlink profile, it is not efficient to open all of it and then remove. Therefore, Google made wave to providing the Google Disavow Tool.

Disavowing links is a process wherein the Webmasters notify search engines the external links that they don’t want to be counted by Google. It works best in disavowing low quality article directories, spam links, site wide links, link networks, paid posts, and other unnatural links.

Is Google Disavow Tool the Answer to Unnatural Links Removal?

Before Google Disavow Tool, Here Comes the Bing Disavow Tool

Link removal has not been easy whether manually or asking website owners to charge a fee to delete such link. What we needed was to directly notify search engines regarding harmful links pointing to their website. Bing was the first to acknowledge it and released Disavow Links Feature in June 2012. The tool is included in Bing Webmaster Tools. You can use it to submit websites, directory, domain and page that contain links pointing to your site that appear unnatural, spammy or from low quality sites. Though Bing released the Link Disavow tool first, it got smaller portion of the market, 15% compared to the 67%

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And Google Released its Disavow Tool…

In October 16, 2012, Google officially announced its Disavow Tool. It is more complete and useful compared to that of Bing. Every webmaster can use the tool to guard its website from the harmful impact of unnatural links. Whether you’ve got an algorithmic or human penalty, putting no credits to your links can give higher possibility of recovery.

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Google Disavow Tool

The Google Disavow Tool is just in time when Penguin 3 was rolled out in October 5, 2012. Without the tool, it will take more time before a website can recover. According to a post in Moz, it will take more than 2 months after the disavowing links and sending reconsideration request to see recovery in keyword rankings. Why is this so? Matt Cutts has something to say about it.

Matt Cutts on Disavow Tool

Matt Cutts is the head of Google Spam Detection team, perhaps, he also honed the idea of algorithmic and human penalties along with the disavow tool. After disavowing links, you need to send reconsideration request elaborating what you have done to recover. However, the result will not be seen instantly. This is because Google rolls out cyclical and random refreshes. The request will be granted but results will be felt after another refresh will be released.

Matt Cutts is confident that the Disavow Tool can help for Penguin

As Penguin penalized websites with unnatural links, disavowing them will compel this algorithm to skip it, and not count it for your website, thus, saving it for being kicked out of SERP or getting the manual penalty.

Matt Cutts as an ally of Google will certainly be an advocate of this tool, but what about the rest of SEO experts in the field?

What are the Experts Saying about the Disavow Tool?

There are SEO Experts whose views on Disavow tool are widely recognized by many SEO practitioners.

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Source: @dannysullivan

Danny Sullivan on Google Disavow Tool

The Editor-in-Chief of Search Engine Land believed that…

Disavow Tool works faster with Manual Action but not with Algorithmic Penalties.

Source:Search Engine Land

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Source: @rustybrick

Barry Schwartz

One of the authors of Search Engine Land, the blogger of his own Search Engine Round Table and CEO of RustyBrick, said that…

“This tool will help the nerves and anxiety of webmasters concerned over bad links hurting the ranking of their web sites.”

Source: Search Engine Land

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Source: @randfish

Rand Fishkin

The founder of SEOmoz that is now known as MOz has something to say too. He’s a bit pessimist about it though,

“Wondering if disavow tool is just a crowdsourced way for Google webspam to ID manipulative links disguised as a webmaster tool…”

Source:@randfish twitter status

Source: @ericenge

Eric Enge

One also of the contributors in Search Engine Land, Search Engine Watch and the owner of Stone Temple Consulting, bluntly said

“For those who want to debate the merits of this tool, we have used it, and it works like a champ.”

Source:Search Engine Watch

Most of the experts agree that the Google Disavow Tool is indeed helpful in recovering from manual action and Penguin Penalties. It can drive away Google from counting unnatural links pointing to your website. However, you must know how to properly use it.

How to Use the Google Disavow Tool?

The truth is you can’t use the tool without caution. This is because you might remove links that are helpful to your website. Disavowing them will significantly impact your rankings and traffic. Vigilantly look into the links you want to disavow. How? Learn from here.

The First Thing…

Locate, explore and sort all your backlinks. You can use tools for this process, wherein you can use the following:

Google Webmaster Tools
Link Detox
Open Site Explorer
Majestic SEO

Downloading links using Google Webmaster Tools

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Download latest links (in csv)

How to find Unnatural Links

Checklist for Unnatural Links:

Having Standalone Exact Match Anchor Text Keyword
Linking to Sites having Page Rank 0 and Domain Authority Below 30
Site-wide Links on Footer or Sidebar (too many links in a single domain)
Link Farm
De-index Website (especially on directory sites, you can use site:domain for checking)
Linking to irrelevant and non-English sites
Linking to Reported Attacked Websites (Containing Malwares)
Sites having too much Ads (esp. found on article and URL directories)
Links on Blog Network having the same IP Address (usually they have also the same site themes)

Then Prepare for Disavow file…

From the sorted links create a text file (save it as .txt and encoded in UTF-8 or 7-bit ASCII) for your unnatural links only that needed to be disavow which means this is the one going to be ignore by Google and should be in one link per line format.

