Sunbeam Cordless Electric Blanket

Sunbeam Cordless Electric Blanket

Sunbeam cordless electric blanket

Sunbeam cordless electric blanket is one version of Sunbeam electric blanket, very much sought after one indeed. HERE ARE THE FACTS + ITEMS & VIDEOS! To back to the basic, electric blanket is mainly either electric blanket throw or electric mattress pad. And Sunbeam cordless electric blanket is a special Sunbeam heated blanket in which you can set your heat preference using remote control. So it is wireless and It is a luxury.

No matter you are from US, UK, Canada or Australia, with this Internet you can buy remote controlled Sunbeam blanket in online stores!

Sunbeam is the world top brand for electric blanket. No other brand come closed to it. Some say this brand is the best because its product is exceptional in term of style, comfort and quality. At least one says the name Sunbeam reminds him about the sun and how sun heats every single thing around it. Never mind about the reason, here are Sunbeam cordless electric blankets:

Cordless electric blanket:

Sunbeam Therapeutic Cal King Heated Mattress Pad
Four cordless electric blankets by Sunbeam are listed here. Click one to find more and read full product description.
Amazon Price: $249.99
Sunbeam Therapeutic King Heated Mattress Pad, 200-Thread-Count Cotton, White
Amazon Price: $389.99


There many kind of electric heated blanket, so why choose cordless?

1. Cordless is first choice because there would be no strings attach!

Strings or wires are hassle. You move around you found wires, they could disturb your sleep.

2. Wireless or cordless is the new trend.

You see in the tech news people discuss about wireless. Now, people want to do everything with no visible connection.

3. Sunbeam cordless electric blanket allows you to be green without turning to green.

Electric blanket uses very little electricity compared to other types of heaters so it has very small carbon footprint!

Sunbeam Cordless (Full/Double Size)

Sunbeam Therapeutic (Full/Double Size) – Rest And Relieve – Heated Electric Blanket Warming Heating Mattress Pad (White)
Amazon Price: $299.99

Sunbeam cordless electric blanket review

No. 1! The best selling cordless Sunbeam blanket (picture left). Customer says the wireless heat controller is very easy to operate. As it is a therapeutic heated blanket, it has three heat zones. Among special features – allergy free material, auto-shut off, machine washable and dryable.

Sunbeam Cordless King

Sunbeam Therapeutic Cal King Heated Mattress Pad
Amazon Price: $249.99

No. 2. Another bestselling Sunbeam cordless electric blanket. It is 200 thread blanket with cotton top. Special features include skirt that fits 21-inch mattress, back lit display remote control, outo-off switch and ten heat setting. Like other therapeutic electric blanket, it comes with three heat zones. So that you can do something like lower body warmer than middle and top.

Sunbeam cordless electric blanket

Sunbeam therapeutic blanket (most are cordless)

Sunbeam MSU2CXL-V000-11A00 Mattress Pad, Twin, X-Large
Amazon Price: $61.12
List Price: $77.82
Sunbeam 816-000 HeatflexHeating Pad
Amazon Price: $29.99
List Price: $36.99
Sunbeam Therapeutic King Heated Mattress Pad
Amazon Price: $249.95
List Price: $228.62
Sunbeam 1909-715 Large Resealable Hot or Cold Pack , Blue
Amazon Price: $9.95
List Price: $9.99

Contact Information:

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Boca Raton, Florida 33431
(800) 892-7684

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Electric blanket

Do you like electric blanket? I like it very much. I lived in Australia when I was very young and silly.

The town was Armidale. It was a highland and very countryside.

In the winter the tempreture at night dropped to like minus 5, not very much cold for you but for one who prefer summer like me it is not a heaven.

In the student flat where I lived electric mattress pad came as standard.

I was in a tight student budget so when the winter came I ‘lived’ under the ‘protection’ of heated mattress pad until very late.