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Apples iPod Touch at Discounted Prices.

Apples iPod Touch at Discounted Prices.

New iPod Touch packed with features

The new iPod Touch is one the latest offerings from Apples updated range of iPod’s.

Who would of thought it was possible to improve on perfection, they have and this fantastic cutting edge range is set to take the world by storm.

Existing iPod Touch users will love these additional features and updates; this really is Christmas come early.

New iPod Touch users will be astounded at the range of features available on the 4TH generation iPod’s, this really is everything you need for entertainment in a stylish state of the art personal music player.

If you are in the market for an iPod then read on for a breakdown of features.

The New iPod Touch

HM Peace Sign Design Crystal Hard Skin Case Cover for Apple Ipod Touch iTouch 4th Generation 4g 4 8gb 32gb 64gb New By Electromaster
Amazon Price: $1.07
Bubbles 2d Hard Snap-on Crystal Skin Case Cover Accessory for Ipod Touch 4th Generation 4g 4 8gb 32gb 64gb New
Amazon Price: $0.01
Patuoxun Dock Extender Extension Data Sync Charge Cable for iPod iPad iPhone 3GS 4 4G 4S (Support Audio/S-Video Transfer)
Amazon Price: $6.89


Overview of features

Music Player
Game Centre
Two Cameras
HD Recording and Editing
Face Time
Retina Display
Movies and TV Programs
Wi Fi
App Store

And so much more……….. the new iPod Touch is not just a music player.

Apple iPod Touch 64 GB-New Model

Dog Paw 2d Hard Snap-on Crystal Skin Case Cover Accessory for Ipod Touch 4th Generation 4g 4 8gb 32gb 64gb by Electromaster
Amazon Price: $1.50
Black Leather Folio Folding Case Cover w/ Screen Protector Films for Apple iPod Touch 4th Gen Generation 4G 8GB 32GB 64GB
Amazon Price: $12.97
List Price: $39.99

Music Player with iTunes

When it was first launched the Apple iPod revolutionised listening to music on the move. The sound quality was nothing short of a miracle and the technology became the industry benchmark; in my opinion it is yet to be surpassed.

Today the iPod Touch has positioned itself in the stratosphere by comparison in terms of sound, quality and features. It offers a truly interactive experience for your ears, eyes and fingers.

Yes you can listen to your favorite music; iPod Genius will then search your library for similar tracks and create a play list just for you.

Genius can sync your iPod Touch with iTunes and create mixes of your favorite songs, it’s like having a personal DJ with seamless song mixes.

Be surprised with the built in shake and shuffle, simply shake the iPod Touch for a random selection of your favorite songs.

Download songs and videos via bluetooth from iTunes, automatically syncs and transfers with Mac or PC next time you connect.

Apple iPod Touch 4th Generation

Apple iPod Touch 32 GB-New Model

No Amazon products found

Games on iPod Touch

When music is not enough why not use your iPod Touch to play your favorite games.

Using the iPod games application a whole world of entertainment and fun opens up.

Play your friends in multi player mode, pit your skills against strangers from around the world or why not simply play to beat your own high scores guaranteeing your position on the leader board.

Send game invites to friends via email straight from your iPod Touch.


Apple iPod Touch 8 GB-New Model

No Amazon products found

Face Time and Retina Display

Face Time on iPod Touch allows you to not only talk to friends but see them as well. Imagine the fun you can have with this facility, see things as they happen with live action between iPod Touch and iPhone’s.

Maybe you need a second opinion on your next purchase or want to share a special moment with loved ones, this is all possible with two brilliant cameras on iPod Touch.

What about retina display; this is an unbelievable upgrade from the old iPod Touch graphics, by packing in 326 pixels per inch your viewing experience is second to none.

Watching movies, music videos or viewing photo’s will never be the same again with your new iPod’s crystal clear, sharp brilliantly light balanced screen.


Email, Stay in touch with iPod Touch

Always stay in the loop with email on the move.

Your new ipod Touch uses rich HTML which means images and text can be displayed together, thanks to this technology files and attachments can be seen in their original format drastically improving your viewing experience.

Stay connected with access to all of your email accounts.

Access your email accounts from MobileMe, Google Gmail, Microsoft Exchange, Yahoo! Mail, and AOL and most industry standard IMAP and POP mail systems.

So even when you’re out and about, or out of town, you’re still in the loop.

iPod Touch case and accessories

Deluxe Blue 3 part Hard Skin Case Cover
Amazon Price: $0.01
Dog Paw 2d Hard Snap-on Crystal Skin Case Cover Accessory for Ipod Touch 4th Generation 4g 4 8gb 32gb 64gb by Electromaster
Amazon Price: $1.50
Snap-On Protector Hard Case for Apple iPod Touch 4th Generation / 4th Gen – Black/Black Hybrid Design
Amazon Price: $0.99
Snap-On Protector Hybrid Hard/Gel Case for Apple iPod Touch 4th Generation / 4th Gen – White/Black
Amazon Price: $0.01

Watch Movies and TV Programs on your iPod

Store hours of movies on your iPod and watch them back on the high definition 3.5 inch wide screen.

Download your favorite films and TV shows from iTunes with just a few clicks .

Stay in full control of your viewing experience with onscreen displays play, pause, chapter selection, volume, full screen it’s just like your TV remote control.


ipod Touch is simply brilliant

Ok so there we have my unbiased overview of the 4TH Generation of iPod Touch.

