How to Change Your Google Logo

How to Change Your Google Logo

Turn the Google logo into your name!

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Just about anybody who owns a computer and  regularly surfs the internet  is familiar with Google’s logo. This logo is a perfect example of astute marketing strategies crafted by corporations so to help customers identify a business. Google’s current logo introduced in May of 2010, was designed by Ruth Kedar, however, every once in a while, users may notice modifications in honor of special events, holidays, or  to mark the birthdays of famous people across the glob. Such modifications are affectionately called ”Goggle Doodles”.

One of the most popular and enjoyed logos was the one created for the 30th anniversary of the Pac-Man. This was an interactive logo that actually allowed you to play the video game by clicking on the ”insert coin” button. If this was clicked once again it also allowed two players to play at once. Those nostalgic of this favorite logo can simply see it again by visiting this ”link”.

How to change the Google logo to your favorite Google Doodle

There are over 900 Google Doodles at this time. If you happen to find one you are particularly fond of, you can turn it into your default logo by following some easy to follow instructions. This way, you can see your favorite logo every time you connect and are ready to search. Following are step-by-step instructions on how to get your favorite Doodle.

For Google Chrome Users

1) If you use Google Chrome, you must first visit the Google Chrome Extensions page at this ”link”. 

2) Download the ” Favorite Doodle ”  feature by clicking on ”install”. 

3) Once Installed, go to

4) Click on the Google logo 

5) You should see now a gallery of Doodles.

6) Select one to set  as your favorite and click on ”Make this my favorite Doodle”.

For Firefox Users

1) Follow this link to install Greasemonkey, a popular Firefox add on that uses JavaScript.

2) Click on ” Add to Firefox”.

3) Follow the installation instructions and restart Firefox.

4) Go to this ”link”. This should take you to a ”gmsearch scripts page.”

5) You should see a note like this ”Howdy, this is a greasemonkey user script” click install.

6) Once installed, go to You should see a Doodle.

7) Click on the Doodle and you should be directed to the Doodle Gallery.

8) Choose your favorite Doodle and make it your favorite one!

You are now done. Consider that some Google Doodles my be missing from the gallery due to licensing restrictions. While you enjoy your new Doodle, the best part is that you will still be able to occasionally see the new doodles on special occasions.

How to Change Google into Your Name

You can also play around with the Google Logo by putting your name instead. Visit Google My Way and simply enter your name and then hit ”Make it”. The URL will then be generated. The website also offers an e-mail form to send friends which lets them know that you have become so popular, Google has decided to make your own personalized page! Have fun with it!

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