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How to eliminate cockroaches from your house

How to eliminate cockroaches from your house
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What brings these insects in the house?

Dirt and food residues act as a magnet for cockroaches. Some species snub cellars and warehouses preferring warm apartments. It is the case of Blattella germanica, recognizable by its brown color. It is fundamental to eliminate cockroaches for the sake of hygiene of the house. The basic step in getting rid of cockroaches is cleaning the house. Clean their hiding spaces, such as cavities or spaces around furniture, it is an excellent remedy for eliminating cockroaches in the house. This avoids the creation of nests.

You have several ways to solve the problem. You can contact an exterminator, there are specialized companies everywhere, buy insecticides and traps, or throw on home remedies and do it yourself.

Here are some steps to eliminate cockroaches:

Bay leaves

Cockroaches can not tolerate the smell of bay leaves, so if it is scattered in various nooks of your house, the cockroaches should disappear. You can use whole leaves or pieces and put them on a sheet of paper, then you just have to put them in the corners infested with cockroaches. Job done.

Boric acid

A very effective poison that you can get easily in a pharmacy is the one with boric acid. Mixed with condensed milk and bread crumbs, reduced into balls (operate with gloves on, coz it not only poisons the cockroaches). You can also mix the powder with sugar. Put the soaked balls in various parts of the house where you see the little animals running around. This technique to get rid of cockroaches is fine if you do not have pets at home, since the poor things could swallow the balls and become the victim of the poison.

Sticky traps

Put some glue on a cardboard base and add the leftover food, possibly sweets. The little creatures will remain stuck to the cardboard in an attempt to reach their snack.

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Add ammonia to the water you use to wash the floor, the ammonia will kill the cockroaches.

Boiling water

Although it seems a little bit rough remedy, the most of the time it works. Boil water in a saucepan and then pour over the nest, if you find out where it is.

Maintain the house hygienic

In general, to prevent this type of problem the best thing is to maintain a constant and strict hygiene in the bathroom and in the kitchen, rooms that represent the epidemic outbreaks. So let them be always clean, put the rubbish in bins and not let it build up, emptying it daily or several times a day.

Some more useful tips:

Another way to ward off the bugs without poison is to take a bucket, fill it halfway with water and put in the middle of a container is not very big, with bread soaked in wine or vinegar, delicacy for these animals. Outside the basin will put 2 or 3 slats, pendants, which serve as a ladder. The beetles, attracted by the smell of wine, you will rise glide along the inner walls of the basin, and will end up in the water drowning.

The cockroaches are very fond of moisture and old houses. They nest in a particular way in so damp and dark environments, especially in the kitchen and in the bathroom. The first thing you need to do to eliminate them, is to take what they need to survive. Pay close attention then, to keep the kitchen clean and airy, so as to eliminate moisture and vapors. Do not leave food around and take care not to store food in paper bags, but in containers of plastic, glass, ceramic or metal that can close tightly.

How to make a Roach Trap

Before throwing food scraps in the trash, wrap them with care. Keep always thoroughly clean the shelves and worktops. Also take a careful look at the walls to make sure that there is not any gaps where these unwelcome guests love to take refuge, and, in case, close it for good.

The most bland to eliminate cockroaches in a natural way is to wash the floors of the house with vinegar and water or with the product that you are using usual to wash the floors that join properly a part of vinegar . Vinegar, in fact, is a great deterrent as it eliminates all kinds of smells, but unfortunately almost never proves sufficient to eradicate definitively the heinous creatures.

Create a homogeneous mixture by mixing three tablespoons of sugar and three tablespoons of white plaster or cement . Sprinkle the mixture all over the house, concentrating more on bathroom and kitchen, on the baseboards, under the sinks and behind furniture. This method will prove to be even more effective if instead of letting it join powdered water to form a soft mush from which afterwards make tiny balls, always put in strategic places mentioned above. Cockroaches are attracted by the sugar, eat poisoned by the remaining plaster or from the concrete .