Pokemon Mystery Dungeon Blue Version Mt. Steel Help (Where/how to find and get pokemon in Mt. Steel)

Pokemon Mystery Dungeon Blue Version Mt. Steel Help (Where/how to find and get pokemon in Mt. Steel)

Mt. Steel Basics

You wake up to a weird unknown voice in your base, unsure of where it is coming from you ask who is there and up pops a Dugtrio. He says his child, Diglett, was kidnapped during the last earthquake and was taken to the top of Mt. Steel, somewhere Dugtrio cannot go himself.You are left without being able to say no to Dugtrio so you go outside and find your parter, tell them what happened, and you go off to Mt. Steel.

Mt. Steel is a Dungeon with more trouble than the last two, especially since this one has a boss. There are 9 Floors and many pokemon with different types, sure to at least get close to knocking you out if you don’t totally die. I made it through with a level 10 Torchic and level 11 Pikachu, defeating Skarmory easily even though I assumed we would end up losing. Also bring along an apple or two, if you decide to level up a bit, or you spend too much time looking for items/stairs you will probably get hungry and could lose without the apple.

Requirements for Mt. Steel

Mt. Steel is the first dungeon requiring you to do something besides wake up the next morning or wake up as a pokemon. You need to complete two rescue missions first in order to unlock this Dungeon, as well as successfully save the Magnemite from Thunderwave Cave (I have a hub on that one, too).

Pokemon in Mt. Steel

There are many many pokemon in this dungeon and one is even on all the floors (except 9 of course).

Spearow: Located on floors 1-4 a simple normal flying type.

Baltoy: Also on floors 1-4 but might give you more trouble.

Zigzagoon: This one is on floors 1-5 so is on over half the floors.

Aron: Aron is the pokemon who is on every floor, 1-8 to be exact.

Geodude: Located on 5-8 uses defense curl often so might take a few hits before fainting.

Tyrogue: Located on floors 5-8 like Geodude but uses more attack moves.

Meditite: The last pokemon to be on floors 5-8, raises it’s attack stat so be careful.

Beldum: On floors 6-8 but I didn’t encounter them on my last run through.

Pinsir: Only on floors 7-8 but might take you out that close to finishing.

Skarmory: Underlined, because he is the boss battle, only on floor 9.

Dangers of Mt. Steel

This dungeon has many dangers and you shouldn’t take any pokemon in it too lightly, especially if it leaves you with no moves to use against Skarmory except the normal attacks, or maybe Growl and Tail Whip. Watch for any pokemon, battle for experience, but watch these three more closely.

Zigzagoon: Not dangerous in itself, but it’s Tail Whip will leave you in danger of other pokemon’s attacks since it lowers your defense stat.

Baltoy: This is a pokemon who knows confusion and gives you the first taste to it’s annoying habit. It makes you attack willy nilly, possibly attacking your own team members, and making you walk in the direction you don’t choose.

Aron: They use harden a lot, so either fight it knowing it may allow others to sneak up behind you or take that move to run away (may not work with your partner though). Keep in mind that it will probably follow you even if your partner doesn’t stay to attack.

Boss Battle Mt. Steel Skarmory

Woo! First boss battle, and always the test of your power in any game. Sure you can get through the dungeon possibly several times, but if you keep losing against the boss it doesn’t mean anything.

Skarmory: The Boss

Type: Flying Steel.

Weaknesses: Fire and Electric are most useful.

Avoid using: Ground and Poison moves won’t do anything.