How to Catch or Tame a Nightmare Soul and Location- Forsaken World Pet Guide

How to Catch or Tame a Nightmare Soul and Location- Forsaken World Pet Guide
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My first ever Nightmare that I caught myself
Source: Myself, the Author of this Hub

What is a Nightmare?

A nightmare is a flaming horse that you fight as one of the first monsters in the Lunagrant Woods in the game, Forsaken World. This area is for level 40 players and up and has a wandering soul known as Nightmare. That’s what this guide is about, telling you how to catch and tame the Flamed Pony. So first make sure you have a tamer at level 40 (at least) so you can enter the Lunagrant woods and fight the soul without dying (It helps to have a team, but not necessary).

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Nightmare Soul in the Beginning of Battle
Source: Myself, again.

Close up of Soul

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Close of photo of the Nightmare Soul

How To Find and Capture The Nightmare Soul Pet

So now that you know where (Lunagrant Woods), you need to know the location in Lunagrant Woods and what time to find it. You see, wandering souls are not the kind of souls you get from killing monsters. A good hint is if it has a rock looking icon near it’s picture when you target the monster, if it does you might get a soul if not then it doesn’t drop one. Now, you can stop slaughtering the Nightmare if that’s how you thought you would catch one because it isn’t.

As the name implies, wandering souls are souls that instead wander around a map until they are caught or defeated and then they respawn later. Nightmare has a spawn time of four hours so although I don’t know when it will show up on any given day, if you know when it was last tamed it will be four hours after that. It also isn’t effected by realms either, so if you want you can check every realm every 15 minutes until you find one (or whatever time frame you choose).

The actual location is shown below this text, so look there to know where to look. When you get there just look around for the blue ghost looking horse in the photo above or the smaller one on the right to see what you should be looking for. This doesn’t mean the soul will be a blue pet (quality wise) as it is most likely going to be green, white doesn’t happen. It’s called Valley of Hope, so you can try to stay in that area and not wander too far away and still wonder where the soul is.

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Location in Lunagrant Woods where the soul wanders around.
Source: Forsaken World HQ

I found the Nightmare Soul, Now what?

Now you battle. The soul must have less than 50% health in order to be tamed, and you have to watch to make sure nobody in your team (if you have one) kills it before you can tame it. If that means recalling your pet or some heated fights, go right ahead, just don’t let the nightmare die.

If you find someone battling the soul already, you should probably leave them alone to get it themselves, which brings me to my next point. Do not assume since you are battling it that you can tame it, ANYONE CAN STEAL THE SOUL FROM YOU! I’m not saying that a ninja will jump out of the trees and tame the nightmare, but keep an eye on your mini map and zoom out on it a bit to look for other players.

If someone steals your soul, yell at them if you want to just don’t be a jerk about it. Even though its a jerk thing to steal someone else’s soul, it isn’t illegal in the game so you can’t do much except wait four hours for it to respawn.

Hopefully this helped you find and capture the nightmare soul, I was waiting until I actually caught one so I didn’t spill out rumors or false items. More wandering soul hubs to come as I reach them in my Forsaken World Journey. Remember to fight against the Storm Legion everyone!