How to Defeat/Beat Pokemon Diamond and Pearl Gym Leaders (Help obtaining badges in the Sinnoh Region for you)

How to Defeat/Beat Pokemon Diamond and Pearl Gym Leaders (Help obtaining badges in the Sinnoh Region for you)

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Need Help With A Gym?

Defeating gym leaders on any pokemon game is the only way to progress through the story line and to get to the Elite Four. They are tough and so trainers may have questions on how to defeat them or just need a push in the right direction. Well, if that is you then you are in the right place. This guide will help you defeat the Gym Leaders in the Pokemon Diamond and Pearl versions so you can go against the Elite Four. Read through the whole thing or jump to the leader you are having problems with, or just scan through to see which pokemon you should train ahead of time.

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Coal Badge Roark

Once you get the leader of Oreburgh city’s gym actually in the gym you can challenge him. Roark is like most pokemon first gym leaders, a rock type leader. Pretty easy if you have the right pokemon.

He has a level 12 Geodude (rock ground type), a level 12 Onix (rock ground type), and a level 14 Cranidos (rock type). Cranidos may be a little harder than the other two to faint as Roark uses potions on him and is a higher level than the other two.

So the types to use are fighting, grass, and water. Turtwig and Piplup would be the two starters to help but say you chose Chimchar then what? Well if you caught a machop on route 207 you can use that against Roark and defeat him once it is trained up a bit.

Once you crush Roark, he will hand over the Coal badge and TM76 or Stealth Rock a move that damages any pokemon that switches into battle and even lasts the whole time (amount of damage determined by the type of the pokemon that switches in).

Forest Badge Gardenia

The Second badge is in Eterna City and is hosted by Gardenia, a grass type leader. You have to play hide and seek to get to her but it’s good practice for the real deal. (Just a helpful hint, when you go against Roserade it has a sitrus berry so if you use pluck you get to eat it instead.)

In her arsenal Gardenia has a level 19 Cherubi (Grass type), a level 19 Turtwig (Grass type), and a level 22 Roserade (Grass poison type). Remember that note about pluck earlier? Well I ‘accidently’ forgot to mention it also does a great deal of damage against Roserade as well as taking the berry (Oopsies).

Bug, Fire, and Flying are all good types to use against Gardenia, so yay Chimchar, you can show off now. Don’t have a bug, fire, or flying type pokemon at all? Well this is easily solved, grab a ponyta from the routes east of Eterna City to set fire to her little grass minions.

Once defeated you gain the Forest badge and TM 86 or Grass knot which does more damage the heavier the target pokemon is.

Cobble Badge Maylene

Veilstone City, what a wonderful little town with it’s dept. store and Galactic HQ building. Right, there is a gym too, how could I forget? Maylene is the leader here and she equips herself with fighting type pokemon.

She has a level 27 Meditite (fighting psychic type), a level 27 Machoke (fighting type), and a level 30 Lucario (fighting steel type). Lucario will probably give you the most trouble, with it’s steel type and being the highest level in her party.

Use psychic, flying, and ground type moves to win this badge easily. Psychic on meditite and machoke and pluck that berry from Lucario before he uses it.

Once Maylene loses you gain the Cobble badge and TM 60 or Drain Punch. The badge gives you the ability to use fly outside of battle while the TM deals damage to the opponent giving half of the damage to you as a healing power.

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Fen Badge Crasher Wake

Pastoria City has the water gym which might be one of the easier gyms depending on your party. The leader here is Crasher Wake and he needs to wear a shirt even if it is his gym (no shirt no shoes no service, even if it is a pool). Anyway here’s how to win.

He has a level 27 Gyarados (water flying type), a level 27 Quagsire (water ground type), and a level 30 Floatzel (water type). Seems easy enough if you aren’t low in levels and have the right pokemon, but what would those be?

Pokemon with grass or electric moves would do the trick just fine. Use the grass type against his Quagsire (and the barbroach of the other trainers in there). Since they are half ground type the electric moves won’t be effective against them, so get a strong attacker or a grass type.

