Eternal Love by ALB21467

Eternal Love by ALB21467
Source: Roses

Eternal Love

Eternal Love

You gave my life a true meaning

I can see you in the morning

I can see you in the evening

To me you are my everything

In the darkness you’re my light

In the day you’re my sunlight

In my sadness you bring delight

In my sky, you’re my starlight

If I was a book, you’re in every page

If you were a book, I’ll read you through ages

Without you I could be in rage

With you, I’m like in a cage

In you, my world is in unity

Beside you, I feel serenity

Just trust my sincerity

I will love you ‘till eternity


–(C) Copyright —–

— Albin Lansang Buan —

— 22 April, 2011–