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What is the Best IDE to Use for JAVA?

What is the Best IDE to Use for JAVA?
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What are the best Java IDE’s for Java Programming

Using a user friendly Java IDE for Java Programming is a big factor in learning the language. The Java IDE must have a good user interface, user-friendly and popular to other Java Programmers so that if there are problems arise, there are many people the learner can turn to ask for questions and answer his confusions. The best Java IDE’s that have these qualities are Netbeans IDE and Eclipse IDE. There are many Java Programmers around the world, who are using these IDE’s in their Java Programming Journey. So, there are also many studies and shared experiences about these 2 IDE’s available in the web. The installers are also free and available, you can have a guide on Netbeans IDE installation here, and Eclipse IDE installation link here. These links would give you the installations processes and latest download links.


The Netbeans IDE

Netbeans IDE is good for beginners. You can learn Java Programming using Netbeans IDE right here. The Netbeans Website also has lots of tips available for everyone. Besides, Netbeans is not just one of the most popular Java IDE’s for Java Programmers but also an IDE which has a good educational help support right inside the IDE Application. Try to read some of those, they are helpful.

The Eclipse IDE

I also have a tutorial on how to make your first program at Eclipse IDE here. This is a guide for the first time users of Eclipse IDE. It is just simple, you can code and make your own Java Program within minutes. Plus there are also many example Java Source codes in this site, see the link at the end of this hub, you may want to try some of them.

Netbeans Guide!

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Netbeans and Eclipse, Which is Better?

One factor of a good IDE is the autocomplete function. User-friendly interface plays a big role too. Though eclipse has a good interface but Netbeans has a better interface and auto complete function. This might be subjective, but you can try to install the two for comparison. I prepare Netbeans because I feel more comfortable using it. Besides, I find Netbeans coding color system pleasing to the eyes and more sophisticated compare to eclipse. But as I said, it might be subjective, it is better for me, but you might find eclipse IDE better for you. Either way, having both IDE’s is much better, don’t you think? I think so, anyway I have both installed on my PC! So, try the two and let yourself decide! Happy Programming!

Eclipse Guide!

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How to Compile and Run Java Code Online

How to Compile and Run Java Code Online
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Compile, Execute and Run Java Code Online

There are many sites, which have an online application tools or an online compiler that gives you an opportunity to run your java codes in an online environment. In fact some of these sites do not just have an online IDE to execute java code, but also have an IDE for other programming languages such as c/c++, JavaScript and PHP.

Others might wonder why someone would choose to compile and run their java codes online, why not install a Java IDE instead in their PC for better comfort and less hassle? But there are different situations that need to consider, may be if it is one’s own PC, there might be no problem but what if the other guy is using someone’s computer, or a public computer without an administrator log in privilege? Therefore, for that guy an online tool for java programming that is accessible everywhere, provided there is an internet connection, will be a great help on finishing and polishing some java projects. Below are the selected best 2 online sites that have Java Runtime Environment that can run your java codes using the internet. They are the 2 that I picked because they are user-friendly and not confusing at all unlike the other ones. And the most good thing, you do not need to sign up to run your java codes.

2 Best Sites to Run Your Java Codes Online

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Ideone comes from the Italian word “great ideas”. There is no wonder why they have a website tag that says “Your Great Ideas will be Born Here”. So far, Ideone is a good Online mini IDE and debugging tool that supports more than 50 programming languages and is very easy to use especially for beginners in Java Programming.

How to Use Ideone

1. Go to the Link Above. It will directly bring you at the online compiler.

2. Choose Java as your language,

3. Enter your code on the blank space.

4. Click Submit button at the left-bottom corner of the page.

5. See the result after it loads.

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Browxy so far is also good. It does not load the page while it is compiling the codes, so the compiler response is fast. The online environment is also good, if you want to save your file on their system, you might need to sign up first. But you can run your java code without signing up.

How to use Browxy

1. Click the link above.

2. Directly code on the while space. No need to choose the language as it is solely for java programming.

3. Click start at the upper corner of the page to run your code

4. When it is finished, it notifies you right after the stop button.

5. See the result at the black box below the compiler.

And that’s it! If you know an online Java Compiler that is better than the 2, share it with us on the comment section. Happy Programming!

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