Chemotherapy Wigs

Chemotherapy Wigs

When cancer is diagnosed and chemotherapy is recommended, many times the first thought is of hair loss–that is where chemotherapy wigs play a part in cancer treatment. Too many people have gone through chemotherapy for it not to be widely known that one of the side effects is hair loss. Sometimes it is significant but not total and sometimes the patient looses all of their hair entirely. Regardless of a person’s resolve or self-confidence, hair-loss can be a hard blow when delivered on top of the cancer diagnosis and the subsequent treatment.

Chemotherapy Wigs Boost Confidence

So it is that a specialized industry has sprung up to help cancer patients and survivors retain self-confidence and give them a sense of normalcy during what can be a traumatic disruption to their lives. Chemotherapy wigs are crafted differently than wigs that are used solely for fashion purposes. Part of the idea of wearing a wig after hair-loss due to cancer treatment is to look ordinary, not out of place. A wig not made specifically for a chemotherapy patient can be ill-fitting and uncomfortable. But the wigs for chemotherapy patients that are on the market today have been designed and tested by people who have gone through the treatment and found themselves in the position of trying to find a head covering that fits well and looks like their own hair.

Numerous lines of chemotherapy wigs are made from human hair and constructed so well, no one can detect that it isn’t the wearer’s natural hair. These specialty wigs are comfortable, flattering and affordable. Breast cancer boutiques typically carry at least one line of these types of head coverings and have someone on staff trained to assist in finding the style that is right for the client as well as one that fits and wears comfortably.

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