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Schools need Guns and Safe Rooms

Schools need Guns and Safe Rooms

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It’s terrible to see articles in the paper and the news of people advocating to take away basically all our guns. By this, I mean if they infringe on the 2nd amendment at all, by banning assault weapons, then the door has been open for other “modifications” to the 2nd amendment. Down the road, who knows, handguns may be banned. I for one am against that. There are many stories of every day regular people that protected themselves by using or just showing a handgun. But you never see these stories in the national news, just in the local paper or T.V. and for a short time only.

Some say you shouldn’t fight guns with guns. I think that’s wrong thinking. Even if you eliminate all handguns or rifles, they will only be guns taken from honest, sane, decent citizens. Criminals or nut cases will never turn over their guns and no matter what the law dictates, criminals will always find guns. They will steal them from police, or any one given authority to have a handgun or rifle. They will buy them from the black market, meaning Mexicans that come over with guns or other sources. The United States is way too big to think you can eliminate guns from mentally imbalance people or criminals. Therefore, it is correct to defend our school kids with guns or another effective and better way.

But before we go into guns, here’s an idea no one came up with. I’m sure everyone has heard of ‘safe rooms.’ What if each class room has a bullet proof safe room? It would not have to be roomy. The kids could be pressed against each other, the main concern being their safety. The teacher of course would be in the safe room with them. The only time they would not be near a safe room would be during lunch. Otherwise, if there is a shot heard on the grounds, the kids (like a fire drill but faster), would rush into the safe room with the teacher. They would take nothing with them, just their bodies. They all should be in that locked safe room in a matter of ten seconds. They would not come out until the police told them it was safe to do so, over the phone. The safe room would be equipped with a phone, probably a cell phone that would always be in the safe room.

Now the gun part: There should be two security people that are skilled in handguns and dressed in casual clothes. One security would be out front of the school and the other would be walking or sitting here and there in the school, just observing. At noon, they would change positions. Their guns would be in a shoulder holster with a jacket like a windbreaker covering it. In winter they would both walk around in the school itself, sit and observe. They should not be forced to stand all the time. They need to be fresh and not tired, with sharp eyes and minds. They should be able to sit when they want and walk when they want. They should blend in as much as possible as a teacher or just a citizen. If not, a killer would take out security first if security looked like security.

Of course the best solution would be to have both, a safe room and security.

Some people think it’s not right for teachers to carry guns on their person. Think about it, is it right for kids and teachers to die?