Creature Comfort Excerpts from US TV

Creature Comfort Excerpts from US TV

Anthropomorphic Animals Explaining Life

Once again I am touching on these different television series where anthropomorphic animals and creatures tackle the big questions of life in a humorous and gentle manner. It seems that the audio of Creature Comforts are taken from people in the general arena who have been interviewed with the animations being added later to suit the vastly different voices. This is I believe, fact not subtext.

In this series”Creature Comforts” these very cute anthropomorphic creatures ask
the big questions…. like “is there anyone out there? Or whether there is
alien life on this planet? It is amazing to listen to just the voices (without
watching the creatures), talking about the big ideas. A fine example of one big
question is the in-depth subject of the cat/dog conversation i.e. what is a
UFO? There are serious answers given as
well as pure nonsense answers. These answers range from such flights of fancy as to the potency of spiritual
energy radiators to the alien viewpoint
as they discuss how life on earth differs from their planet and the subsequent
do’s and don’ts of living and integrating on earth.

Then we have these critters/people debating who will become
the next US President; the debate over Iraq rages in the animal kingdom and
animals fall off cliffs, lie about in rat wheels and talk about how the world
will be a better place once the Presidential candidate has been selected and

The film about the zoo is very telling – many complaints and
envious looks at chap next door and how he/she fares better. The voices reflect
the countries the animals originate from with the attitudes and ideas being to
the forefront….to some extent some animals appear to be accepting of the
situation – institutionalised if you will.

The shark video is a bit off putting but the idea that a big
bite of fatty human flesh is not as good as the taste of either chicken or even
oatmeal is interesting…..

These short films are valuable; they give a tongue in cheek
look at the other side, quite the social commentary.

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