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Making money one penny at a time

Making money one penny at a time

Lets Talk About It

Well today I start a new series of Hub Pages. “Lets Talk About It”. To give you a run down, I will post Images/links/videos of things I find interesting/a part of/disturbing and talk about it with you guys. You see we live in the Internet society where you have more “friends” online than you could ever know in person. I will grab topics and talk about them. Lets start shall we. Todays topic: Penny Stocks.

While Stumbling along the Internet a few months ago, I ran into this link off a friends site.

The Penny Stock Egghead Nathan Gold

You can go here to my link pages and click Egghead to check out the ad I saw. I had heard of this guy several times so I sat threw his 10 minute pitch of his product, a lot of times these ads are those you stay away from cause it screams of false hope and lies. But listen to what the kid says. Nathan is well know in the stock market and has made a lot from investing pennies on the dollar. I didn’t bite in easy though, I did do my paper work before. I paper traded his stock for a good bit and as redundant as it may be, I was making money….so to speak…

Sure its no 5 million…more like a few hundred but I started with a lot lower than 1000 bucks. something along the lines of 100 small ones just to see if his tactic would hold up on lesser numbers, and yea its worth it in my opinion as long as you go for the right ones. My profit (on paper at least) is more like 80-ish% but still that puts 80 extra bucks in my pocket (metaphorically speaking) off of 100, and that’s only on a 8 cent gain on a stock worth a dime.

But I digress. I think its good. My buddies said otherwise, they tried penny stocks and lost more than they gained. they still pulled out positive but one suggested a more stable stock are those in what he calls the “butter zone” of 10-15 dollars. Simple because yea that 8 cents shrank from 80 to 8 but if it went the other way around its a lot easier to accept an 8 buck loss versus an 80 hole burn in you wallet.

So that’s my take, whats yours? Lets Talk About It! Comment below!