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Choosing a Preformed Pond for Your Garden

Choosing a Preformed Pond for Your Garden

It used to be that if
you were looking to put a nice water feature in your backyard, you would never have used a
preformed pond liner. The preformed pond
liners of old had an extremely short lifespan, which was mainly due to poor materials used in the construction of the liners.  You could almost count on them failing within a two year time span after you had it in installed. In addition, the old preformed liners were made too shallow to support any fish or plant life, and they would become full of algae that would quickly clog the pump and filter, creating great conditions for mosquitoes. Fortunately, this is no longer the case. New preformed
pond liners use materials that greatly outperform the liners of the past and
are an excellent option when choosing the materials for your next water
feature project. They very simple to install, and can make a backyard pond a quick weekend project.

The Benefits of Using a Preformed Pond

The benefit of using a preformed pond, in a word: simplicity.
You pick your pond shape, you dig a hole to match the size of the pond, drop
in the liner, and voila. It is a very
simple and worry-free solution for any pond that is towards the small end of the size spectrum. Of course you will likely want
to do a few more things to your pond once you have it in the ground, such as line the outside with plants and/or put
plants in it, add edging materials, add fish, etc., but even with all this you can still be done with installation and be enjoying your pond within a couple days of purchasing materials. In addition, with the
use of new materials in their construction, preformed ponds are very sturdy and will hold water for years to come. Because of this they are an excellent choice
for raised ponds, which can sometimes be difficult when using a flexible liner. You can even buy preformed pond kits, which
will come with everything you need to get your preformed pond up and running,
including a pump, a filter, water conditioners, all necessary tubing, bacteria,
and sometimes even an above ground cascading unit to add to the visual appeal.

How to Install a Rigid Liner

The Downside of Using a Preformed Pond

The main downside with a preformed pond is that it is, well,
preformed.  This means that the shapes
you see are the shapes you can get.  This
is not an option for some landscapes where the pond needs to be a certain shape
to fit the layout of other landscaping features.  Also, preformed ponds become impractical when
they get large, particularly when it comes to transporting them.  If you are planning a pond that is going to
be over a couple hundred gallons in volume, then you are going to need a
flexible liner.

What to Look For in a Preformed Pond

When purchasing a preformed pond, it is important to find
one made of quality materials. Sure, that $50 dollar one seems to do the same
thing that the $150 one does, but think about it: are you really ready to invest your time, hard
work, and money into something that will last for two years? Make sure that your pond is quality before
spending money and going through the trouble to get it home. Look for these three things when choosing a
preformed garden pond:

The liner
should be constructed of fiberglass or reinforced plastic. Some of the cheaper preformed ponds are made of flimsy plastic; pass on these and go for the better ones
A guarantee of 10 – 20+ years. Think of this as insurance on your
investment. Yes, these are the liners
that cost more, but think of the frustration when the pond you put in last year
starts leaking out.  Spending a little more up front will save you time and money down the road.
If you are going to be putting fish or plants in
it, make sure the volume and depth are correct for the species you plan on
putting in. Aim for a minimum of 40
square feet of surface area and a depth of 18 inches.

Keep these pointers in mind when buying your preformed pond, and you will have a great water
feature that will last many years to come.

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A Guide to Purchasing and Installing a Flexible Pond Liner

A Guide to Purchasing and Installing a Flexible Pond Liner

you decide to install a water feature in the backyard it is vital to have the
right pond liner properly fitted. Keeping fish in the backyard is a lovely feature
and hobby but without the correct pond liner properly installed it can turn
into a small disaster.

only will a good pond liner keep the water in the pond but it will also
maintain wanted plants and discourage unwanted ones. The material also helps to
maintain good healthy water to the benefit of the plants and the fish.

Buying Flexible Pond Liners

years gone by ponds would have been lined with a polythene sheet but now there
are different materials used providing better protection and flexibility.
Materials used include PVC, rubber, butyl rubber and most recently composite
materials have been introduced. In fact the manufacturers are so sure of the
durability of their product that many of them now come with a life time

will either be pre-cut or sold off the roll, depending upon the size of the
liner. Before heading out to the store to buy your pond liner, work out the
three dimensional pond measurements and write them down. You can hand these
measurements to the retailer, who will then work out the area of pond liner you

thing to consider is whether you want a waterfall cascading down your pond.
This is where a pond liner has a distinct advantage over a pre-formed pool, as
the liner can be used to form a waterfall. As an addendum, even if the
waterfall leaks, the water will still make its way back in to the pond.

Installing a Flexible Pond Liner

Using a Liner to Make Your Pond

laying down the pond liner in the hole, be sure to clear all protruding sharp
stones and roots, as these will tear your liner no matter how good a material
is used. Cover the surface with loose damp sand or pond underlay. You can even
use an old carpet, but in doing so you must check there are no tacks sticking
out or anything else sharp for that matter.

Another good tip
before you get started is to lay the liner out in the sun for a shot time so it
becomes supple and easier to use. Once you have laid the liner and got rid of
as many creases as you can, start filling the pond with water. Once the pond is
full you can start to trim the excess liner, but make sure you don’t overdo it.

overlap of about nine inches should be sufficient, but if you are planning a
waterfall then you need to retain a lot more. The overlapping pond liner can be
concealed with an attractive rockery or a selection of pebbles.

a simple process and using pond liner is a much more flexible method than
having to dig a hole to fit a pre-formed pond in. A good pond liner will also
protect the earth below from freezing and keep the water stable, helping to
protect the plants and fish.

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Choosing a Preformed Pond for Your Garden
It used to be that if you were looking to put a nice water feature in your backyard, you would never have used a preformed pond liner. The preformed pond liners of old had an extremely short lifespan, which…