Pokemon Mystery Dungeon Blue Rescue Team Tiny Woods Walkthrough and Help

Pokemon Mystery Dungeon Blue Rescue Team Tiny Woods Walkthrough and Help

Tiny Woods Basics

Why are you even in Tiny Woods? Well if you play the game and pay attention, you are there when you start the game, just not in the dungeon part of it. Butterfree comes flying towards you screeching about how they lost their baby in a fissure, he can’t climb out, and the pokemon in the woods are attacking Butterfree. After conversing with your partner you decide to save Caterpie, but what should you know about this place?

There are three floors in this dungeon and is a pretty easy starting dungeon, good in the future for leveling up low level friends you make. There are a few dangers but if you battle more than say, five pokemon, both you and your partner should level up once. No requirements to get into the dungeon because it’s your tutorial but that doesn’t mean you can take it lightly.

Requirements For Tiny Woods

Kind of a waste of a Hub capsule but I want to put it here anyway since the other dungeons will have this capsule regardless of how many requirements they may or may not have.

There are NO requirements for Tiny Woods since it is a tutorial dungeon and you are thrown right into it from the beginning without any opportunity to do anything else.

Which Pokemon Are In Tiny Woods?

There are only three floors on this dungeon, so there can’t be that many pokemon and if you think that you would be right. Only four pokemon species are in Tiny Woods but not every pokemon is on every floor, just like the other dungeons and here is where who is.

Pidgey: Pidgey is on every floor of this dungeon.

Wurmple: Wurple is again on every floor, and I seem to find them more than the others.

Sunkern: Sunkern is also on every floor but I promise that ends here.

Exeggcute: Exeggcute is the sole pokemon not on every floor, located only on the third floor.

Dangers in Tiny Woods

You wouldn’t think it when there are low level pokemon, in a three level dungeon, a tutorial dungeon at that, but there are dangers you need to watch out for. Not exactly fatal deadly dangers unless you really have no idea what you are doing, but still watch out and don’t let your partner go growling at everybody.

Pidgey: This little bird knows tackle, which is the strongest move you will encounter. Defeat it fast since you have low HP but it shouldn’t give you much trouble unless both you and your partner are missing and/or there are many pidgeys after you at once.

Sunkern: This little seed? pokemon is difficult when you have the wrong type of pokemon to fight it. It knows absorb so water, ground, and rock types will be more damaged by this grass move. If possible use your partner or only you (depending on which is a grass type) to avoid unwanted damage hits or faints against Sunkern.

Exeggcute: I don’t seem to find any Exeggcute unless I am on a seperate mission involving the third floor, after saving Caterpie. It knows hypnosis though, which you may or may not know puts your pokemon to sleep and could end up making you faint, especially if you have other pokemon attacking you too.