Teaching your children social skills

Teaching your children social skills

How to teach your children social skills

By having a party for your kids for no reason – really!

Everyone knows kids love parties and most parents will only ever think of throwing a birthday party or maybe a party at halloween for their children, but have you ever thought of having a party for your kids for no reason? Ok if you haven’t then I will explain, we all know kids love parties but have you ever really thought about why kids love parties? Is it the horribly sticky food? no (admit it, they can and sometime do get that at home!) is it the presents? well sometimes, but only for the birthday child not the party guests, the real reason kids love parties is the social interaction, sure they meet other kids at school but it is not quite the same and teaching your children how to relate socially to one another in a responsible manner is one of the most important things you can do for them. 

Teaching them how to behave within a group of their peers on a regular basis is the foundation you need to set for them for their future and to help them through their teenage years when peer pressure can become a problem, especially if your children are not particularly comfortable in a group/social setting.

Having a party for your children for no reason (as in not a birthday or other celebration) may seem like a crazy idea and an expensive one too – but it doesn’t have to be, it is a great way to start a local community or group, many people try to start groups for their children in their community and fail to get much momentum going because it becomes too much like an organisation, with some people taking charge and others not really participating and even more only attending out of obligation (sound like fun?). 

You can make it happen without all the fuss, decide to have a party for your kids, invite others (you can throw the first party in the school holidays and tell the other parents you just want to give the kids something fun to do for a day) That way there is no pressure on anyone to attend or help organise, just a fun idea for the kids.

Have the first party at your home or in your garden (maybe a barbecue) and invite your friends and neighbours kids, set a time frame for the party and keep the food simple, this isn’t really a traditional party, there are no invitations to send, no gifts to buy etc.

Then all you need to do is get everyone together and plan a group activity for the children and see how it goes. 

Idea for your party

Your party can be anything you want it to be, here is one inexpensive party idea you could try out.

Have an art and craft party

This is an easy party to have (important, if you are going to have a party like the one below, remember to tell the guests parents your plans)

If the weather is nice you could have a mural party (outside obviously), all you will need is some art materials like non toxic paints and a large sheet of canvas ( a white bedsheet would do quite well) and you will also need towels and somewhere for the children to clean up afterwards

So spread the canvas out on the ground and then you can do any of the following:

You can put some paint in flat containers and let the children make a hand/foot mural (really messy but so much fun) 


Give all the children paint brushes, sponges or anything else they could use to paint with and let them at it! (remember to tell the parents! old clothes for the party!)

It is a good idea to give the children a theme to work on for the mural, otherwise you will find all the children painting in their own little sections and fighting over their “space” 

This works really well as a team building party and you do not need to offer much in the way of party food, sandwiches and cool drinks and some fruit would do quite well enough.

One last thing, bring a camera, you will never see so many colourful children! well worth a photo!

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