And here is the short rule:

1. If you want Google to ignore all links from an entire domain like, you must add the line:

2. If you want Google to remove only a particular page just add only the exact URL:

3.You can add comments above the URL or domain you wanted to removed provided that before the comments you must add #.

# removed most links, but missed these

Example of Valid File from Google

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Source: Webmaster Help

Finally, Go to Disavow tool

You can go directly using this link: Disavow Tool Links Main .

1.Choose the Site to Disavow

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Especially when you are handling lots of websites, you need to choose the site to disavow, then click DISAVOW LINKS.

2.Click Disavow Links

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Remember also to read the caution before clicking the disavow links.

3.Upload Disavow .txt file

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4.Click the Submit Button

When your disavow file has been uploaded it is now time to submit it .

The tool works best for every website that has been penalized because of bad links whether intentionally made before Penguin or made by negative SEO. However, as a webmaster, you must understand that disavowing these links does not guarantee success in your SEO campaign. Here are some misconceptions about the use of the tool.

Do’s and Don’ts

When using the tool, here’s what to do:

Ensure that the link file that you will upload to be disavowed is in correct format as .txt file.
Use the domain of the site where the bad link is present.
Make sure that it is in the right format such as “disavow:”
Maximize the use of reconsideration request. Include your comments, suggestions, justifications and other things you want Googe to hear about.

However, these are the things you must avoid:

Don’t upload a link file using .doc or spreadsheet because it will not be processed by Google.
Don’t just choose the specific url that you want to disavow. Some websites are automatically regenerating your links. Disavowing the whole domain is safer and effective.
Don’t think that disavowing the unnatural links will answer all your SEO troubles. There are other SEO problems you may be facing such as low quality content, malwares, hackers, etc.

Negative Feedback about Google Disavow Tool

Actually, it can, yet the problem lies with the links that you will disavow. How can you make sure that you will be choosing disavowing bad links only? Google does not hold full discretion whether the uploaded file contains all bad links or some of it should be ignored.

There are three key areas that negates to the function of the tool. From Search Engine Journal:

Reason #1 – Small Mistakes Can Have Major Consequences
Removing plenty of unnatural links is easy because a lot of links are unnaturally generated however, when you have mistakenly included a good link, it can give major impact such as lowering down a few notches on your rank.

Reason #2 – Identifying Diseased Links is a Time-consuming Process
You can have thousands of links for a website. Taking a closer look on each of these is time consuming. But you don’t have a choice or else, you will be trapped on the “reason1”.

Reason #3 – Disavowing links may have no impact on your site’s performance
Manual actions are reviewed by Googlers, notifying them that you have disavowed your unnatural links will lift the manual penalty however; it does not cover the algorithmic penalty (Penguin). It may take another cycle of algorithm refresh before you can be totally freed from the penalty.

Success Stories in Using Disavow Tool

Despite many doubts about the tool, it has been proven by many webmasters. Penalty was lifted and recoveries in terms of Google rankings were felt.

One example is the, the author Cyrus Shepard ( posted it in It shows how Google Disavow Tool can be a life saver. It performs right way of disavowing and waited for 2 months. After such period, rankings are back, traffic is back; therefore, penalty is lifted.

Sander Tamela also shared his experience with one of his clients about its recovery from penalties (

Tim Grice also shared how Google disavow tool works (
showing real site, real recoveries.

As you can see the tool is effective and efficient both proven by SEO experts and webmaster’s experiences. We can see that Google simply wanted to clean the internet with spammy and non user-friendly links. After the first release of the link, Google didn’t lay back. It released few more updates to further strengthen the use of the Google Disavow Tool.

Updates on the use of GDT

Additional info about the use of Google Disavow Tool.

April 08, 2013: How Disavow tool can remove Penalties?

Google disavow tool can help in removing algorithmic (automatic) penalties like Penguin Update. Only telling us that if links are going to be votes, disavow tool can help in informing Google not to count them.

For Algorithmic Penalties:

You will only use disavow tool, no need to file reconsideration request. And this involves 3 steps:
Cleaning up of links
Wait for the Disavow to get processed (takes several weeks)
You have to wait for the next algorithm update to see the impact of disavowed links. ( For example if you have been hit by Penguin 2.0, and requested for disavowing of unnatural links you have to wait for the next Penguin update to see the effect.

For Manual Penalties:

On this case if the penalty is caused by bad links, you need to use disavow tool plus filing a reconsideration request.

Source: Search Engine Land

Google Webmaster Hangout Video on disavowing links

April 19, 2013: John Mueller on Disavow Removed Links

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Source: Google Groups Discussion

June 10, 2013: Matt Cutts cleared misconceptions about using the disavow tool

He explained 5 mistakes to avoid so that the tool can be processed properly.

June 28, 2013: Matt Cutts confirmed that Disavow Tool can help for Penguin.

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Source: @mattcutts Twitter Reply

July 3, 2013, Barry Shwartz on discussion about Testing Google Disavow Tool

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Barry Shwartz informed us that the tool is already tested by Matt Cutts and his team. That’s why it was delayed and Bing has to launch it first.
Source: SEO Round Table

Your Opinion Counts

Are you convinced that Google Disavow tool is effective in removing unnatural links?

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