Poor people eh

Poor people eh

It’s tough to be a worker bee


Singing, “I’m a travelling man, I travel around … all over my house. I once spent a whole week in my basement running around chasing a mouse.”


    Hey, I’ve written a new commercial for Mexican tourism. I think it’s pretty catchy so tell me if you like it. “Come to Mexico and get shot!” Pretty good huh.


    Well, hello people. I didn’t see you come in. This is my new blog so how do you like it so far? Un huh. I see. Oh come on now, it’s not THAT bad. It could be that bad by the end but I just started. So in conclusion … no wait, it’s too soon for a conclusion but perhaps it’s for the best.

    So the topic today is poverty. You know, the rich get richer, and the poor have to siphon gas and run like hell. Well, if you must steal gas the only advice that I would have is to take it out of police cars because that way they can’t chase you. Soon all us poor people will need to be preapproved to get gas.

    Notice how the grocery stores and the suppliers of food stuff are trying to pull one over on us. They shrink the product in question AND the raise the prices. THEN they have the nerve to come out with a commercial that says the product is bigger than ever. When I was a kid a chocolate bar was a foot long and now it’s an inch long. Yeah, that’s bigger than ever! I bought a loaf of bread the other day and noticed that they are putting less slices in the bag, but is the price reduced? Heck no.

    And a big bag of chips is 70% air. Why? Because if they made a bag of proper size no one would buy for the price they are selling it.

    They are now charging us for water. Water! And bottled water is ridiculous. What’s next? Well, you are breathing government air, so we’re going to charge you 5 cents per cubic litre. “Hey, stop that guy he’s breathing and he refused to pay his bill!” So they drag him into court and the judge slams down his gavel and says, “No breathing for you for the next six months. Case dismissed.”

     When the day comes that the country id 90% solar, you guessed it, they’ll start charging for the sun’s rays. “Well, it is passing through government atmosphere. Here, let me get my calculator out. Oh boy, that’s going to be expensive.

    I also like the way they raise the price of everything as soon as the price of gas goes up. They say everything is travelling by transport truck so gas goes up and the prices go up. But think about it, there’s lots of space in one of those trucks, so what they heck are they doing, bringing one loaf of bread at a time? Even an extra 5 cents per product would more than cover that extra gas cost. And when the gas goes down they lower the prices right? Ah, ha, ha, ha, ha, (cough cough) ha, ha!!!!! NO.

    And those guys in government, “All in favour of a raise? Motion passed. All in favour of screwing the average Joe? Motion passed!”