Top 6 most craved for features in iPhone 5

Top 6 most craved for features in iPhone 5
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With the rumors everywhere in the news about iPhone releasing on June 5th during this years WWDC, what do you expect from the giant Apple. Here is what we think are 3 most craved-for features for iPhone

Support for LTE:iPhone 5 will feature Qualcomm’s baseband processor and chips and so is expected to be compatible with both CDMA and GSM networks. And it might also feature LTE. And we can say this by taking a look at the job postings this year by Apple. The job listings specify LTE integration into the iOS as a “SPECIFIC DUTY”. Which might be a hint that LTE support will feature in the next iPhone as iPhone 5 will have the next version of iOS i.e. iOS 5. But there is also another side of the story. The company is still looking for Cellular Protocol Software Engineer to help develop their next generation iOS products. So, looking at the fact that this job post has not yet been filled then there might be no LTE support this time but we will definitely see it in the future.
The Antenna Issue: While many might have started seeing the downfall of iPhone because of the antenna issue. But Apple resolved it for the iPhone 4 for AT&T, maybe in an inconvenient way, but iPhone 5 will definitely be better with its antenna.
HDMI Output: The faster GPU also gives it the ability to play 1080p HD videos. So, iPhone 5 might also feature HDMI port giving it the ability to play HD videos on your televisions.
Faster Performance:iPhone 5 will feature cortex A9 dual core processor giving it the power it always deserved. Giving it a very significant performance boost. Apart from getting CPU performance boost, the next iPhone will also have the latest GPU from PowerVR SGX core from Information Technologies.
Better Multitasking: All previous iPhone’s were real bad at multitasking. And this is something that almost every iPhone user has already complained about. But this time with the faster CPU and the GPU almost doubling the iPhone performance this issue is expected to be solved. iPhone 5 will be better at multitasking and that is for sure.
NFC:NFC (near field communication) is a much hyped technology by Apple(as are every other products by them). NFC is supposed to convert your phone into a digital wallet or debit card, and you will be able to pay your bills using your phone just as you would do it with your credit card. But the vendors equipment will also have to have the NFC chip to be installed for this to work. When Apple filed too many patents for this product last year it was expected that it will be there in iPhone 4 but since it wasn’t, this time its almost certain that it will be there in iphone 5.

With so much hype being given to iPhone 5, no matter what the specs turn out to be, one thing is for sure that it will be one more success for the men at Cupertino. And if you also want to roast your turkey in their success visit our page and learn how to create apps and games for iPhone and iPad in few easy steps and start earning. What are you waiting for?