When you blow Crasher Wake out of the water and defeat him he will give you the Fen badge which allows you to use Defog outside of battle. The TM he gives you is number 55 or Brine, which does more damage if the opponents HP is more than half full (twice the damage to be exact).

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Relic Badge Fantina

Hearthome City has a gym, inside you can earn the Fifth Badge. Battle against Fantina and her ghost type pokemon in order to get the Relic Badge. Ghost types require special attention as some moves can’t attack them so choose pokemon wisely or you could end up not being able to attack.

In her arsenal she has a level 32 Drifblim (Ghost flying type), a level 34 Gengar (ghost poison type), and a level 36 mismagius (ghost type). But what will help you against these pokemon and how should you try to defeat Fantina?

Try dark, electric, and ghost moves for starters. Dark is your best bet, but you don’t need a dark type pokemon, just dark type moves such as bite. Choose a high attack pokemon or a high speed pokemon to try and avoid damage by her ghost types and victory shall soon be yours.

Once defeated Fantina will hand over the Relic badge which allows the move surf to be used outside of battle. The TM of choice for Fantina is TM65 or shadow claw, which is a good move as it has a high chance of critical hits (double damage is always welcome, isn’t it?).

Mine Badge Byron

Canalave City holds another gym badge for the Sinnoh region. Byron is it’s keeper and won’t give it up without a fight (we can hope they will just hand it over and save themselves the embarrassment of losing). He has Steel type pokemon so prepare against them.

He has a level 36 Bronzor (steel psychic type), a level 36 Steelix (steel ground type), and a level 39 Bastiodon (rock steel type). Get ready for some change-ups during this battle (switching pokemon out).

Set a Fire type in the lead to deal with Bronzor (and Steelix if he switches right to that), then once they are defeated use a water, ground, or fighting types to take down Bastiodon and you will have no problem (well, you shouldn’t but it’s a game of chance too).

Once you win you receive the Mine Badge which gives you the ability to use Strength outside of battle (boulder moving power activate!). You also get a TM, in this case you get 91 or Flash Cannon which is a move that also has a 10% chance of lowering the foe’s special defense stat.

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Icicle Badge Candice

Candice is the gym leader of the extremely cold Snowpoint City and is one of the very last badges to obtain. In fact, she is badge number 7 in case you were curious or bad at counting. As the area around the city, and her gym decor suggest she is an ice trainer and will freeze your little pokemon.

She has a level 38 Snover (ice grass type), a level 38 Sneasel (dark ice type), a level 40 Medicham (fighting psychic type), and a level 42 Abomasnow (ice grass type). Seems difficult but as with every gym leader there is a trick to defeating her quickly.

What melts ice? That’s right, fire does so let’s try using a fire type to melt her pokemon (not literally that would be tragic). It is doubly awesomely useful against Snover and Abomasnow since they are ice grass types so don’t let it faint before you get a chance to try Abomasnow. On Medicham use a flying type pokemon and fighting against sneasel if you don’t want to use fire.

Victory for you, gifts include an Icicle badge and TM 72 or Avalance. Avalance does double damage if the pokemon it is attacking has already done damage to the user that turn. (Sorry if that isn’t explained well.)

Beacon Badge Volkner

The last gym leader is Volkner, located in Sunyshore City. The 8th badge will be a little difficult to obtain and making your way over to Volkner might take you awhile to figure out. An Electric type pokemon gym leader he will try to shock you into submission, but he doesn’t have only electric type pokemon.

In his party he has a level 46 Raichu (electric type), a level 47 Ambipom (Normal type), a level 47 Octillery (water type), and a level 49 Luxray (Electric type). Only half of his are electric as you can see, but still doesn’t mean he can’t be defeated just as easily as the other 7 gyms you went against. It will just take a little more effort on your part.

Try ground, fighting, electric moves will do well against Volkner. Electric on Octillery, ground on Raichu and Luxray, and finally fighting moves against Ambipom. Grass also works well against Octillery, but of course you may not have a grass type in your party.

Once defeated you can control any pokemon of any level and use waterfall outside of battle all because of the Beacon badge. Volkner also gives you the TM57 or Charge Beam which attacks the opponent and has a 70% chance of raising the user’s special attack stat.

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