If you have found it useful please vote it up or share it with friends.

To read my impartial review of the iPad click here

Apple iPad

Apple iPad 2 MC769LL/A Tablet (16GB, WiFi, Black) 2nd Generation
Amazon Price: $351.99
List Price: $539.99
Apple iPad 2 MC979LL/A Tablet (16GB, Wifi, White) 2nd Generation (MC989LL/A)
Amazon Price: $397.49
List Price: $399.00
Apple iPad Mini MD528LL/A (16GB, Wi-Fi, Black & Slate)
Amazon Price: $318.99
List Price: $329.00
Apple iPad with Retina Display MD511LL/A (32GB, Wi-Fi, Black) NEWEST VERSION
Amazon Price: $590.00
List Price: $599.00

Apple Products

Apple iPod shuffle 2GB Blue (5th Generation) NEWEST MODEL
Amazon Price: $46.00
List Price: $49.00
Apple iPod shuffle 2GB Silver (5th Generation) NEWEST MODEL
Amazon Price: $46.00
List Price: $49.00
Apple iPod shuffle 2GB Purple (5th Generation) NEWEST MODEL
Amazon Price: $46.00
List Price: $49.00
Apple iPod shuffle 2GB Pink (5th Generation) NEWEST MODEL
Amazon Price: $46.00
List Price: $49.00

4 Best Portable Media Players around 200 euros

4 Best Portable Media Players around 200 euros
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No one uses a smartphone for calls anymore, so why not ditch the contract and get a PMP… Here I am listing 4 of the best players available in the market now.

Apple iPod Touch ?250 (5th gen, 32GB)

An iPhone without the phone part, the new Touch gains the 4 inch Retina screen of its talk-friendly cousin but is now thinner and lighter than ever. lt’s got premium written all over it, from how it feels in the hand, to the slickness of iOS 6, and of course, that sizable price tag. Still, the 5MP iSight camera, Siri and the endless entertainment (or the nasty closed gardens, if you prefer) of iTunes and the App Store are major plus points.
Sound quality is top-notch, the interface unrivalled and the app selection unending. Those ‘fun’ colour schemes might have some turning up their noses. but whether it’s music, video or games that take your fancy, the Touch grabs the prize.
In short
All the goodies of an iPhone 5, minus the talkie bit and contract.
4in | 1136×640| 32GB | AAC, Apple Lossless, AIFF, MP3, WAV, H.264, MPEG-4,M-JPEG| Bluetooth, Wi-Fi | 40hrs| 123x59x6mm| 88g

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Cowon Z2 ?200 (16GB)

Cowon is still taking on the big boys thanks to a loyal fan base won over by its excellent sound quality. The Z2 is about more than music, with a MicroSD card slot, voice recorder and Bluetooth among its features. Like the Samsung it runs Android 2.3. but it lacks Google Play access out of the box. Fortunately, a workaround ls available, but you’ll need to do a little tinkering for the full Android app experience.
The chunky Z2 looks and feels a little last-gen, and having to install Google Play yourself is a pain. The screen is also average, with less-than subtle colours and a lack of detail. But sound quality is great and storage plentiful, so music fans could do a lot worse.
In short
Top sound and plenty of old-school skills, but not the slickest in use.
3.7in | 800×480| 16GB+ MicroSD| AAC, FLAC, MP3, WAV, DivX, H.264,WMV, MP4, Xvid, MKV| Bluetooth, Wi-Fi| 22hrs | 116x63x11.8mm| 116g

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Samsung Galaxy S WiFi 4.2 ?150 (8GB)

Just like the iPod, this is the awesome Galaxy S3 minus the phone, right? Well, not quite, With only Android 2.3 Gingerbread and a 800×480 screen this is no beast, but you do get front and rear cams and the full Google Play experience plus DLNA, wireless transfer and Bluetooth. The familiar white plastic case is unexciting but solid, and the paltry 8GB of memory can be expanded via a MicroSD slot. Without the hyperspecs of Sammy’s top phones, we can’t help but feel a little let down.
The screen is big and colourful, but visible pixels are an issue and the interface could be faster. Music and gaming is good, but it’s lacking that wow factor overall.
In short
A decent enough choice for the price, but the Sony and iPod do it better.
4.2inch| 800×480| 8GB+ MicroSD| AAC, FLAC, MP3, WAV, WMA, DivX, H.264, MPEG-4,wmv| Wi-Fi,Bluetooth| 40hrs| l24x66x8.9mm| 118g

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Sony NWZ-F805 ?210 (16GB)

The Walkman name lives on in Sony’s Android 4.0-toting F Series. The build feels worthy of the title and it comes set for media consumption, whether via Google Play or Sony’s own Music Unlimited service. It shares its 800×480 resolution with the other Androids here, but on a smaller 3.5inch screen, which makes for better image quality. And with a Tegra 2 processor inside it, even the most demanding of apps should fly. ‘Small but perfectly formed‘ should be stamped on the box.
For video and games it might feel a little dinky, especially if you’re used to a larger device, but sound quality is dynamic and detailed and the Android ICS experience is slick and super-fast.
In short
Stylish and speedy, the newest Walkman majors on quality.
3.5in|800×480|16GB|AAC,FLAC,MP3,WAV,WMA,DivX,H.254,MPEG-4,WMV|Bluetooth, Wi-Fi|20hrs|ll5x57x8.9mm|100g