Morning ramblings from the Innkeeper: Now theres a Cyber Monday?

Morning ramblings from the Innkeeper: Now there's a Cyber Monday?

Shopping on-line

I opened my email this morning and there they were…80 emails, not in my spam… there were only 20 there, but in my regular mail. And half of them were ads for Cyber Monday. I’m pretty computer savvy, but I’ll have to admit I missed this one…Cyber Monday, I mean. It’s probably been going on for years and I wasn’t paying attention, busy writing for hub pages I guess. But I thought Black Friday was the big after-Thanksgiving shopping day. Now it appears, with just about everyone hooked on the Internet, Cyber Monday is as big a day as Black Friday.

Well, I don’t go out into the stores to shop anyhow, except for grocieries, so I guess Cyber Monday should be my big day. I actually hate shopping. And besides, I don’t have much time with all the writing I do. I have four blogs and write for several sites and now I am working on a book.

That’s why I’m not around here very much anymore. I know some of you have missed my wonderful hubs ( just joking :=)) and my score has gone down lower than it’s ever been. But never mind, I’m writing my memoir. BTW, that was your idea, so you are somewhat responsible. Many of you kept telling me to collect my Tales From An Innkeeper’s Crypt into a memoir, so that’s what I’m doing. Now I don’t even have time to run the bed and breakfast. In fact, it’s running itself…sorta.

Lately, I’m a little worried about the Inn. I got a lowered score on TripAdvisor. It seems all my scores are going down, even my credit score. Anyhow, about TripAdvisor. For years my reviews were all 5-star, now I’m getting 4-stars. And I found out why. It’s because I don’t serve fresh fruit at breakfast anymore. And here’s why…because it’s too damned expensive.

For years I served a gorgeous two-course Gourmet breakfast starting with fresh fruit and home-made scones or muffins. Then, the economic crunch hit us. And, honestly, I had to start finding ways to cut back. And so I cut out the first course of my breakfasts and that included all that expensive fresh fruit, some of which would always end up rotting and being thrown in the garbage anyway.

I also found other ways of cutting back on supplies, etc. and it really did make a difference in my expenses. Anyhow, don’t come to stay at my Inn if you’re just coming for the fresh fruit…unless you call ahead and request it, of course. Then, I wouldn’t be able to turn you down. Well, I feel a lot better…so have to go work on those 80 emails and maybe do some on line shopping.